Making tanks draw with Mouth-to-lung hits

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Coil building ideas, questions: Do you all think there would be any way to make a sub-ohm tank draw like a Kanger coil? So that it would be good for us ladies who like mouth-to-lung hits? I know you guys drill out air holes to make them larger and do all kinds of customizations. HOW could we fix out Atlantis or any RTAs so they have a bit of drag when you take a toke? Any ideas. I have noticed that it has something to do with the Kanger being a cartomizer. It would be a wonderful thing if there was something we could do for this. I’ve talked to more and more (all women) who say, like me that they don’t like their Atlantis or RTAs because of the way they draw. To describe it, I’d say its just too much air flow. I appreciate any thought or brainstorming on this subject from you guys who are so great and more experienced at customizing tanks and building coils. It’s as if I want to put a Kanger coil in my RTA. I’ve tried using small drip tips and I turn the air flow to nearly off, and it helps but it doesn’t make it draw like a Kanger coil. Thanks, Joya

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it would be good for us ladies who like mouth-to-lung hits
[/quote] I must not be a lady, always do lung hits :anguished:

Me too Josephine. I used to mouth-to-lung, but after getting a sub-ohm setup, it all changed for me.
Well, for me, that’s a good thing, cuz it’s what finally got me to quit smoking too.

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I never have. I bought my first cigalike on febr 9th of this year and the woman in the shop let me try it first. I just automatically took a lung hit. It is way more satisfying that way. Maybe the ladies should learn how to take a good lung hit so they don’t have to modify their RTA’s :wink:


I hope there is a discussion about this. I can’t hit my sum-ohms during dialog while watching TV. Quiet they are not. :smile:

For me, the satisfaction comes from sufficient vapor and enough nic. Extra clouds are just that… an extra. Plus, I forgot how to MTL when I tried a clearo last week. Dammit. :frowning:

I suspect the issue may come down to power and temperature. Part of the answer may lie in building to much higher resistance and running lower watts. No reason one can’t run a ~2 ohm coil in a tank/RTA/RDA. (eta: forgot TC, that would be a reason) (eta2: size. the space to build a high res coil may be a problem)

A very low res coil needs more power to heat the wire for vaporizing the juice. But does that create higher temps, requiring greater airflow (to stop burning)… forcing lung hits? I don’t know.

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Ah, Thanks. Ctrl+G to attach a file…terrific.
I felt like I had grumbled and sorry to pass that on like a big yawn. I am in control of my own happiness and it’s all in my head and my heart. . On the subject of air flow… I turned all my air flows lower and I’m trying the tanks like that. Let me see… ah much better. Oh and ps, I do build some RTA’s at 1.2 or so and run them at about 16 watts. Flavor is much better at .5 watts. Seen it, confirmed it. I’m trying every which way. Still such a newbie and on account of it… Enthused. Lol. xo Josephine xo, xo

I didn’t think you were grumbling at all, this forum is voor vapers to learn about stuff and if you have a problem, you ask. I’m just in one of those giggling moods today. I could only really help you with info about uploading stuff to the site because as I said, I just automatically took to lung hits. Probably because I sucked on a lot of water pipes in my youth :blush: So I was just joking about. There are other people (ladies :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:) on this website, who will feel like you do and they might even have a solution that is helpful to you. So do ask by all means.
You should never take me too serious, I joke around a lot. When in doubt, your best bet is to not take me serious, I’m usually not.

I didn’t look at the link for the needle, but the description you gave is a shading needle (actually a flat shader).

Not just a question for the ladies.
Sub Ohm setups have hijacked the vaping world, many retailers are selling them as starter kits, and there has been almost no new product development on mouth to lung kit over the last six months.
I have several Sub Ohm tanks including the Atlantis, Kanger Sub Smok Gimlet …etc
To me these are purely a novelty aspect of my vaping.
There are technical reasons that make Sub Ohm tanks un suitable for mouth to lung.

