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Looking for THE cheesecake without crust


I hear ya, just wanted to cover all the bases for @x0r. :slight_smile:

Cant say that i like TPA CCGC either. I wasnt a real big fan of CAPs NYCC until i made @thirdworldorder’s Sugar Rush. I prefer to build my own cheesecakes mainly because of the graham, im quite particular about the graham.



ya i think my biggest mistake when making a cheesecake has been using TPA CCGC then adding another graham cracker … but my dumbass keeps trying it lol , gonna adpt ur base tonight ty



Hope it works out for you. I rarely mix a plain cheesecake more than once. Cheesecake is one of those desserts where i love the variety both in food and vape.



like the tpa combo of “ccgc” that a term now? @fidalgo_vapes owns it and LA cc but % varies what other is involved, love reading these notes as mine arent fully developed, or will never be, thks again for help w/ 'nana unicorn/mamas left breast thing i did @Ken_O_Where . Btw can we get collectively to wear shoes when he rides his bicycle? My feet feel weary just thinking about it!



The one i would highly recommend for you is ooo vanilla custard cheese cake i really like it and there is no crust from what i can tell. I found the vta cheese cake way to cheese imo but i have only sft it and i could see it as a good support for other cheesecake that you wanted that more sour cheese note in :+1:



Lol yep i have done this a few times as well it made sense at the time :joy::joy:



lol it is such a long name i figured it would make sense at least in this thread :wink:



I kind of got inspired by this thread so I set off to make a cheesecake from scratch without any actual cheesecake flavors. Here’s my first attempt, I just mixed it so it’ll need time to sit for a while. My thought process was to start with cream cheese icing and inawera custard as the base to get a smooth soft creamy cheesecake. The fa custard is to add a very light lemon/citrus (which could be omitted if you don’t want that), the bav cream is one of my favorites for the richness and mouth feel, and the French vanilla deluxe is to add that extra vanilla note plus extra buttery richness. At least that’s how I’m making sense of it in my head. :joy:
So here’s where I’m at right now (the name is inspired by @fidalgo_vapes’s abbreviation, it seemed fitting. Lol)

I’ll update after a steep but based on the shake and vape I’m already thinking of raising the cci to 3% and possibly omitting the bav cream.



Yeah, I’ll adapt that RIGHT now. I’m trying to remember how exactly the INW Custard fared with me, think it might have been a little eggy ?? LOL, I’m struggling to find my notes. I think this looks MORE than a little interesting, and having been more than a little time challenged as of late, haven’t really had any time to experiment, so I will ride on your coattails @Ths1MxrChk. Thanks for sharing this deconstructed cheesecake. If I have time I’ll mix up a tester and let it sleep for 2 weeks and post up.



Maybe replace FW Bavarian with FW sweet cream? Depending on your pallete (some of us grow sensitive to LOR CCI over time and can taste it at lower %) i would leave the CCI at 2% and let er sit 3 weeks it tends to show up later down the road…

I like where your headed with this and your thought process. I agree with posts above regarding the “crust” in many cheesecake flavoring can be offputting (AP in some) and a crust should instead be built into the profile



Well then…! I guess I’ll have to stay serious about this if you’re riding my coat tails! :laughing:

Yeah, it’s a little eggy and it doesn’t seem to require quite as long of a step as other custards which is a plus. I’m hoping for an egg-based cheesecake rather than a gelatin thickened instant type, so I think the slight egginess should fit into the recipe well.
Hopefully you enjoy it if you’re mixing it! I think it tastes pretty good already, so as long as it doesn’t take a weird turn somewhere after steeping it should be vapeable even if it doesn’t end up being a cheesecake. :wink:

I think that’s a good idea and would probably fit better here. I already made a second version with cream fresh since the first is very sweet and a little powdered sugar-y. I’m hoping that it will moisten up with more steeping as the custards have time to develope. But I’ll go ahead and make a third version with sweet cream to steep alongside the other two.

This is what I’m banking on. 3% might push it too far into icing territory (I’ll find out with my second version since I used 3% in it), so I’ll try reducing it back down to 2% with the sweet cream and see how it goes. :slight_smile:



So following this sounds like a awsom idea and want to make when your done please tag me :happycry: will try some experiments my self thinking cci and ooo vanilla marshmallow



First, apologies for taking so long with an update. I completely forgot about this experiment until I was rummaging through my old bottles and found it! Needless to say it’s had plenty of time to steep. :laughing:

I’m definitely getting cheesecake without a crust or cheesecake custard! I have no idea where my v2 bottle went, but this is the v1 and the slight powdered sugar mouth feel that was there in the beginning is gone. I’m happy to report that the cci didn’t turn too sour (although who knows, it might have gone there sometime in the last 5 months and then disappeared). And I don’t know where exactly it’s coming from but I’m getting a little bit of coconut flavor here, so I think I could play off of that and this could be a great start to a coconut cheesecake with a smidge of flv sweet coconut added to it. :yum:

@Benoz I’m tagging you, sorry for the wait! Lol

I’m going to mess with this a little more, hopefully it doesn’t take a year for me to post about it again.



If you don’t mind, I’ve added “without crust” to the title to reflect the topic of the thread a bit better.
For me and others, “THE cheesecake” has a fair amount of crust in it.



I actually thought of this the other day then got distracted by life just thinking maby some yogurt or a lemon cheese cake could work :thinking:. A while ago i did some experimenting with vta avocado cream (actually a banana sort of flavour) and lemon with some very interesting results. At the time i thought it tasted like yogurt but with a little power of suggestion it could be a weird cheese cake.



The coconut is most likely from the inw custard. Pretty much all i taste is coconut in that flavor lol shame cause others percieve it as a steep free custard.




Your main coconut source (French vanilla deluxe), if you’re sensitive too it.

I won’t say that other concentrates don’t have similar compounds (without msds published hard too tell) but from my experience that’s probably the answer.

I personally don’t get coconut from inw custard, fa custard (if not anything there’s just half a kg of lemon zest in it lol) or cream cheese icing.
I never tried (fw) Bavarian cream to be able to make a comment.

Try removing it and see if you still get that note :slight_smile:



@eStorm and @mixologist13, the odd thing is that I use both of those–French vanilla deluxe and inw custard–fairly often and I’ve never noticed a coconut taste with either! Maybe there’s just enough of that flavor from each that when combined it comes through? I’m not sure. :thinking: but like I said I’ll mess around with it some more and see where it takes me. After vaping it all day I think the fvd isn’t really fitting very well anyway, so I’ll probably bare-bone it and dial the whole thing back to the cci/inw custard/fa custard combination and see where it ends up from there. Thanks for the comments!



The beauty of a crustless cheesecake is that you can personalize it and add in a little graham or cookie or whatever suits your needs for the final recipe. But I totally get what you’re saying. :smile:



@Ths1MxrChk if you mix something give us a share so i can play/mix along i am just glade were talking flavours i have :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: