Making flavoring from hops

haha, i was talking about flavor/aroma.

wait a minute …wait a minu …are we talking about taking a plain flavorless carbonated beer-like 5% PGA “base” (We’ll call it Xima) …and making like an instant beer by adding Hops concentrates? (We’ll call it Buzzwiser) …we’re still talking e-liquids right? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

In my example I combined the diluent and the solids under slight pressure (Home-safe) and then quickly depressurize a couple times to do an “infusion”. I also used heat and USC. The idea being, a little pressurization drives the liquid into the (hops in this case) and boosts extraction.

Now I’m Imagining a soda fountain-like delivery system with a huge tank of unflavored Malt beverage, then a multiple tap dispenser hooked up to various “syrup” tanks …Tsshhhhhtt! Instant IPA Tsshhhhhtt! Gimme one of them Belgian Ales!

“Tsshhhhhtt” also being the sound you make when pushed off some dock in Baltimore sportin’ a fresh pair of Cement Shoes for destroying 5,000 years of Beer Brewing tradition :zipper_mouth_face::smirk:

Maybe your technique that u used with the coffee beans produce what @umop-apisdn is after, I assume he is looking for a concentrate that he could add to a -e-reciepie at a few percent to add flavor profiles like what he states here :

I think it would be a fun niche for e-liquids. There are some great flavor notes that come out of different hop combinations: citrusy, piney, fruity, etc…

He offered in a PM to send me some pellet hop samples, and in return I offered to give my coffee bean technique a whirl and send back to him the result. he will be the judge if it works or not.

Do you want to throw your hat in the ring and he can have more samples to flavor test? Let me know if you want to get an INVITE to the PM…

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I see where you’re going with this, very interesting haha! I don’t know if it would be possible to turn Coors Light into something drinkable…

Yes, I’m talking about creating some specific hop flavors as e-liquid flavorings.

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I really like the centrifuge idea. I worry about solids, but mostly accidentally extracted toxic byproducts… even with my simple Oak Cube infusions. Perhaps one of the benefits of chemical synthesis or compounding of known components is you can be confident of final ingredients in that resulting Flavor.

While a great personal dive into the Curious, I shy away from recommending to the general DIY Community and keep it out here in the “unregulated” fringe. So is anyone centrifuging Tobacco NETs? [chuckling] Do we need a new thread “Centrifuging for the Unfamiliar” on how to make your own centrifuge with an old computer fan :wink:

Yep… :wink:

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Is this a proven idea? I would be concerned about total speed and spinning that kind of weight around going into the project. I’m leaning more toward an attachment for a high speed drill or dremel. I use 15 ml centrifuge tubes for my flavor testing cuz there cheap in bulk. I place one inside a 50ml free standing flat bottom centrifuge tube on my scale for mixing.

Toxicity is a subject that is very important, Over in the PM that is going on right now about this whole idea of HOPS, we are trashing that out and I will cross post some of it here in this thread in a day or two. Give us a little time on that.

But in the meantime, i don’t want to further derail here off of HOPS, so I will leave my comment regards creation of toxic or unwanted compounds or by-product to another thread/ and time. I seriously thought of starting a thread at one time about exactly that when the subject of so-called WTA came up. -Anyway I think you might be confusing a few apples and oranges in you above comment, but I get the gist of where you are going, and these are valid concerns, just too much of a subject to hash out here… Thanks for understanding

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It was pretty easy to search for DIY centrifuge on YT and what I came away with was how bad an idea it would be to have a load of Tobacco NETs burst in your “lab”. One of the first things you see in commercial centrifuges is they are enclosed in a SS housing and more importantly highly balanced with a continuous rated high-speed motor. Some of the DIY attempts burned up motors from being off balanced.

A funny idea …and a shortcut to the ER looks like …saw some funny ones tho. “Don’t try this at home” would be my advice

Hey? Have any links for a low-cost commercial centrifuge for our type use? Maybe start a new Centrifuge thread (recommend) Thanks guys interesting side topic

Ok back on topic HOPS!

i’ve made pg infusions using various “dank” hops pellets and flowers (fresh), can’t remember what strains or even my source but they MUST be fresh because the flowers/pellets tend to lose potency rather quickly. even in vacuum-sealed bags.

so anyways, i guess what i was going for was an authentic MJ-type flavor and it was very accurate…i guess…on second thought, i might have made it too strong (i.e. by letting it steep too long in the hops and possibly from failing to dilute the finished product…just fyi it was a green-honey color and much thicker consistency than plain pg once i let it soak for 2 weeks and then strained off the plant matter). but anyways, i think i soaked it too long or something because not only did i transfer the piney/citrusey/skunky notes, but i also got some of the bitterness from the hops. and personally i didn’t like this. it actually made for a stale beer note, and if i remember correctly, this was fixed by dilution after the fact.

