Looks like the iPV5 is in our near future!

i havent seen a date yet, but…woo hoo!



Oh she’s a real looker too!

Must have.

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I just noticed that is a 3d model of the device. Not an actual photo of a real one.

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here’s a pre-order looks very very nice almost sounds like it’s gonna have firmware like escribe with customized screens and so on??? we’ll see???


Sorry but Pioneer 4 You will not get anymore of my money after the issues I had with my first run IPV4 not working in TC mode properly at all. It seems they had 510 pin connection issues as well as other issues with the first run IPV4. The mirrored finish cover was horrible to start with but easily fixed but the other issues required internal work and P4Y did a great thing with adding Ti as an option for TC but I could not get mine to work in Ti mode at all.

I had 3 out of 6 Lemo tanks I own working OK with Ni200 wire but ZERO out of 6 tanks would work with Ti wire. Before trying Ti wire I was thinking my 4 Lemo tanks I could not get to work had connection issues internally but that was not the problem the problem was the 510 pin internal connections.

Got the Evic VTC on day 2 of my Ti wire conversion and now all 6 tanks work fine with Ti builds so I am 100% sure it was the IPV4 mod that had issues not my tanks.

Don’t get me wrong many people love there IPV4s mods but they were reworked from the originals to fix all 3 issues I am aware of that the first run IPV4 had. I think P4Y should have bit the bullet and fixed the first ones or offered a full refund to be applied to the IPV4s model after they learned of the issues.

I love my IPV4s and love the look of nr 5, but I wouldn’t order anything from efun if I were you, their customer service is nonexistent!


I have an iPV D2 and the iPV 3 Li and I absolutely love them. No problems whatsoever. Have you tried sending your IPV4 in for repair? Maybe if you send a letter stating it never worked properly they will fix it free of charge. I would have taken it back to where I bought it. Which is why I buy all my mods locally. No problems with returning a defective product.


It was way past the warranty period by the time I found out it was the mod not my tanks. My son wanted it so he agreed to buy me another evic VTC for the IPV4

Works for me as I like the VTC much better

EDIT: I should have added my son has no interest in temperature control at all so the IPV4 I had works great for his needs

In that case, if this had happened to me I wouldn’t be so quick to disregard anything else by P4Y. Not that you are wrong to do so. But I know the abuse my devices go through. But like you said, it was a problem they had with the 1st run. So I am not sure how I would actually feel until I were in your shoes. I only know from my experience they have been great mods and I also have used various others like Smok, e-leaf, Sigelei, etc. My iPV’s are by far my fav. My Sigelei 150w is my go to device though simply because I don’t want to scratch up my iPV’s. For non-temp control the Sigelei is a tank and takes a beating in the machine shop environment I am in. I have taken my babies to work with me. But they stay on my desk, and not out on the shop floor. I have not looked at the VTC’s. Can you share a link to the one you have?

Saw this a couple of days ago and it looks really nice. I do question how stable it would be standing up. It looks thin enough to topple easily and I’m a bit of a klutz.

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Many people jump on the newest items released before they have heard reviews or feedback about the device. I try my best not to do this. The old saying comes to mind, “Better Safe Than Sorry”. We just need to be just a bit more patient and pay attention to what people have to say about new items before we ponce on these new devices. In the end I think we’ll have much better luck…

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In other words…
1st kid - "What’s this device?"
2nd kid - "Some mod, it’s supposed to be good for you"
1st kid - "Did you try it?"
2nd kid - “I’m not gonna try it!”. "You try it!"
1st kid - "I’m not gonna try it"
2nd kid - "Let’s get Mikey"
1st kid - "YEAH!"
2nd kid - "He won’t vape it, he hates everything
Mikey chucks it up to his TFV4 and tokes away in utter pleasure…
2nd kid - “He likes it! Hey Mikey!”


Couldn’t have said it better…lol


Funny how that old shit pop’s into my head. My friends and I used to act out that commercial all the time. Except Mikey was Teddy :grinning:

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eVic VTC Mini by JoyeTech

[quote=“ringling, post:11, topic:37845”]
Many people jump on the newest items released before they have heard reviews or feedback about the device. I try my best not to do this.
[/quote]Actually I did look at many reviews including Pbusardo’s in depth review and I was more than willing to deal with the mirrored screen issue that was pretty much the only issue anyone seemed to have with it. The problems I had did not show up anyplace on the internet until I had already owned mine longer than the warranty was good for. I did not know for sure my issues were with the Mod until I just recently made the switch to Ti wire. Anyway I am actually much happier with the size of the evic and the way it functions.

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I’ve always heard that Teddy will vape anything as well, lol. Yeah, know what you’re saying. A buddy of mine is a Mike. I have used that very saying many times referring to both him and vaping. Funny thing though. He WILL vape anything…lol


Being a Mikey myself, I’ve heard it many, many times. If I only had a dollar for every time I heard it…I wouldn’t be looking for discount codes.


Glad you found what makes you happy, that’s what is important. I listen to reviews but I listen more to what people have to say about items right here on ELR more so. Reviews can only give first impressions, not general usage opinions. Big difference. Unfortunately your problem sounds like something that could happen to any device. I can only say that my IPV4s has been a beast and has been kicking for a while now. I have friends, and also ELR members, that are using them without a hitch. Perhaps someday you’ll give them another try…

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I myself think my ipv4 is still a rock solid to tc device… were you successful doing the update?

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You are 100% right and that is the wonderful thing about vaping There is something out there to make almost anybody happy you just need to find what works for you.

This was the reason I did not get the evic vt but did decide to get the evic VTC mini. This is a great site and I love the way everyone shares there knowledge so freely.

My first box mod was the istick 30 but when I found re=buildable and sub ohm vaping the owner of the local vape shop sold me a sigelei 150 and I am still using it everyday. Rock solid device and I would buy another sigelei TC mod if they would just get it together with making them firmware upgradable Very stupid of them not to go that route.

Please do not take what I said originally the wrong way and honestly if P4Y would have even offered the first run IPV4 owners something as simple as we will ship you the new screen that is clear so you can see it than I would probably feel much different because in general the mod was a nice device and with the second run but still the IPV4 Not the IPV4s most of the issues were corrected. Then the IPV4s had all of the issues corrected.

All of the manufactures are moving way to fast right now in my opinion and not allowing ample time for R&D to be done properly.

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