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Male or Female?


Not that it matters , but ive been mistaken and have mistaken others for which sex they are and some people i think i know but am not sure . So here is the question What sex are you ? Male or Female ??? ill start



I identify as a jester, of the dark variety :sunglasses:


Canis Lupis (albino)Wolf-10


I’m all girlie. From birth, in case anyone wants to know. :stuck_out_tongue:


I identify as a ham sandwich.


Femalien. From my starship. :grinning:


See, my head actually exploded there. Boom, it’s gone.


You’re so welcome :laughing:,


it wasnt meant to be a big deal , i see a lot of people accidently say bro or whatever so i figured why not ask , never imagined something so innocent would be steered that way , thats the problem these days … nothing is simple


yeah I have seen this like 3 times this week


To me it doesn’t matter what people call me, but I am female. But again if someone says bro/brother/dude no biggy.

If someone pays me a significant amount of money (1.000000 and up) you’re allowed to call me whatever you like, including the B and C word :rofl: don’t try that without the payment tho :roll_eyes:


I’m all man till it comes to my mod and my tank not matching🤪


it should have never been political or anything , the sensitivity level is at an all time high , here and in real life , its a shame that almost every topic has to have a debate , i thought i explained myself in the beginning of the topic , i figured it would be fun … . and that it didnt matter , i was only curious . If its offensive to ask what sex a person is something is seriously wrong and instead of someone making an issue just dont answer or comment… no biggie

btw @eStorm i know you didnt think it was a big deal


thats funny lmao


i know you didnt i just commented to you wasnt speaking AT you lol


Ok. So you are male. Because this is alll in text, we all could say whatever right? We need proof of said statement that you are indeed a male


Virtue Signaling, everyone loves to pretend to be offended for someone else these days. And it is only because they can be, a result of social media. I keep waiting for a Carrington level solar event to knock out the majority of technology, at this point we need a reset.

My neighbors kid is in transition, he is an awesome kid. They get quite upset when other people virtue signal and point it out all the time. For them it is just about loving their kid, as you do, and not about what other people think. Seems you have the right idea and attitude, i wish you the best.

As for me im just a d00d, an ornery, middle aged, ginger Martian. Now GET OFF MY LAWN whipper snappers of all types!

EDIT: Just finished the whole thread and wanted to be a bit more specific with my generalization. I wasnt speaking of anyone in the thread, just a generalization based on what i have seen.


Red blooded male, well, at least I was the last time I cut myself… :+1:


Proud owner of a vagina.


All American Male