but regardless, it tasted very MJ-like but i stopped experimenting because i didn’t like the idea of vaping nicotine that smelled like i was smoking pot. just a personal preference i guess and i really didn’t want to get “busted” for doing something relatively silly. I guess i kinda discovered that the taste of weed is sorta pungent and not all that enjoyable when it has zero effect.

but i will say this as an aside. hops itself has some medicinal value as a sedative (not much but still). and as i chain-vaped my undiluted hops extract, i most definitely began to feel a weird sedating effect that I cannot explain other than to say that i didn’t really like it. and iirc it made my throat kinda hurt too. maybe this will answer some of your questions…


If you’re looking to create an MJ type of flavor, you would probably get the best results using actual MJ. Not sure where you live, but if you’re in the US, it’s legal in a lot of states now. And since PG will not extract the THC and would most likely only extract the flavor/aroma, then you would not have to worry about getting high from it. That skunky essence you get from hops is very different than that of from MJ. however, i too, think that trying to create something that smells like weed is sort of an oxymoron since you might as well just smoke weed in the first place.

I’m trying to get the actual hops flavors, and a little bitterness is realistic, so that’s not a concern. as far as the sedative properties of hops, they’re insignificant. if anyone is concerned about that, they should probably avoid drinking beer. but a lot of people enjoy the effects beer has, whether they’re from the alcohol or something else.

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VG, PG, PEG, Alcohol, will all extract THC from the plant material.
Raw it’ll be mostly THCA and low psychoactive
Decarb the weed first and the extraction will be THC and high Psychoactive.

VG will extract THC cold in about 60-90 days. With PG-PEG being a much better solvent I’d expect PG to work in just 7-14 days.

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Only when heated up though right? In which case, pretty much anything would, including water, chocolate, milk, etc… (with the exception of alcohol, which will do it at room temperature of course)

VG, PG, PEG all are effective cannabinoid solvents at room temp just a little slow.
Water = zero solvent ability. Boiling cannabis in water = zero results.
Milk = poor solvent
Milk can work but needs to be Whole milk with lots of Butterfat as that is the Solvent part.
Same with Chocolate. Needs a high fat content for best results.
Grain Alcohol, Cooking oil, Vegetable glycerin are the 3 most commonly used solvents for extracting cannabis for Tincture, Edibles, Topical, uses.
Old school tech some of it going back the better part of a century and more.

Butane, Hexane and high pressure CO2 are all the new rage in concentrate extraction.
But the first two blow up a lot more homes and buildings then the old school methods ever did.
Your mileage may vary.

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Thanks for the info.

okokok so i know its an old thread … and knowing the pace of this place , u guys r in another stratosphere 20x-exponentially-improved, questions answered , on to the next thing, constantly evolving (wondering how the hell did anyone ever vape using mech mods, the original 10-20W eleaf istick. not to mention the original cartomizers and 50:50 pg juices lol)

so i guess my point is that ive been away from this site & community & diy because i got lazy and just started buying juice like everyone else…

but i do miss this place, the people, the dialogue…

but what brings me back is a sudden new-found desire to obtain (& maybe make a few) hand-crafted epipes…something about a long comfortable stem over drip tips, the hand feel of holding hand-carved roundness that would fit so comfortably in my hand…to move a bit away from subohming where the vapes would crackle & pop & the vapor was hotter & i dont know. maybe im just bored with the new stuff lol

but i find myself back in the hunt for nets and rich/traditional tobacco flavors and yet i can’t recall ever trying one that tasted good or authentic … anyone have any tips or pointers or a nudge in the right direction? i would like to find some rich authentic pipe tobacco vapes or a recipe for how to extract it myself so that i end up with something that tastes like actual smoking (& not entirely like how unlit cigarettes smell)

i still have a whole room of my house with walls lined with flavors & enough vg/pg/nicotine to rebuild society in the event of a nuclear holocaust lmao…

ps are diketones still considered bad😂
because i could truly get comfy with a nice old bottle of the original five pawns castle long

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When were diketones bad lol… Not on ELRs forum :wink:. Im not into tobacco flaves or nets , however there are a couple threads that are dedicated to it . @50YearsOfCigars will usually take the time if you PM him to guide you through the process , he took a lot of time with me when my Mom was wanting to go that route… @Kinnikinnick is also another leaf lover that seems to know just as much as the NET lover


thank you:)

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…still do. :grinning: Mechs and 60PG/40VG.

You’ll pay a pretty penny, but Matt does some pretty work!

This is where I bought NET before I started making my own. Quality vendor!

However, for around $10 or so dollars, you can create 1000ml of ready to vape NET liquid.

When I realized this, after spending a metric ass load on premixed juice, there was no turning back from making my own NET. :wink: