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Map with ELR user locations?


Not really the most aggressive dogs out there, are they? I’m sure they’re the nicest hugable big teddy bears :wink:
I absolutely love big dogs.


Is this “find vaping Ogre”? :grin:


Feed them?


I believe you can already add your location to your profile. The amount of people that avoid filling in that field tells me there are not too many people waiting to be located.


Here is my feeling on social media.

Granted, I am sure someone could find my fb, but It’s marked private and rarely use it. But personally (since it’s part of my name)…I’m from the Portland Oregon area. Just 3-4 hours south of @fidalgo_vapes


hey there is a convention in bremerton i believe are you going ???

info below

West Coast Vape Expo 2018. Kitsap Conference Center. BREMERTON HARBORSIDE, WA. July 6-8th. WE ARE EXCITED TO BRING …


And so it begins!!! :rofl:


Well… i obviously failed to mention that a resolution down to possibly county or town level was what we had on this other forum. No addresses, county level would be good enough. Just to get an idea where people live. On our helicopter forum most people tagged their favorite flight location, perhaps we could tag the closest vape shop or something.
No stalking. Relax.


No opt-out. Opt-in!


Possibly. Just depends on what comes up. Sadly, that’s part of 4th July weekend.


ya thats why its a toss up for me , i hate I-5 on a holiday


Opt-in if you like. Ignore if you don’t.




I started looking for Wally at first but got a giant headache. Some one tell me where he is please!


you frighten me Grubs. :rofl:


You don’t need to know where Waldo is. He knows where you are :sunglasses:


Similar to ozo I’m guessing…
Only in your case it’d be “sniff/eat first” (your option of course), then ask questions later. :wink:




What??? Ya’ll are scared of folk knocking on your door?


I mean… My house is up for sale ALL OVER THE INTERNET. Pics of the inside and out.
Should I be scared someone might knock on my door?

Guess I was brought up different. We have ‘protections’ from the idiots. And a welcome cup-o-joe for nice folk. :slight_smile:


Thanks. Just looking at that thing gives me a headache from H.E. double hockysticks