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Male or Female?


Nah, not me. Fire can burn on, or go out; I don’t care. Just pointing out the obvious, I guess! :sunglasses:


Wow, that horse is so high, when I look up all I see is legs all the way into the clouds. :rofl:


So, to summarize, there’s boys and there’s girls, and a small population segment born with physical abnormalities. You may not like that word, but the species is designed to be one or the other, and when it is not physically clear, that is an abnormality. Choosing to ‘identify’ differently than the genetic cards you’ve been dealt doesn’t make you courageous or a freak, and doesn’t mean all of society has to accommodate with lots of extra boxes to check in the Gender column. Not sure why that’s so hard to understand. I’m not going to ostracize you, but there’s also no need to go on incessantly about it.

I’m a boy, and not really sorry about that. My wife is a girl, and she’s not sorry about that either. Yay. And you also may not want to hear this, but I don’t care how you want to identify. I know you want to hear everyone say either ‘good for you, be yourself’, or ‘shame on you, can’t you just be normal’ (in other words, acknowledge you), but I am myself too and I don’t desire any encouragement, disdain, or acknowledgement for my decision to remain a boy. So, like, do your thing and don’t tell me how to do mine.


Aww come on , Phil, if you can go on about this issue incessantly , why the heck can’t the rest of us? :rofl:

And just to be clear, i’m absolutely fine with you being as male as you like, and I haven’t seem anybody telling you how to “do your thing”. (though I might have missed something?)

Oh! Just remember, when you answer, you have to behave like a gentleman and be nice to the old dear :wink:


I’m nothing if not a gentleman. Er, gentleperson, sorry. Actually, is ‘gentle’ OK, or too defining? Hate to be politically incorrect. So, maybe that should be ‘Neutralbeing’ instead. I can’t keep up.

Oh, and I’m not trying to stifle debate. It can be fun to read. So please, you two, keep it up.


That’s how this group is we take a topic and take it to the extreme it’s funny


It is fun to poke the bear. Some folks are so sensitive that the slightest nudge really sets them off on some entertaining tangents.


I probably ought to duck out of this thread and get on with something half-way productive.
I’d just like add one last little thought:

Speaking as a biological woman, I do believe that the really over-ridingly significant difference betwen sex and gender is that gender can’t get you pregnant. :grin:


Oh no you don’t. You’re heavily to thank for a simple question going to the bottom of the pool!! You’re going to need to stick around to keep arguing with them.


No need to antagonise people there. Just because you don’t get it does not mean that it is not important to some people.

It is generally advisable to have respect for those who feel differently and let you feel the way you want yourself.

You desire a traditional social structure with rigid sex=gender and gender=social role: good on you. You likely apply it to yourself in terms of expectations and found a partner who goes the same way. And you are completely entitled to hang out with people who feel the same if you prefer. I’ll give you one thing, this is a pretty efficient model, it just happen to really alienate a lot of people.
See, it is pretty much the same as religion. You can have yours or none, I can have mine or none, and if we are in a functioning society we should still be able to live together without animosity because of it.

And if you can’t see how the original question is met with somewhat complicated answers, you may want to consider why other people feel like spending their time on it. Annoying you is unlikely to be the real answer.


…then you go on to lecture me and tell me I don’t get it. Maybe you don’t get it? Ever thought your opinion may not be the correct one? I think you foisting your opinion on others is just as antagonizing. There may be people who don’t agree with your position; isn’t that OK? I thought we all got to have opinions? Maybe I missed that memo.


I would like to remind folks the that the initial point of the thread is to get to know our elr family a bit better and not push the line to discussions on what is right wrong or indifferent with political or personal views regarding some of the odd turns above.

Mostly reading the thread I encourage people to step back. Think. Some of the comments above push to exclude and not include.

From a previous thread I thought it was really cool of a certain member to disclose something about themselves that most never knew. Part of that disclosure was the statement that they previously didn’t because they wanted to be a part of the community and taken seriously.

I for one would love to see more inclusion. Learn more about different backgrounds and see more I represented communities that sit in the background feel enough love to speak up

Now that I am done rambling. Please note that I didn’t mention a single name or intend to call someone out. Just wanted to say something for my own well being.


I’m not going to put anyone on my ignore list simply because they choose not to check one of the two traditional boxes. Just pointing out that the mad push for ‘inclusion’ invariably introduces more exclusion. Ironic, I think. I’m ‘excluded’ because it’s assumed that I am not ‘inclusive’ enough, funny.


Outie !!! :slight_smile:


I’m a man right now but I’m becoming a White Walker :crazy_face: GOT anyone?


Omg i just logged in and i have NEVER had a post flagged or removed , i have tried my hardest to be welcoming and helpful , ive wanted so many times to go off on certain people for always turning threads into bullshit bickering platforms to preach what they believe or their feelings , this thread should have not offended anyone, ive seen people ask in other threads to a single person and ive seen people mistake people so i figured why not ask ??? Now that the question has been asked its some how controversial , i havent read through the last posts but this shit needs to stop go to pms and argue and fight …


Absolutely agree here.

Me too!

but seeing as all my posts have got flagged, I’d just like to make it clear that, inasmuch as I was arguing, I was arguing for the inclusive view. I’m not sure if that was misunderstood, if my jokes (at my own expense ) were thought to be in poor taste or (most likely) it’s simply that I replied to posts that were deemed inappropriate? Probably the latter, at least mostly.

In any case, i do very much hope my opinions won’t be inferred, by future readers,as running counter to yours, Chris, simply from the fact that my posts were all deleted.


If you’re looking to blame someone, don’t stop here. All of mine are flagged too.


Some people won’t abide healthy debate. I’m sure no one is blaming you for this fiasco and I have no idea why you would be flagged.


Some folks take themselves way too seriously and that is the problem. The line between truth and lies has been greyed. So is truth true or is it relative to your situation?