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Male or Female?


First of all, I ‘flagged’ and ‘hid’ some posts that were POLITICALLY off-topic in this thread. Yes, I did.

Secondly… I did not hide, but sent a message to several people (including OP) about specific posts that were ‘in reply’ to those posts I ‘hid’.

I hope you all understand. When this thread is cleaned up, I will also remove this particular post.

Thank you all for playing nice.


Can I ask why? Are political viewpoints not allowed on ELR? We have to be censored because we have differing opinions? And what is deemed politically off-topic? Debating is not allowed? Seems awfully bizarre in this world of freedom of speech. I mean, I totally get removing intentionally offensive posts, but removing people’s opinions because, to you, they are “politically off-topic” seems a little weird.

Just my 0.02…which it would appear I may not be entitled to? :woman_shrugging:



I trust the admins to do whatever they see fit. In the end they are entrusted with the type of contents that they wish to see on the forum.
I do think it reflects poorly on the forum as a discussion place, this is the pub and non abusive discussions should be allowed to happen. I understand that the flagging is not their decision.

The op question, as was described in one of my flagged and hidden answers, was coming from a good place; the discussion even in the place where it was polarised stayed civil.

But hey, it is probably better to keep it to mixing if sociology gets people’s knickers in a twist.


Except it seems there was no flagging, so this was their decision. And we can agree on the fact that it is staff’s right to moderate as they see fit, not ours.


The sex that dare not speak it’s name for fear of being silenced by the mods, so it seems. *sigh * But you can prolly find out from some less contentious thread, if it matters sigh .

Am I allowed to say there’s here’s no fun, and precious little realism, in offering a simple single -word answer? Or is that observation a tad too “political”?

Sorry, Fidalgo, but this thread has ben soured, IMO, even to the point that I’m reduced to agreeing with Phil :crazy_face:


That should be telling enough right there! That is akin to dividing by zero.


The funny thing about debates is, people really don’t understand how similar we really all are. It’s the 5% that gets everyone going, while the 95% is a whole lotta group hugs and nodding heads. We all like to eat. We all need to make boom-booms, we all love someone, usually lots of someones. We mostly have two arms and two legs by design, and we all rule above all other life forms. But darned if we all don’t get nitpicky about those things that make us different (opinions and beliefs). Viva la world, fist bumps all around, and happy mixing here on the forum.


What on earth are boom-booms?

You are mostly correct but normative behaviour is very tiresome for those outside the dominant norms.


Boom booms, constitutionals, dropping the kids off at the pool, taking the browns to the superbowl. You get tired of eating, don’t eat. Up to you.


the question is simple, and the answer is simple, male or female? Nobody cares how you identify, and nobody wants to know, if you are a woman identifying as a male then say your male, easy peasy. If you don’t identify as male or female then say what you identify as, if people want to know more they will definitely ask.


Or they most certainly won’t! :rofl:


WAIT A GODDAM MINUTE…I havent been flagged for anything!!..

This is preposterous…I demand a recount…or a…re flag…or…some shit…
Look I just feel left out alright…can someone please flag me…:confused:…doesnt seem right…


Yeah, He already gave the game away with

I surely wouldn’t be the one to take the bait, after that. :zipper_mouth_face: I’m not quite that dumb


Sorry man, I just can’t do it!!! I almost did, but the resistance was too much to overcome, you big lug.


Care to debate that? Ha, kidding.



come on folks… I was just trying to help the OP put this disaster of a thread back on topic.
If I ‘flagged’ you with a message, please don’t misunderstand my message. Please re-read it.

P.S. Don’t make me stop this bus!!! Keep your hands to yourself in that backseat, brats.


I have never said or felt this way before on ELR.
How do I stop notifications or remove myself from a thread?


go to the bottom and mute it , and i hope this thread did not offend you it was not my intention and if it did i sincerely apologize


Ok, I’ve re-read, as requested. Must say I found

times eight to be somewhat overwhelming, together with “flagged as off-topic” times two… but then perhaps I shouldn’t have read that as being given an opprtunity to show myself the door before the mods did it for me? Maybe it simply meant exactly what it said? * blush * In any case, figuring out how to edit all that lot appropriately was beyond me

Anyway, I dunno what was so wrong with 'em, , but a couple of people liked my “off topic” links to the Kinks and Lou Reed …even after they got hidden! . Thanks for that, guys :slight_smile: Hey! Do I get to kep the likes. or do they get knocked off along with the post? Not that it matters. Just curious.