Making your own VG?

Caution! Very possibly a stupid question, but… is anyone here making their own VG?

Can it be done ‘at home’ in a way that’s pure enough and safe to vape?


Frankly I don’t see the point in even trying to make it at home: It would take a lot of effort and time to make an inferior product. I could spend that time cooking and just spend £18 for 10l of VG being sent by next day courier.


I think the safest to vape is pharmaceutical grade, impossible to get at home … And as Squirrel says, for the price it’s not worth it.


Just when you thought you had heard everything… :roll_eyes:


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Might be possible, but wont be safe to vape.


Thanks for being gentle @SquirrelSmash. I can see you’re based in the UK; same here.
I’m new to DIY, PG-sensitive and hence a little paranoid about the purity of what I inhale. At the moment I only vape organic 100% VG juice, which is relatively pricey. DIY is my best chance to bring the cost down in the long run, and I want to do it without compromising on the quality. I’ve spent the last few days searching the web for a reliable UK source of organic, pharma grade, non-GMO, palm free VG, and I’m still not convinced by what I find. To the point that I’ve started asking some stupid questions, wanting to take matters in my own hands, if need be. :laughing:

I think a hint or two from an eccentric vape blender and wizard is exactly what I need right now.


1st: Stop looking for “organic”.
(That’s basically marketing for suckers in direct relation to VG)

Here’s the deal.
There are basically only 2 varieties of vegetable glycerin:

  • plant based (anything under this could be labeled organic, which IMO is bullshit, since all of the points of origin are plants. YMMV)

  • petroleum based. (most avoid this because it’s synthetic)

Petroleum based is what many of us don’t want. It’s typically harsher, and has been reported to ‘color a mix’.

Plant based has a variety of options:

  • palm (the cleanest IMO, slightly sweet)
  • soy (second most common last I knew)
  • coconut
  • corn

Palm is by far the most widely popular, and usually the most reasonable and widely available. Unless you have a specific allergy to palm, it’s what you’ll most likely find the most to your liking.


Thanks for taking the time to reply @Sprkslfly.

My understanding of “organic” is non-GMO, sustainable, eco-friendly and pesticides-free; basically as natural, pure and ethical as possible from seed to harvest.
Palm = deforestation and the demise of orangutans. This can only change if people start caring. I do.


The easiest thing you can do to help the environment is to bulk buy. Even if you are not blending yourself, you can still get your nicotine in bulk.

This is the smallest bottle they sell and has the same amount of nicotine as 40 nic shots you could buy in a shop. So you have just reduced your plastic waste by 39 bottles.

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Fair enough.

I caution about the “organic” marketing only because it’s been such a ripe term for abuse.

I know there are a couple of agents (or ‘certifying authorities’) that actually do go through verification steps and processes in order to ‘certify’ the whole ‘point of view’ in relation to food products.
While I’m not sure if VG would fall under their purview of products they would care about tracking, I know that if I were in support of the same ideology, I would be most likely to look for their label (the ‘certifying authority’) long before I would trust ANY John Doe simply slapping the ‘organic’ moniker on the label.

I wish you luck in finding the product that meets your criteria!


Thanks for the link and the code @SquirrelSmash. Bulk buy sounds very sensible indeed.

I was actually hoping you might be able to point me in the right direction as for the best quality VG base available in the UK. If it’s at all possible to get organic and pharma grade in one, that’s exactly what I’m looking for.

I’ve started a dedicated thread here:


Excellent point, thanks @Sprkslfly.


Well, if you want ‘organic’ labelled VG, then you should expect to pay at least fives times as much for a different label. I think a few mentioned Naissance in the other thread but this is food grade and not USP grade VG.

For best prices it depends on what you are ordering and postage costs: If you are making a nicotine order, then getting it from Nicotine Hub is sensible. If you are ordering concentrates at the same time, then DarkStar is the better choice (Nicotine Hub’s concentrate selection is limited and pricy).

ELRECIPES is the 12% off code for DarkStar.


I don’t mind paying extra for something truly organic; I don’t vape that much, 20-30 ml/week.
Yup, Naissance looks tempting, but I’m pretty sure it’s not pharma grade.

DarkStar website says “Sourced from European suppliers and professionally bottled to ensure you receive only the highest purity product.” Nothing about what plant it’s derived from or who the supplier is, no quality certificates to be seen either. I can see the reviews are good, though. Might be worth emailing them. Thanks @SquirrelSmash


That makes many of us look excessive: I tend to get through that much by dinner time.


I use 15% veggy j and 65% glycerine. Then add flavor and nic.