  1. The higher temperature of the coil needs the airflow to stop it getting too hot
  2. The increased wicking capacity of Sub Ohm coils will result in flooded coils when subjected to a tight draw setup.
    The answer to the problem is to get a really good mouth to lung tank.
    In my opinion the Beyond Vape Silo (Not the Beast) is about as good as they get.
    This tank is a US design based on the Aspire Nautilus.
    It has improved airflow and better aesthetics. Both standard and temperature sensing Ni200 coils
    are readily available as they are the same as the Nautilus.

Everything you say is wonderful. (kisses on the cheek). I’m really glad I did post this topic because it seems of interest and I got some really good info. I thought it was like a shot in the dark or that I was grumbling, but no… I got some good info from UncleJoe.
The Beyond Vape Silo $35 and Silo mini for $17.99 use Aspire Nautilus coils but have a larger air hole adjustment. It looks like a Fogger and gives you mouth-to-lung hits. I watched a video that demonstrated that it does, so I’m sure it’s what I want. And I’m happy because I can easily rebuild the Nautilus coils if I wish. It even comes with a small-bore drip tip (and another that is large bore).

I’m so glad there is another choice out there besides the Nautilus or Kangertech Aerotank and Genitank. I tried some E-Leaf tanks but the quality is poor and not worth the savings. I’m looking forward to trying a Silo. Once again people on this site were exceptional. Thanks so much. It’s on my next shopping … list. I have 2 pkgs coming right now, so it will be a couple of weeks before I order anything else. I scraped up on the sale at MyFreedomSmokes and got some I-Taste 11 watt devices and I have a lost package from China I hope to recover. It has my Nichrome wire boo hoo. Luckily I paid in a way where it will be covered if it is not located (I hope).

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Thanks so much for the info, and yes the Silo does appear to definitely give mouth-to-lung hits and have good flavor and vapor. It even comes with a small bore drip tip. I search for these!

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I am very happy for you that it worked out. It never hurts to ask. This is a very nice forum with a lot of helpful people, no bashing going on making people feel stupid because they are new to DIY and don’t know a lot about it yet. Nobody knows everything and even the people who know a lot were newb’s at some point. There is no such thing as a stupid question!
And btw, grumbling is allowed when called for.

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This topic is not mentioned often but a VERY common problem.
The mouth toung off a sub ohm tanks is brutal.

Many reviews on YouTube and the ‘Vape world’ only show giant lung hit clouds, it’s to bad they don’t demonstrate both mouth-to-lung & direct inhale.
Many people mouth to lung that apreciate taste more than vapor production.
My only option with th Subtank mini, is to reduce the airflow to 25 % .
Takes getting used to for sure.
This morning I rebuilt an Atlantis coil and packed the cotton tightly in hopes to be able to use it for mouth to lung vaping.

I have subtank mini’s for lung inhaling, but I feel like I’m always in a rush when hitting the fire button to inhale as quickly as possible for it to work properly. This is fine for what it is, but i really missed the joy of a calm relaxing mouth-to-lung inhale. I still have the subtanks, but since I’ve been introduced to the Kayfun style rta’s, I’ve found my preferred vape method. I have a Hcigar Kayfun 3.1 Clone

Two Russian 91% clones

And my absolute favorite, a Kayfun 4 1:1 replica.

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Love the “100% Genuine Product” label in that last pic.

Well… it is a genuine product. :smile:

Stupid questions? Technically… no.

“How do I make those 0.06 ohm coils for the 200 watt mod box I have arriving next week? I’m 16 and never smoked but lots of folks I hang with vape, and cloudz look sick brah, amirite?
BTW… ima use the batteries from my 18650 flashlight… cool yeah?”

Please believe me… that’s a barely paraphrased mélange of several posts I’ve read just this week. I predict a backlash this year or next.

So many fools… so few ERs. :frowning:

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Point taken :grimacing: I was having sensible people in mind who are trying to learn something to avoid making stupid mistakes. I hadn’t reckoned on stupid crashing the party, my bad :cold_sweat:

You’re correct in that it is a “Genuine Product”, just not an “Authentic Product” lol… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

It’s their bad, not yours.

Help those who’ll accept it. If you encounter those who won’t… duck!

And they’re Top Shelf too.

I hate getting those “80%” genuine products.