March's Mix this Mix thread

So it is March and Spring across much of the US with the exception of Maine, who stole everyone’s winter. Im over it tho…

As it is Spring, whether wise, id like to stick with berries and another cake. There are just so many cake flavorings out there that people are having a hard time choosing which to purchase, we get this question a lot in chat when we arent talking about farts and things.

So lets cut to the chase. Not everyone is going to have all the necessary flavorings and im sorry for that but i want to get a flavoring out there that i dont see used often.

Strawberry Rhubarb Coffee Cake

Im not going to post the recipe so im afraid you will need to click the link, i dont want anyone getting their knickers in a twist over their recipe being posted here.

I havent come up with a second mix yet but i received a couple PMs about doing something with chocolate as it isnt an easy flavoring to work with from any company. I may just save that for next month and do two chocolate mixes.

I hope you all had fun last month and remember just because it is March doesnt means you have to stop working on last months mix. I know i needed a bit of extra time because im at least half a dumb ass.

Let’s do this!


I like what you have done with your nails Ken.

Man until i read the recipe i thought this had coffee in it. Thought that was the strangest flavor pairing ever. Turns out it is to have with a coffee. (may just be a local wtf lol).


My Grandma used to make a Strawberry/Rhubarb pie that was so good I couldn’t wait for the Rhubarb to come in. The problem with that though was me and the other kids in the neighborhood loved to grab a stalk or two on the way by. So we only ever saw a pie or two a year. Grandma wouldn’t have made us any more anyway. I have never had it as a topping in a coffee cake. But that sounds very good. I don’t have a rhubarb flavor unfortunately.


I can start off with a recipe i came up with a week or so ago. Maybe not a coffee cake per se but i hope it can qualify for this months Mix this Mix anyway.
And if someone wanna alter it into a Strubarb Coffe Cake i know i look forward to see that alteration :wink:

Strubarb Custard

Ingredient %
Cookie (Biscotto) (FA) 2
Joy (FA) 0.2
Lime Tahity (Cold Pressed) (FA) 0.15
Marshmallow (TPA) 0.75
Rhubarb (INAWERA) 0.85
Strawberry Shisha (INAWERA) 3
Sweet Cream (FW) 1
Sweet Strawberry (CAP) 1.5
Vanilla Custard v1 (CAP) 2.5

Flavor total: 11.95%

Remember to rate it at!

Edit! I made a change to the recipe and added Joy, upped the Lime a tad, upped the Rhubarb a tad and upped Marshmallow a bit as well. Much better after that.


Grabs my bottle of Inawera Pink Panther off my mixing shelf and considering what cake and coffee flavours will go with it?

If we’re going to pair something with a coffee, like an expresso straight out of a coffee machine, still warm and with lots of coffee foam, why not try the real deal? A straight out of the oven Chocolate Fruit Cake. Not just any fruit cake. