Looking to make really sweet juice

I’ve never been able to make really sweet juice that’ll taste like Marmalade or similar. Sweetest flavor I have is probably Black Honey TPA but that type of sweetness tastes sickly to me. Sucralose or EM just doesn’t do it for me either. I think it’'ll take a selection of flavorings to get there but I have no idea which ones apart from maybe TPA Raspberry Sweet which has the right sweetness but not much of it. Any ideas? Maybe someone could check out my stash and see if there is anything I could combine? I guess I’m looking for a toothache type sweet.


I use stevia in my mixes. Really sweet and doesn’t junk the coils. Make sure you get a stevia that contains no alcohol.

If Stevia vapes anything like it tastes, I’ll pass! :stuck_out_tongue: That’s just me though. I use TPA Caramel Candy or Vanilla Swirl for a lot of things and I think it adds some sweetness. Taste is so subjective though, its hard to say what will taste sweet to you. Worth a shot. This thread Sweeting up Tobacco has some great ideas for sweeteners.


I’m kind of getting there with sweetening Tobaccos now. Touch of EM, Vanilla, Bavarian cream, Caramel, all these help in small quantities.
What I’m after now is something like sirup or marmalade (but not honey) type of crazy sweetness that leaves strong sweet after taste as if I ate something sweet. Maybe not even possible without 100% flavoring mix :slight_smile:

LoL I’m such an idiot…I just realized you are the person who started that thread. :stuck_out_tongue: Doh!

If you’re looking for syrup, maybe a maple syrup flavoring or a brown sugar? I know a lot of people use sucrose as well for a sweetener. I haven’t ventured into sweeteners, yet. The sweetest thing I’ve made used Caramel Candy and Bavarian Cream. It didn’t leave me feeling like I ate something sweet though. I’m not sure how you would get that without actual sugar.

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Dulce de Leche lends a sweet note to mixes. My favorite is brown sugar.

Honey works very well in very small amounts. Try some at .4% (point 4 % to be clear) in a small batch in addition to vanilla and carmel @ around 1%. You will be surprised.

I typically will use TPA Cotton Candy to sweeten mixes. At 6-7% they seem very sweet to me. I hear some people claim Cotton Candy and Ethyl Maltol are the same. Not sure about that one but I suppose it could be. I have 10% EM solution and if I use more than say 2 drops per 10 ml it kills the flavor. Not so with Cotton Candy…so maybe it’s weaker???

I also see where Capella has “Super Sweet” and again, don’t know, I haven’t used this one. Best o luck.


This is a easy one. Can’t believe no one else has suggested it for you. EM/Cotton candy is a no no. In time it will weaken your other flavors. Stevia, not for me either. No one wants a artificial taste in their vape. Honey, well it may be for some but the people around you may not like the smell. What’s that leave you ask?

Marshmallow, usually at around 2%. Not only will marshmallow sweeten but adds a nice texture to your vape. I don’t believe in sweetening very much but when I feel it is needed I ONLY USE marshmallow…


I’m experimenting with FA Merigue for this purpose. So far, I love the taste and it does a good job of simulating that sweetness one craves in certain mixes. Love my plain and toasted marshmallow too!

Now, I’m gonna have to create a s’mores recipe!


Yes ! marshmallow is my go to sweetener if I can’t get it done with it then I’ll do some super sweet by Capella. Then if it’s a bakery then defiantly a shot of DDL or even cake batter will do it. I love Oba Oba by FA it is biazzare milky, creamy, marshmallow some even say it has hints of tobacco involved in it. It’s great at small percentages all the way up to 7% as a stand alone I’ve used it.


Is there a way to make your own sweetener, I normally use TFA sweetener and is is perfect for me
I recently made an order from rts and they didn’t have TFA brand and the stuff they sent me is junk.
Just wondering if anyone had made there own sweetener.

I was JUST thinking about this today. Weird. I don’t see why not. It’s just sucralose (Splenda) and PG, right? You’d just have to figure out how much to use.

I was thinking the same thing, normally I would just buy it but I am in a pinch for it.
I wouldn’t even know where to start on the ratio…

If you’re not too interested in precision, I’d do as much as will dissolve in the PG. TPA’s site says they use PG, Sucralose, and distilled water. If you want something more precise you could try a 10% (1g per 10ml) or some variation of that (ie 3g in 10 ml would be 30%, 5g in 10ml would be 50%, etc.)

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That sounds great, I just looked at the old bottle of sweetener i had and that is exactly what it said.
I am going to try it and see what happens. Thanks for all the info, will let ya know if I get it to work.

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If your looking for something really sweet try yellow cake and madagascar vanilla from fw my girl loves this mix I can’t stand it. It taste like straight frosting way to sweet for me.

I wanna join @Jimk in saying that Meringue (FA) is truly excellent!


Look for colorless LA watermelon pair it with sweet strawberry capella’ s add 1 drop of sweetner ( I use Ecx sweetner ) onestopdiyshop had clear LA check them out. If you use LA watermelon at 5-7% and sweet strawberry at 3 % put with any creams you like and add a marshmallow if you like this will give you a sweet sweet vape hopefully not a toothache thou.


It is a great tool to have isn’t it !