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Looking good recipes


Hey people ,i have 16 bottles different flavour and can you offer me same cool recipes ?

Flavors names :

1.TFA Watermelon

2.TFA Coconut Extra

3.TFA Grape Candy

4.Menthol (Natural)

5.Uni Milk

6.TFA White Chocolate

7.TFA Blueberry Wild

8.Fresh Strawberry

9.TFA Berry Mix

10.TFA Berry Crunch


12.TFA Sweetener

13.Capella Juicy Orange

14.Fuji Apple

15.TFA Cotton Candy

16.TFA Greek yoghurt


Welcome! If new to the forums you can say hello here: Be polite and introduce yourself!
I dont want to assume you are new to the ELR calculator too but have you entered in your stash Before You Post A Recipe: A Beginners Guide to Creating Your Flavor Stash (Pt. 1) and used the what can I make and search by flavors where you can decide which flavors must be contained in your mix? Gl to u!


Welcome @makler!!!
I’m new here aswell and I can only agree with @worm1
I started doing some single flavour tests and I can say this: don’t overdo the TFA Watermelon, it gets harsh really fast. The other flavors you have I don’t have experience with. Good fortune on your DIY quest and have fun browsing the forum,


ty :slight_smile: