Losing the palate occasioned by the vape?

I started vape in December 2018, after 50 years smoking. Since then I have been feeling many improvements in health by quitting my cigarette, in my daily life.
But it’s not just being earned …
In my first month I started with diy juice and with some recipes (of various essences) I felt (to a greater or lesser degree) an irritation in the nose and roof of the mouth.
I always alternate for several different juices. It was not difficult to occur of a juice that initially caused irritation throughout the day to become “good” ie without irritation.
After a few months I had a constant runny nose, it was like a cold / flu.
Recently I started to lose a little taste in the different juices, I did not distinguish as before the flavors / smells of my juices.

To summarize
Problems :
First: Irritation, nose and roof of mouth;
Second: Runny nose, constant runny nose;
Third: It greatly reduced the irritation, the runny nose a little, but in the last 3 months I have been losing my taste … I barely taste my juices;

Provisions in these 10 months:

  1. I changed / changed: atomizers, mod´s, resistances and cotton.
  2. I changed / changed: Nicotine brand / type / power (Currently using PureNicSalt);
  3. I changed / changed: Percentage of VG / PG, Brands and suppliers of VG and PG;
  4. I changed / changed: Taste Essences, Manufacturer, Supplier etc

I researched but have not read testimonials of similar problems.
I am afraid of losing my taste buds altogether.


I have similar problems, vaping affects everyone differently,

losing sense of taste could be vapers toungue which is common and not permanent

what kind of irritation are you getting? just runny nose?
how much do you vape? what nicotine level?

love you style of writing by the way very unique


@brasilVAP I wonder if this is a sensitivity to PG.

Que níveis de propileno glicol você está usando?


Initially I thought it might be … but I don’t think so.
I changed the PG provider, reduced from 50% to only 20%.

Currently using 80/20 VG / PG
Before used 50/50. And I felt no improvement in reducing PG


I am currently in the third phase:
Less irritation and runny nose / runny nose. But unfortunately almost without taste / taste.
It’s like a cold / flu …

I’m using the google translator. Forgive the mistakes.
I started with 12 MG of Nicotine
Reduces to 4MG and did not feel improvements.
I still use 4MG and I changed to SALT …


are you a mouth to lung or direct lung vaper? what ohms and watts?

Your translator is working very good. :slight_smile:

a sample recipe will help too, just a random recipe.


To eliminate a possible PG problem suggest vaping only unflavored VG + nic for a couple of days and see if symptoms improve.
This experiment may do two things, possibly clear up your allergy symptoms and clean your tasting pallet.
You have not mentioned your mixing percentages or watts vaped at nor ohm’s used so I’m guessing here.


am a beginner but in these 10 months I was very active in search of flavor. Adept of MTL (use Kayfun / siren / berk / taifun / galaxies) I also came to live with the good R.D.A nano wasp.
So at the moment I use Both. Mouth lung and direct lung.
Wat´s varies depending on the atomizer.
In juices I always make small portions of 10ml using a lot of recipes published in ELR and some “inventions”.
I had a lot of fun before enjoying different recipes, but it was before … Today it is increasingly difficult to feel the differences.
Although I still can.


Thanks @Brotherbob
I will do this test: Fully eliminate PG using VG only for a few days.


I’ve had similar problems when I switched to vaping. The symptoms became so bad that I seriously considered going back to smoking.
I had tried everything from going to Max VG (which prompted me to experiment with thinners like vodka and distilled water and looking for other alternatives). I’ve tried so many different wicks, coil materials and in the end… I just kept having issues. Sinus problems which gave me a dripping nose which in turn gave me throat issues. Everything in my head became oversensitive, sore, I kept coughing, blowing my nose and because of that the skin around my nose got irritated too. There was a point where I was banging my head against the wall because I didn’t want to go back to smoking but vaping was giving me symptoms that were even tougher to deal with.
I stuck with it though, but I increased my nic level so I could vape less while still getting my nic dosage. I’m using regular PG (all pharmaceutical grade) again and all my symptoms have disappeared. I do still get a sore throat if I don’t drink enough but otherwise I can’t complain. It probably took me a year and a couple months to fully get used to vaping and not have all these bad symptoms, I don’t really recall when exactly I was fully comfortable with vaping.
Vaping is 95% less harmful than smoking… but there is that 5%. If you want to stay super healthy, don’t vape, don’t smoke :slight_smile: But if you can’t, stick with vaping. At least you have a lot less chance to die from cancer or suffocation because of some disgusting pulmonary disease.
Make sure you drink enough, limit the amount of liquid you vape and increase your nicotine levels if needed.
The problem that you don’t taste your juice anymore is because of over-flavoring. Always use the minimum amount of flavor needed (a lot of recipes on ELR and other sites use way too much). And try to change juice on a regular basis to minimize getting tired taste buds.


You probably did this already, but anyway.

You haven’t mention if you’re still smoking a cigarette here and there (couple of cigs per day instead of 20 or 40 like before). If you do, then this might be the reason. Next thing is to make sure you drink enough (don’t underestimate this).

Irritation you’re getting is most likely related to what you are vaping. I would remove the most known irritators for a while (PG is most likely, but also remove citruses, menthol, chocolates, coffees).

So, use 100% VG (and add nic if you have to) for couple of days and buy 2-3 premixed one shots and vape those for couple of weeks. Important - buy from different manufacturers and different juices; not all strawberry juices, but rather buy one fruity and one bakery and one milkshake for example + don’t switch between them couple of times a day, but rather vape one for a week or more; you need to find out what irritates you less/more).

If there is improvement while vaping VG only, then change your PG manufacturer (or stay on VG only). Some PG’s are harsher/more irritative than others.


Excellent advice from everyone. I do hope your issue is not related to PG intolerance because that would severely limit your selection of flavorings. On the other hand, it’s still preferable than going back to cigarettes. :blush:


@brasilVAP, do you exhale your vape through your nose? This has always given me a runny nose.


If you can’t do that, you’re missing so much of the flavor :slightly_frowning_face:


@Plunderdrum Always exhaling through the nose, Even using R.D.A… Otherwise it is not worth the vape.
@anon28032772 I always thought it might be this: My body’s defenses / reactions adapting the shift from smoke to steam. Your response renewed my hopes, I am very grateful.

So much so that it took me 10 months to put the question.
And only put it because I follow the posts here and see no testimonials like yours, with these types of symptoms / problems.


@Mikser researched a lot before I started and was very lucky. I started with good and correct equipment and juices that met expectations. So the difficulties were minimal and I quit smoking the day I took my first vap. In these ten months zero cigarettes.
As I began to make my juices I found that several essences that irritated / were untouchable and reduced the percentages or stopped using them.
Today, some of those essences that once irritated and were unpalatable are bearable … No longer irritating.
Should this worry me or not?

Forgive my difficulties in expressing, I hope not to offend anyone.
Thank you very much for your responses, I am really grateful for the attention.


I think it’s just a sign that your body starts getting used to the different kind of pollutants you introduce to your body. Just like a smoker coughs heavily when he firsts starts out and gets used to it after time, your body will get used to certain things that were newly introduced when you started vaping.
However, I’m not a doctor and if you have any doubts or questions, you’re always best off talking to a specialist. Keep in mind however that a lot of doctors are just as new to vaping as we are so you should only discuss it with someone who believes in science and not someone who regurgitates what’s written in the media.

In any case, listen to your body. If something is really annoying you or giving you bad symptoms, try to isolate what it is and limit your intake or avoid it completely. We have so much choice when it comes to flavors, it’s just not worth living through the bad symptoms. Often you can try (slowly) building up a resistance if it’s a flavor you really like but if you keep getting irritation, just stay clear of it.



@brasilVAP Just curious what kinda wire are you using for coils? Have you tried different metals when making coils?


@Freddie3 At first some pre-made kanthal coils. But for some time now I’ve been doing it myself, using kenthal and NI-80 wires. I await arrival of ss316 wire.


You never did show a sample recipe, @brasilVAP :smiley: