Lotus flavor?

no worries id like to know how the peach is , and nectarine the vanilla is very good i just posted a strawberry vanilla cream on the recipe page with the mf vanilla it is wonderful at 2 weeks steep

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Question… So I’ve read that one of their flavors that needs to have an alcohol taste aired out of it is nectarine, which is one I bought. I was wondering, would it work to just keep the cap off of the actual concentrate’s bottle for a day? Or do I have to do this with each mix, I use it in, before steeping?

I wouldn’t. You are letting out the goodness from your concentrate. If there is a need/requirement do it from your mix.

Personally I have been mixing over a year and I haven’t air’d out a single mix. I do age my mixes for 3-4 weeks.

They do air out during my mixing session for 30mins. Kinda. Since they are loosely capped.


what @Chrispdx said , personally i would NEVER air out a concentrate especially a fruit flave , i believe the molecules are smaller and are lost faster than cream flaves so you would actually be letting out flavor , do you have a magnetic mixer ??? if so mix in a bigger bottle like double the sixe of what your mixing so if your mixing 30ml i use a 50ml beaker/ flask and then i cover it with para film , that gives your mix some room to breath while mixing in mixer and then i bottle it into the bottle that it will steep in i personally think while being tranfereed the alcohol will be lost as well just my theory

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@fidalgo_vapes @Chrispdx
Thanks for the advice, glad I asked first, lol. Nah, no magnetic mixer or beekers yet, but will get there soon. Only been at it for about 2 months so I’m still just counting drops and using pipettes and syringes.

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nothing wrong with that two things i would invest in are scale and mag mixer and it does not have to heat good luck and anything you need just let us know

Will soon invest in those. Thanks! Everyone has already helped very much just in being a resource. I love this place!

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I have noticed with the watermelon, if I go above 0.7-0.8%, it starts to get too harsh. I also notice the flavor diminishes at that level, which I am assume is muting occurring.

The alcohol in these can be killer, especially the fruits. Is there any alternative to the harshness other than giving it air? I feel that risks flavor loss.

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Long steep time…visiting the bottle daily for a week to squeeze the top air out and re-capping quickly… I steep these flavors for 3 weeks minimum…NO HEAT .I am not aware that Watermelon contains alcohol…however there are a few (8) that do…here is a link to the Medicine Flower website that does list the particular flavors that have alcohol…The list of those that do have alcohol appears right above the flavor bottle photos…



I purchased some lotus (MF) today at e-cig express on there sale page,
green apple
honeydew melon
for 3.99 5ml. regular 9.99
and some inawera for half price, forgot what I got in that, not many to choose from.
the one I wanted sold out, now i just need to know what to do with them, I reckon i will have to purchase a microscope to mix a recipe, and how many years does it take to steep!!!

Here’s a good place to start… If you need more info just ask. Most here highly recommend Single Flavor Testing to gauge a starting % that’s best for you.


one problem, though is the dearth of useful flavour notes when it comes to MF flavours. I think we should all
make a bit more effort to contribute to those notes! Look at Green Apple! Does anybody trouble to mention that all-important steep time? or the % they tried mixing it as a single flavour? Has anybody put anything at all in the flavour notes? Nope.

Next one down, one single user deigns to give us their “preferred single flavour” %. That’s it. No mention of steep time,

The averages at the top of the page are unreliable, cos

  • they are averaged across experenced users and people who try using MF at 10%

  • they include private recipes, so no figuring it out for yourself

  • they thow out totally insane, mathematically impossible figures , on occasion (like “average” coming out higher than “max”. Ohhh I sooo wish I’d made a note of where exactly I’d seen that one)

So all we really have to go by are the nigh-on-non-existent “flavour notes” ., which I would very much trust if only I saw an entry by, say, yourself, @Pro_Vapes.

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Ok I am due for one thoughtful post. Lol

This is why research / reading / understanding comes into play. If someone wants to play they need to step up to the challenge. Click on my icon or @Pro_Vapes and see how much we have read over the years. Knowledge is key and it’s out there…just sometimes not easily digested for the baby birds.

Personally I don’t single flavor test. Mainly for personal reason…because my flavor palet doesn’t do it. I get lost on single flavors. I find flavors to flat, unusable and just wrong. In a mix they are just great. I love orange mf and kiwi mf. But single flavors I would only see there yuck notes. Orange does have an undesirable high note…not throaty by high orange note. Kiwi has a dirt note. Both of those would turn someone away. Mix kiwi mf with kiwi fa and kiwi double and you will poop your pants with enjoyment. (Trying to make you smile good sir).

Over all I see your point. But the last one is relationships. You build those over time. Your mixing friendships are so valuable. If I tried to rely on the recipe side life would suck. Rely only on the forums and it wouldnt be totally full. Tie it all together and it’s freakin magical. Even with a cat hearder around the corner. @JoJo lol


30 days of read time for you , you got me by one day lol , i didnt even know those stats were tracked , very interesting to see if you and i have that much read time id imagine PV has double since hes been here longer

edit 88day for PV wow

edit 2 20 days for you @Chrispdx i got you beat lmao

NOTE : these summaries are super cool to read and the badges as well , i forgot about the badges bc its been so long since ive got one

note 2 im on here wayyyyy too much


Not sure where we disagree? (except wrt to my gender :rofl: ) So this response is groping in the dark a bit…

