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Map with ELR user locations?


I like the map idea +1

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My physical address is already available for anyone to see because of my Ham Radio license. It is a matter of public record that anyone can look up.

I live in one of the most rural areas on the entire East Coast so there is not much chance idiots trolling the internet would bother trying to find or get to me.

But if they did.

I would have no issue with my location being added to a ELR map.

I do understand most peoples concern on this issue so the Opt-in idea should take care of that.



It should be opt-in. If you want to participate tag your location or a location close to you. Otherwise just ignore the map.



I wouldn’t post my location online anywhere. Not because I mistrust this forum (although, who knows who’s on here, it’s huge!) but because anyone with the desire can retrieve it. I’ve exchanged addresses with other vaper friends only to send each other stuff. Also, one forum I was on there was a member who started trolling our FB pages. He sent me a picture of myself and that spooked me to no end.



I wouldn’t mind :slight_smile: i think it’s kind of a cool idea to see where everyone is from!



Something like this PinMap would be fun… If each person could just put their own pin in the map showing an APPROXIMATE location, and when we put our cursor on the pin, it would show the ELR member’s name.

I’ve wished to have something like this ever since I started traveling with Sean. If I had this map where all of you are ‘Approximately’, I could message you on ELR when I’m going to be down your way and get ideas of things to see in your area! :slight_smile:



Ooooh!!! I’ve got it.

Anyone that wants to give me the TOWN /City they live in, so I can build my private map, please message me!! Fun, fun, fun !! :slight_smile:

When you PM me, please let me know if, at some point in future, I can publicize your ‘Pin’ or not and I promise not to make your ‘Pin’ public, if that is what you chose. :slight_smile:



Bethlehem PA



I think this is wonderful idea. I started a PM so anyone that cares to share and also care to know where others are from is welcome to join, I fiqure this way u are sharing w/ others that care to share as well. If u holler her anyone in the pm can send u an invite to the PM. I would like to try which i know is hard for some, to keep it in a DB form w/ out chit chat, derails,:rofl: Gl, I know!


ELR Member Map

I wouldnt mind…i have sent stuff to people on here and so far, no problems…





I live in Edenton, N.C. , you are welcome to come visit me, I will give you a grand tour of my welding and machine shop, but please bring money, it cost 15$ to power up the Cincinnati Shear !!! It sounds like a jet cranking up !!! But sometimes I’m in my hole mixing recipes, and it ain’t no rabbit hole !!! :grinning:



There are people out there like @Vapeymama’s old man… no no no. No freaking way!



I didn’t have the pleasure of meeting her, so I didn’t touch her!! or talk to her!!! Anyways I thought anybody with anon name was vapymama :thinking:



Hello. Old man?



That is a figure of speech, if you didn’t know.

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Hope everyone reading this thread finds the actual map…

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map works fine for me



this guy prob due for closure/linked to other



Ya good plan Jesse
link to the thread is here

Link to the map is here

Closing this one please slip over to the above thread should you wish to be included