Looking for THE cheesecake without crust

Hey there,

I’m currently looking for a good cheesecake without crust (or at least with a very low profile). I already have New York Cheesecake from Capella and Cheesecake from TPA.

I like the Cheesecake-Cream taste from the Capella one, but I can’t stand the crust. This is a problem I have with a lot of flavors/recipes. There are so many cake/crust flavors I just can’t stand (like TPA Graham Cracker, INW Biscuit etc.)

I then tried the Cheesecake from TPA and I don’t get any cream. Only an overpowering cake sort of taste which again I can’t stand.

So I’m looking for an alternative where I can add my own “crust” with flavors I like. Is there such a thing?
I currently have Creamy Cheesecake from Vape Train Australia and Cheesecake from Flavorah on my wishlist, but I’m not sure if those are the ones I want. I tried reading through the flavor notes as well as reviews, but they were no help so far :confused:

Edit: I once had an eJuice (BigMouth - Cheesecake with blackberry) which was the perfect, realistic cheesecake taste to me. But I was so much loaded with sweetener, that I could not vape it more than once in a while.


Are you looking for a true new York cheesecake, a European cheesecake, grandmas freshly baked cheesecake ? Lol

With cheesecakes you’ve got plenty of options, even more than with any other flavor plus the flavors you can bend or make your mind believe to be cheesecake, without its name being anywhere close to cheesecake.

My go to cheesecake are (Pur) cheesecake and (Pur) cheesecake graham. These make a good European cheesecake but do contain a very tiny amount of coconut, why so ever.

My other one is as you’ve listed (cap) NYC but I use a cookie as a crust or/and croissant, wafers etc.

Now the ones I use that don’t say cheesecake on the label, and need to be bend etc are:

(LA) cream cheese icing
(FA) yoghurt
(TFA) Greek yoghurt
(VTA) Devon cream

There’s another one that has this back note but I can’t remember right now :frowning:
I’ve not tried VTA cheesecake or Flvs as of yet, sorry


PUR NY Cheesecake is pretty good, although it does have some crust to it. If you’re finding fault with Cheesecake flavors, maybe you could do your own Cheesecake base? Hangsen Italian Cream has that twang of Cheesecake, and then if you want a lighter, primary cream that could make a decent base.

The PUR NY Cheesecake Crust is more pastry though, not so much Graham, and it isn’t as heavy in taste (Crust) as some other Cheesecake flavors. It’s pretty versatile.


BlockquoteAre you looking for a true new York cheesecake, a European cheesecake, grandmas freshly baked cheesecake ?

Well, I would use the CAP NYC if it had no crust. It’s the right taste for me except for the pastry. I assume “Pur” is Purilum, unfortunately I can’t get it from chefsflavors where I will order my next flavors (already some in my shopping cart).

I think I will just try the one from LA as well as the cream cheese icing. Also I’ll give the Australia one a try.


You get crust from NY Cheesecake (CAP)? :flushed:
To me it tastes just like the cheese alone…


Well, yes…at least I think it should resemble the crust. I just realized that I have the NYC V1. Maybe V2 would be better? Maybe it’s something like Acetoin or Acetyl Propionyl that has the taste I can’t stand? I just mixed a sample @ 5% and I can smell it right after shaking. I know that smell, since I once bought a Baklava bakery type of juice, and it smelled and tasted the same.


Its Acetyl Pyrazine you taste/smell maybe. I don’t like it either and its very prominent in Inw biscuit, TPA cheesecake graham crust, as well as the winner of the most included AP - FA cookie lol. Other bakeries do have it as well. Hard to find one that has none, might need to settle for the ones that just have a dash of it in it. Or easily masked with creams/fruits etc.


Hmm…I just got FA cookie last week, and I can’t taste that there. Infact, I really like it, as it tastes and smells to me like extremely authentic biscuit. It’s very mellow and would be my first choice to mix it with a cheesecake cream.


I don’t care for graham so I use cheesecake FW to build on.


@x0r I agree with @Silhouette PUR’s Cheesecake is really good and unique.


I now ordered four different cheesecakes to test them:

VTA, CAP (V2), FLV and LA.

PUR was not available unfortunately.


I just got in Purilum NY cheesecake, comments say the crust is more like a cookie crust with a steep. The cookie crust is where I struggle with my cheesecake mixes.


Lorann Chessecake with a dash of Italian Cream from Hangsen would be an easy and quick mix. 2% Cheesecake (LA) and .5% Italian Cream (Hangsen) would probably do it for me. IC will add a bit of a sourish note that is found in most cooked cheesecakes.

EDIT: I couldnt remember the name of the mix when i wrote the post above but i made a light graham cheesecake mix awhile back that was pretty good. Could probably drop the graham RFSC out of the mix entirely. While it has CAP, i like the cheescake flavor in it, you cant taste much of the graham.

Graham is a pretty heavy note and hard to “mask” without wrecking the rest of the mix so using Cheesecake (LA) you can kind of dilute it out a bit. I use the combination a lot. I like the graham a bit more in TPA’s Cheesecake but i dont like the cheesecake bit in it.

Thought a visual of what i was saying might help.


Thanks you for the recipe. I will first test the new cheesecakes as single flavor to get an idea if one of them works for me, and will then test your mix. I would need to order the italian cream and the INW custard for that.


Today my order arrived, and I just mixed a few samples:

Laurens @ 5%
Flavorah @ 1%
Capella v2 @ 5%
Vape Train Australia @ 5%

Lets see if one of them fits my taste. The Capella v2 one seems to have the same offnote as the v1, but maybe this goes away during steeping. Will check them in a week.


Just for the record, I tried them all in the meantime, and these are my results:

  1. Laurens: This is REALLY nice. It’s not as cheesy as I was hoping for, but there is no unpleasant crust taste either. There is a very slight lemony taste to it, but barely noticeable. It gives a nice mouth feel, but then again, a more prominent cheese taste would have been perfect. Maybe at a little higher %…

  2. Flavorah: Well, to be honest I couldn’t taste much here. Maybe the 1% was too low, but I checked other reviews, and a lot of ppl mentioned socks taste at higher %. Not too impressive. Also a slight lemony touch.

  3. Capella v2: Well, this is pretty much the same as v1 to me. The crust is not as bad as in v1 to me, but it still has the same notes I can’t stand. Won’t use this one personally.

  4. VTA: This one was a surprise. While the cheese-cream wasn’t that strong, the crust was really nice. It does not taste like the Capella one, which is a plus. It’s pretty authentic I’d say. Slightly roasted.

In the end I decided to try a mix of Laurens and VTA. Laurens for the cream, and VTA for the crust (at lower % as Laurens ofc). I currently have a sample steeping and will report back in a week or two :slight_smile:


This is what i use the Italian Cream (Hangsen) for, not necessarily a cheesy taste, more of a lightly soured cream. My wifes cheesecake is very very basic, the two main ingredients are cream cheese and sour cream. I would think that a small bit of Greek Yogurt FLV would do something similar.

I have never purchased it but i always wanted to try a bit of Brie Cheese (FLV).


this looks good bro , im going to change the custard to FA for that lemon note . I always forget about LOR and have a 30ml bottle of it this may help me a lot ty , i always try to combine Tpa CCGC with Cap NYCC but am realizing i dont like the TPA CCGC


A lot of people dont like TPAs regular cheesecake because of the “footy” notes but i have used it successfully a couple times at real low %s to add that cheesy note. Lorann Cheesecake is a pretty versatile flavoring, can be used to add mouthfeel and sweetness to custards too. I havent used it that way in some time but it served me well for years. I prefer using it in combination with CAP NYCC over TPA CCGC.


i meant cheese cake w graham crust , i dont know what it is but i have never made a good recipe with it being in their , it could be o just dont know how to use it…