I do agree that these threads are a much richer source of info than the flavour notes are ( I’ve only clocked 2 days read time, granted , but don’t think that’s because I don’t see the virtue in reading. That’s partly due to my coming to mixing rather later; and more due to my doing the majority of my reading before I ever got around to joining this site ! I mean, It’s more like I didn’t see any virtue in replying! at least not until after I’d absorbed enough knowledge. to feel that I had something to contribute. That being so, I used to pretty much navigate this forum by Google :rofl: and bookmark the most intersting threads on my browser. Not the best way of getting around this place, come to think)

I do single flavour test any flavour that might conceivably be half-way nice by itself. And I actually vape single flavours, too, come to that ! (don’t throw to many rotten eggs at me, please!) But that’s not to be prescriptive, just following own preferences. I certainly do appreciate that the main focus of this forum is creating combinations. But it doesn’t follow that single flavour notes are useless does it? eg If consensus says that a flavour works as a standalone at @ 1%, then that helps the reader decide how much to add to his recipe (defiinitely no more than 1%, probably substantially less) . Also , I’m pretty sure there’s room in that DB to add guidance at to what a given flavour combines nicely with. The more info the merrier, IMO…

For my pwn part, when I decide to try out a new MF flavour , I don’t clearly recall everything I’ve read about that flavour on this board and elsewhere, and I don’t find it easy to find all those half-remembered posts, so I’m more reliant on the flavour notes , at that point it time…or, rather I would be reliant on the things, if they only contained some small fraction of that info. But most often , they don’t.

I’m certainly not advocating reading the flavour notes as a substitute for reading the forum, and certainly not as a substiture for actual mixing and experimentation either. But then again, heck! MF demands a lot of money and lot of patience, so, I’m not at all averse to making it a teeny bit easier for the MF newcomer to benefit from others’ experience. I don’t want to demand that he reads all the threads, as well!


Interesting perspective…I would venture to guess that as the magic of some of your mixes begin to blossom into some tasty vapes, your perspective will adjust some…Flavor percentages and other mixers experiences, along with steep times and vaping equipment used by a variety of the people here are all over the map… which can produce a quagmire of what appears to be a great deal of inconsistent, overwhelming and conflicting information to digest.

I found that putting my foot in the pool to see how warm the water is wasn’t going to work, because I got hung up by analysis paralysis…which translated into procastination… I had to just jump into the water and experiment…But I also found that establishing relationships with other mixers (which takes a lot of time) does pay off handsomely…One mixer here told me not to get too hung up by all the facts and figures and just start mixing, based on some averages seen here, then adjust to my taste…So I love to experiment, research and reach out to other members who I found have credibility… It makes for a delightful environment here to get to know and enjoy the company of others who also, so willingly share their experiences and offer support and encouragement.

Much of my philosophy stems from the fact that by engaging with some cool mixers here, reading other mixers’ experiences and topics as I grow in my mixing skills, it provides an even greater departure from the world of cigarettes…which is absolutely a treat for me.

I also would imagine that given your apparent thirst for knowledge (however impatient) that you will find this endeavor to be well worth your time, (and goin out on a limb here)…that you probably will find your mojo,…and knock some of your mixes right outa the park… :wink:


thanks, but don;t worry, I not only read masses of info before I joined, I also did “jump into the water” and experimented a bit for myself before I joined too! it wasn’t just dry research. Like I said, i just didn’t feel that I had anything to say.

When @Chrispdx talked about relationships, I thought he meant relationships between different flavours! :rofl: Obviously he meant people, now I look back but, you know what? i don’t have a single friend or relative who’s interested in DIY, so my mixing-relationships are non-existent- and likely to remain so. on account of my PG allergy. I mean, I wouldn’t wanna crash someone’s mixing party for the same reason I wouldn’t accept an invitation to dinner (I have loads of food sensitivitities too!) . I’m just too difficult to cater for, and too big a drag. I’d rather people had fun than have to fret about how to include me!

On a specialised forum of this size , i can easily find a few people who use the same flavours that I do. So I can have a bit of relationship without dragging people down, And I do see what you mean. One can appreciate the atmosphere on a forum without joining in, you know? And benefit from their advice! One reason it took me so long, was that every question I thiought to ask, I found that somebody else had already asked it, so no need to ask again. However, since I have joined in, I do feel I’m developing a bit of a rapport with some people, which is nice :slight_smile:


Yep there is that. I basically needed to mix my own juices, cos it was too hard to buy the PG-free juices, and getting harder all the time, , what with regulations squeezing the life out of the industry, on both sides of the Artlantic. But, having taken that step I foundd that falling dwn the rabbit hole, so to speak , and turning necessity into a hobby has been seriously helping to keep me on track. Cigarettes are so boring!

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Wait…so you’re a chick?
(Sorry… totally off topic…:joy: )


Thanks for the info @Pro_Vapes, I will be using MF flavors a lot later than sooner, I have 175 flavors as of today, and will be doing my research , testing, and getting better with my recipes, I hope !! I have mixed about 30 recipes with the 61 flavors I had available and 3 recipes are good but not where I want to be. I was mixing to many flavors not knowing there percentage, and just turned nasty. I am going back to basics, 1-4 flavor recipes and work my way up with the flavor notes, I sure think everyone here at ELR for your time in helping me and all beginners. As in all my hobbies in the past 40 years, I have always gone form 0 to 100 in 2 seconds, and OCD everything about it!!! I just want to make a good apple pie, and there are so many versions of them, I want to make them all. And another thing I found out is when you order your flavors, don’t do it hungry!!! like going to the grocery store, getting more and more!!! Thanks again…