Looking for PG free alternatives

We’ll need PG octane ratings soon.
I wonder if this makes petroleum products, tobacco products. Better keep an eye on the FDA.



I wasn’t aware either. But if you’re looking from a health perspective honestly I wouldn’t be overly concerned about it. Many of us have been mixing since 2014 or earlier and so far no adverse effects. Unless of course one has allergic reactions.


Right… today the order came in: FA fresh cream, FA custard premium, FA Meringue, FA NYCheesecake.
I’m starting with my original ADV, replaced 6% of CAP VCv1 with 3% FA Custard premium, replaced 4.5% CAP NY Cheescake with 2.5% FA NY Cheesecake. Added 1%cream fresh FA. Cut down Holy resurrection by half which brings the recipe down to 9% Flavor / 11% PG including the nic.
I hope I can stay as low as possible but realistically I’ll probably end up around 12-15%.
Are VG based flavors really so bad that nobody recommended even a single one?

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Im not aware of any. If RF still had their VG line id recommend . I think your better off using extracts

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What’s out there apart from MF? I don’t think I ever noticed one on any of my usual UK websites. They’re all PG based or alcohole based like the MF silver line.


Damn it…I keep forgetting ur in UK…


No idea how I missed this website, it now pops up first when you google for VG based flavourings:

I’ve ordered a few, let’s see how they are. Some of the reviews sound pretty good.

Oh and from my first attempt with the FA custard premium I can already say it looks like I’m going to retire CAP VCv1. One of the best VCs I’ve tried so far!


This was my first thought as well