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Man all stations!

It looks like ELR is under a Distributed Denial of Service attack (DDoS). I am trying to handle it as best I can right now, but you can probably expect short outages every once in a while, as the server tries to cope under extreme stress.

This is so frustrating - especially since it seems that I may have fixed the always loading/crashing issue on Chrome, that some people have been experiencing…

Wish me luck. Back to the battle!


If anyone can fix it Lars, you can. I would offer to help but that would be like a small engine mechanic offering to fix the Starship Enterprise.

Good luck!


I appreciate your hard work!


You got this Lars, you’ve had worse.


Good luck bro

@SthrnMixer could you tell me what that means, DDoS attack?


It’s a Cyber Attack, someone is trying to keep us from getting on our forum as to deny us from ELR services.They flood the servers to ELR with spoofed and/or multiple requests thus overloading the servers and disrupting the website service. It’s bottlenecking the website causing disruption so to speak.


Unfortunately a DDoS is not easy to control, the good news is, it can’t last forever @daath i would double check that they are not trying to crack something rather than just disrupting the network, could well be a brute force attack…

Maybe putting the site behind an SSL cert would help a bit…


@Grubby, Create user/login is already under SSL.

They confused me at first by forming the attack as a scrape attempt - but the more I looked at it and analyzed it, I realized it was a DDoS. They’re simply requesting page after page on the recipe list, then requesting all recipes on said page. When I ban one IP two more takes its place :stuck_out_tongue: I’ve been at it for hours now - it actually feels like I’ve been fighting :stuck_out_tongue: hehe


Remember what we spoke about last year? Did you fix that??

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Thats what I thought but this confused me…

@Beaufort_Batches thanks. Soooo… why would someone do that? it seems like a vicious thing to do.


DDoS - Distributed Denial of Service - Usually orchestrated by a group of people but can be initiated by a single person

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Some vape hater hired a hacker or a group of vape haters, say Big Tobacco or Big Pharma, maybe even all the Demos in US Congress I suppose. Just a guess but I wouldn’t put it past those haters and attempt to force conformity of their suiting.


Yeah, a 30-something who lives in his mom’s basement. Eats nothing but chicken nuggets and boogers. Never been laid. Never will get laid. Still wets the bed. Thinks tattoos are dumb but has gauges in his ears. Can be considered a menacing looking individual until you realize he’s only big because he’s fat. Has the arms of a 10 year old girl. And none of his neighbors even realizes he lives there.


Now that sucks. Your server local, co-lo or remote hosted?

I noticed it earlier when I was trying to pull up some of the flavor notes.

We get em at work all the time but we’ve got a honking pipe and VIP balanced border managers so while we’ll get slow downs we generally don’t get buried.

Most of the time when we bother to dig into it the origination IPS are all over the place which means the attack is one of these remote bot trojans that end user morons get on their machines from blindly clicking on download links anybody with half a clue knows to steer clear of.

Same kinda bot shit that you get most of your random useless spam from. Annoying, and yeah, the source probably close to what SthrnMixer stated above, only he’s 17 and lives someplace in what used to be the Soviet Union, and does this for fun when he’s not busy writing bogus headlines for a fake news site.

Still sucks.


you’ve got this @daath

@Grubby…you might need to plug in :wink:




can we help!!


I wish you could, but I don’t really see how :slight_smile: Thanks for offering!


Stop peaking in my windows!!!

And that’s the last time I’m gonna tell you.