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Male or Female?


I have a Dual Turbo Charged 6.4 International Diesel under the hood as well, and very proud of my engine…but my husband will tell you I fight like a man with a short guy complex when cornered or aggravated :slight_smile:


Personally I actually find it much more fun if you don’t know for certainty the sex of the the other person. You can usually tell both sex and age by how they phrase things and what they write, but you can of course also get it wrong, which is why I always try to avoid the he and she word, just to be on the safe side.

But trying to guess it can actually be a fun little game, especially when it isn’t 100% obvious. So … I guess what I’m trying to say here is … Thank you everybody for destroying my fun :stuck_out_tongue: :wink:

And in case anyone is wondering, this is what I see in the mirror every morning:


I’m a friggin male Viking here to pillage and plunder I’m also a pinja (pirate/ninja) I hope that clarifies



Jedi male


Male here.


male :horse: here


Nuttin…you are pretty punny dan!


I am talking female tree. Pretty impressive i might add.


I like girls
I pee standing up
I was once married to three women (not at the same time, that would be weird)

Does that narrow it down?

No, I suppose it doesn’t .

For the record, I really don’t care what anyone is or believes themselves to be. They don’t wear my shoes and I don’t wear theirs. I’m happy just knowing them.


Remind me not to piss you off. You look scary :rofl:


You’re gonna wear your teeth down. Just sayin’…


I am a guy who happens to like guys

i pee sitting down though lol especially in the middle of the night when i’m half asleep


I am mail…


I like drums !!! Out with my bro at the last Rush Concert.


You’re right about that!
“Return to sender”
;p lol :crazy_face: :wink:


What she said.


It took me entirely too long in my life to discover this. Saves on the cleanups!


I never thought you were female. Fidalgo sounds male to me. Wouldn’t Fidalga be female? :grin:


Great! Somebody slap a stamp on his ass and mail him to Abu Dhabi!

Asian Fat Kid : I'm Sorry My Joke Wasn't Funny., I Love You - by Anonymous


Don’t mean nothing to me. I once knew a woman who looked like that. Everyone called her the goat. Yep, she had a friggin goatee. I couldn’t help myself, every time I saw her my mouth dropped and I stared. No manners have I.