Magnetic mixer is awesome

I have looked at some DIY solution just scared I will mess it up


Hmmm, just hate to see you spend over a $100 for something you probably won’t continue to use. It is just so much easier to blend by weight in the same bottles you plan on using. A magnetic mixer will require a flat bottom bottle or a beaker to work correctly. Get a beaker involved and you have added another step or two to your process plus cleaning the bottle/beaker afterward. I built a magnetic mixer and it came out nice. Never use it though. Just really think about it before you pull the trigger…

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I know a lot of people swear by them, but I didn’t see the convenience in it. I can froth a mix in 30 sec at 3000 rpms. I think that’s mixed well enough. I usually make 15 to 120 ml batches, between my test mixes and my advs. I can do a 2hr hot ultrasonic bath with up a dozen bottles a once. Can you imagine trying to mag stir all those separately for the length of time some let those run. It would take a couple days if not more.


True that! Also, the mag stir better not have a auto shutoff or you’ll be hitting the button constantly…

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I have to say if you were doing large batches totally worth getting one but I got a junker for 15$ it works like a charm for my batches. But if I do multiple small batches which is my style anyhow I just use a frother and crock pot them for a few hours. Haven’t even used the ultrasonic in months.

Beakers must be flat bottomed

I bought several 10 ml flat bottomed flasks that are Erlenmeyer style and do a smaller magnet in all of those.
also have larger magnets for 25 50 100 and 250 flat bottom flasks. but the mag mixer doesn’t like vg heavy mixes to get around that you need to warm up your vg prior to getting you mixing set up so it’s warm when you pour it and then immediately spin it.

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This is one benefit that Magnetic stirrers doesn’t offer.

I use 3 of these 5 steps and I swear by the end results after 2-3hr heated USB.
Gas bubbles can be seen streaking through the mix during the USB process.

Evaporation and degasification simply wont happen with the lid on (Think bottle of lemonade)

a) Shaking the bottle (Helps)

b) Stirring (Helps)

c) Whisking (Very effective)

d) Blending to a foam (Super Effective)

e) Ultrasonic degasification (Super Effective)
Video showing ultrasonic degasification

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Well I don’t know if you noticed but that magnetic mixer i linked also has a heating plate so it would also heat the juice I don’t know if that makes a difference.

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Heating does help. I think the frothing and ultrasonic cleaner vibration really bombard the mix at a molecular level.

Check this video of eliquid in a USC.

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That’s cool! :smiley: I should get one - Not sure where I’d put it though :stuck_out_tongue:

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So you think something like this

would be more effective? what kind of bottles do you use to make sure that you don’t get water in your juice?

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That’s a high end model. I’m sure it will work like a charm. I have a smaller 1.7 liter jewelry cleaner model and I can fit 12x 30ml glass boston rounds at once.

Well I think you guys have talked me into the ultrasonic instead of the magnetic mixer with a heating plate. Have you guys tried putting plastic bottles into the ultrasonic. I currently have glass bottles but I have been making juices for some of my friends and as much as I ask for the glass bottles back they don’t always come so I was planning on getting some plastic bottles and keeping the glass for myself.

Think i changed my mind on the ultrasonic to get

This one has digital temperature control and is cheaper!

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Keep the temp low, and plastic will be fine :smile:

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When I was researching USCs I ran into a few post that said plastic bottles absorbs some of vibration from the USC. I can’t personally verify it to be the case. That’s one of reasons I use all glass bottles. Before I converted to all glass I used glass flasks and beakers. Then I decanted to plastic for steeping.

That just makes it a little less effective, right? Nothing about US leading plastic to leach or anything?

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I didn’t read anything about leaching.

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I just picked up this little unit…

I hope it’s a good one. I know Corning makes nice stuff. And this is the nicest used name brand mixer I saw on eBay. I will post up some info on mixing with it when it arrives. Do you guys know where I can pick up a good temperature probe and probe stand? I know I can just search and find one. Am hoping someone here has used them and has some recommendations.

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For those using rubber mats on your stirrers, I wonder how well this would work

I know you couldn’t turn the heat up very high. But 125 degrees shouldn’t hurt it.

I’ve been using one of these lately and it works great.

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We used that sort of matting when using routers in the work shop. Routing edge profiles etc…

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