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Male or Female?


Just so everyone knows Alisa was not the only person that flagged post in this thread

I did as well

Several people have taken this thread WAY…WAY off topic that’s sad because this could have been a good place for us to learn who we could call brother or sister when we type a reply

Several people will just not let it go either

Sad so Sad

Personally I am about sick of seeing so many threads on ELR going this direction

Alisa I will gladly delete this if need be but you taking all the blame for the flagging is just ludicrous


Thank You @fidalgo_vapes :smile: No your post was not offensive, I just think somewhere along the line the conversation became distasteful.


What fidalgo said…
Go to bottom where it shows one of these:
“NOrmal” … clickk on it and select ‘Muted’


There are only male and female, you all have a gender regardless of the extent of your head injury


Please close thread , i did not think it could or would bother anyone , i felt maybe we would learn something we didnt know and that those of you that didnt want people to know would just not reply , my apologies to anyone who was offended by the initial question , have a good day


I’m not really sure if you keep those ‘likes’ if you delete your post, to be honest. Calling, @daath to answer that one.


i agree and hope this gets shut down , i think its time for a break for me !!!


@alisa has explained what she has been doing with this thread and i appreciate it and couldnt agree more


I don’t see anything wrong with your thread Fiddly, looks perfect to me :thinking:


Closing/Locking topic/thread per OP’s request.
Nothing more to see here folks… move along. :stuck_out_tongue:

closed #164