Mad,sad,scared,and deception

I just need to express those feelings ,here in quebec/canada our leaders are about to take decisions on vaping products, they are looking at the possibility of giving bigpharma the vape industry… the madness on flavors was not enough, this is just plain stupidity! Now i have to stash up, i will put all of what i can in the freezer, i will buy nic and split the big jugs in to 100 ml glass bottles, i think it could last up to 2 years whit out degrading? What about flavors? And pg/vg ? Or should i wait and get a prescription for vape juice and just modify those? Anyway thanks to this community we should build our own country call it vapeland home of the truly free!


I hear you @Jc113
Similar situation here in Oz, my state already banned online sales & Fed Gov now faced with this:

Don’t know if this is good or bad :roll_eyes:


If you use amber bottles, and use your freezer, last report I saw, good for at least 7 yrs… degradation is minimum you might loose .001g per year…

vg/pg both should be fine for up to a year. Flavorsh, depends on what you have…

shelf life of flavors:

Ultras: FLV/MF from 6 mo up to 2-3 yrs

Standards : WF/VTA/FA/CAP/TFA/LO

from 2-5 yrs depending…

Keep your flavors in a cool dark place.

Hope this helps.


Sealed Nicotine at typical temperatures of icebox/defrost type freezers will likely last longer than 2 years.

The referenced URLs are gone (and are not Wayback Machine archived), but this 2011 post is helpful:

This is from the Dow Chemical Web site:
PG USP/EP has a shelf life of two years when stored below 40°C (104°F) in closed containers away from sources of ultraviolet (UV) light.

Proctor and Gamble Tech Data Sheet:
Protect material from direct sunlight.
Shelf Life
We expect the shelf life of Superol VEG, Glycerin USP/
FCC to be approximately 2 years if it is kept under the recommended
storage and handling conditions. If the product
has not been used within 2 years, we recommend to test the
product for key specifications. No specific data has been
collected for the shelf-life of opened containers of glycerin is
hygroscopic, it can be expected that moisture content would
increase upon extended exposure to air.



(In general), rates of chemical reactions tend to decrease by ~1/2 for every ~10 *C (equivalent to 18 *F). Thus, the shelf lives listed in the above quoted post for PG and VG (~2 years) can (probably) be extended accordingly to longer time periods by reduced temperature storage in sealed from air (glass) containers.


I’ll add to the MAD part of this. Just saw this little beaut running on the East Coast. GREAT NEWS, … Popcorn Lung is BACK on the table !!!

Sorry guys, you’ll probably like it as much as I did.


Curiosity has the better of me. I checked your ELR recipe profile and see you have no recipes. So I’m wondering, do you have any practical experience with these components or are you just sharing things Google has to say?


I’ve felt this was what they wanted all along. Vaping is the most successful smoking cessation tool out there and big pharma didn’t invent it, and they want to own it badly. As soon as they are making a profit off vaping (pharma) it will be touted as the best thing since sliced bread. Flavor concentrates from most companies should still be easy to get since they are used in cooking and candy making. Pg/VG used in crafts so I’d think safe as well. Nicotine is going to be the big problem and I already stocked up on two gallons of that myself in 100 mg (even though I enjoy mixing with 36mg for my peace of mind). I would purchase nicotine and the other stuff not freak out over. I could be wrong, but don’t think I am.


You didn’t expect big tobacco to sit by while their customers all quit to vape did you? Wouldn’t put it past them to salt the market with poison just to get the lunatic fringe going. When people ask me I tell them if you’re concerned about your health, don’t do three things. In order of damage you’re doing to your body they are alcohol, smoking and vaping. You can’t ban vaping before you ban the other two (NO chance in that happening).


Thanks to the modern miracle of “Google”, and for the satisfaction of your ongoing edification:

Hats off to GL Pease “Haddo’s Delight” ! It (with just a touch of White Burley along with Virginia base, fairly strong Perique, and a touch of Cavendish) has been the item to add to my “Triton” blend of NETs extracted from three individual pipe-tobacco blends. Thank you kindly for the reference ! Va / Per / Cav / Burley !


… what brought me to this forum (in Dec 2018) was the “Classic Tobacco” juice in my Vapage VMOD CTS (refilled) that irritated my lungs (unless diluted by a factor of ~5 in the mix). The NETs took some getting used to - but they are worth the effort (to me), and (possibly) not as much of a “dice roller” as various synthetic flavoring ingredients (may, perhaps) be. The safest approach is low power. I cruise at 5-6 Watts and low coil temps, compensating with higher base-Nicotine levels. The difference (in tolerability, and wick residues) is notable. Nice to support Pipe Tobacconists, and I have nearly a Liter of my custom designed “Triton” (Va/Per/Cav)


I’m just a fellow who @Kinnikinnick kindly assisted in evaluating some interesting (mostly) Pipe Tobaccos, and developed my own “Triton’s NET" flavoring from three individual blends (a mix of Virginias, Perique, Cavendish, and just a touch of White Burley). My only experience with synthetic “tobacco” flavorings was Vapage “Classic Tobacco” - which may possibly have used some Acetyl Pyrazine - and irritated my lungs (congesting), unless diluted by a factor of ~5:1 in my e-juice.

RK’s Main Squeeze: “Triton’s NET


Ahhh, the NETS. When Kinnikinnick first started that journey it was a very interesting time for sure. Lots of experimenting, techniques, and quests for those subtle nuances found in burning tobacco. If I remember correctly it was he who was trying to get the cedar notes found from a good box of cigars.

For me, it was those nuances I loved most about pipes and cigars, second only to opening a fresh tin of fine flake. It all tastes entirely too raw - a fact many a NET mixer finds appealing but to me is reminiscent of the underside of my mower deck. I’ve tried a fair few synthetic flavors, and by far my favorite tobaccos are from Flavorah. I suspect those are synthetic but not entirely sure.

Interesting though that I couldn’t find any of your recipes. I suppose they have to be public to see them though :wink: Curiosity satisfied - thanks.


@Raven-Knightly is a man one day and a woman the next and is… I’ll keep that thought to myself (for now).


Sorry to see what you’re going through @Jc113. Makes no sense at all. Just goes to show that the obscene amount of cash that Big Pharma are able to wave in front of various world gooberments is “clouding” their judgement. Feelin’ your pain :hugs:. Yeah, stash up just in case. Believe :heart_eyes:.

SA I’m assuming @Sevencasper? Anyways, I can understand why they support it. By doing so they’re most probably hoping that smokers will switch and avail themselves to some “tobacco harm reduction” which after all, is the Aust Tobacco Harm Reduction Association’s main objective. So yeah, in that sense it’s good but on the other hand it’s not (it’s basically still tobacco). It’d be far better to push the vaping angle obviously. At least ATHRA are quite open about “hating tobacco companies” so that’s a plus. Also good to see some honest information regarding the “safety aspect” on vaping. If only more policy makers and legislators were given things like the following to read, maybe we’d all be better off.

I’ve just this minute emailed this link to myself at work and am going to forward on when the “experts” tell me that vaping will kill me :scream:. Cheers…


You’re right @Dardy :+1:

They posted a comment on FB indicating that they think it may make it easier for the Gov to consider legalise vaping.
We can only hope! :crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers:


More hypocrisy.