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Male or Female?


Why? I’m confused. But then, these things tend to confuse me. No judgement, just confusion.


Lol :grin:


Well, I hate to break it to ya. I read a fascinating article in Scientific American years ago about the 5 sexes. Yes sir, five. And I prided myself on sexual matters. The best part of the article were the pix. Hey, I wonder if I can find that in the archives online? Would it be acceptable to post some photos? Or would you rather I not?


lol olin is my name Fidalgo is the island i live on so when i signed up i had no clue what to use as a name so Fidalgo Vape it was lol


Some people here already know who I am but when I first joined I was mistaken for the “other” sex. I wasn’t sure if it was my avi or the things I was saying. At first it felt strange to be mistaken, then I found it interesting and decided not to say anything and see how far it went. So, I’m not going to say but I always thought my username was obvious. And you can’t trust those avatars because I have a friend who’s a red blooded male but loves to use photos of his favorite female singers like Maria Brink.

Anyway, interesting thread :+1:


Dude! I’m soo jealous. Would have loved to have seen that.


I thought Fidalgo was a dashing Spaniard and a damn good dancer :rofl:


I am fairly certain it is obvious I am male

My Avatar is really me sitting on a backhoe digging up a leaking fuel tank


@wvsanta ^^^^ That was going to be my SECOND guess. :slight_smile:


@Lostmarbles Everyone knew it was going to be their (and Neil’s) last tour. Ticket’s were stoopid fast selling, and we have bleeder seats, but, with as many Rush shows as I’ve been to, it doesn’t matter where you sit.


still think @wvsanta is really a woman that just google searched for a pic of a bearded man operating a back hoe…


Female … I don’t believe anyone ever questioned that prior to :wink: however this is a great question to bring up @fidalgo_vapes


well im both duh and ty lol


I have manly feet. I bet could fit in them :sunglasses:


i remember a time when you thought i was a female bc i had a pic of my kids and always talked about them lol ty


LOL if you do, keep 'em. I can’t wear shoes that had someone else’s feet in them. One of many hangups.


I’ve seen them many times back in the late 80’s and 90’s. If I was at the last concert I think I would run the entire emotional gambit. Rush is my favorite band. My son is a huge fan and never got an opportunity to see them live.


I’m a chick. The girl kind, not the chicken kind. :wink:


that is definitely a females pen/man/ship


I remember that ! Yep :+1: not that talking about your kids is only done by women lol :laughing: