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Map with ELR user locations?


Years ago I was on a forum for multi copter building and we’ve had a google map on the website where all users could tag their location. Would anybody be interested? I could do some research on how to create a map with google’s map tools but @daath would have to integrate it somehow.


that would be cool , i wonder if there would be an option to opt out if someone didnt want to have their location disclosed , i would love to see where people are from just to make knowing people just a little better i guess , great idea though … btw i wouldnt opt out but could see some people be offended which is sad imo


That would be super cool.


OMG hahahahaha

Name, age, gender, location!

Let the stalking begin!!


What in sam hell are you vaping? News flash!!! Some of you folks are friggin psycho! I mean do you get the irony? That is coming from an Ogre. No way do I want a tag so you can come visit me. At least on the forum I can simply not answer. I can block you. What in the hell am I going to do with you if you come to my door?

I could not have actually read this. Not possible.


New laws state that could be a data breach… :thinking:


I thought Ogres called that ‘free delivery’.


Freezer’s full. It will have to be by appointment.


I wouldn’t like it either, not because I hide something, but would love the option of inviting people to my place, not people inviting themselves lol.

If it can be just general location, let’s say east coast , west coast or just the state, no problem at all. But my actual full address I would not feel comfortable with.


I wouldn’t mind, my Newfoundlander and St. Bernard are always hungry, so feel free to stop by :wink:


this is right , i assumed it would be a dot in the general location of the city , state someone lives in , a full address is crossing the line for sure


Back in the prehistoric days when AOL was pretty much the only game in town, I mentioned the city that I lived in and a particular Chinese restaurant that I would walk to and one day someone rang my door bell and introduced themselves as someone I had chatted with. They had my picture (because I didn’t think there was anything wrong in posting it at the time) and staked out the restaurant and followed me home. Very freakin’ creepy!
If the internet has taught me nothing else, it’s that there are some freaky mother-effers out there. I don’t post pics of me or my family for that reason.


Holy crap, sounds pretty Fatal Attraction to me, and that you were lucky it never elevated. Wow. Anyway, my address is…


omg this is the first forum ive been on , i also have a FB but am pretty private on that , the internet is scary , i cant believe this happened to you , i wouldnt wish that on anyone how freakin scary


Yeah, luckily they weren’t psycho and left me alone after I asked them to. Could have been a lot worse but you hear stories that don’t end as well all the time.


Hahahahahahahaaha!! Fiddly you crack me up…


Some people have all the luck…


I’d be fine with an approximate area/province/county/state/whatever, or even just the country, but certainly no exact addresses. That’ll be freaky.



Have to agree, FB is probably the least private website on the planet. Regardless of what precautions you take yourself. You’ve been bought and sold a hundred times already.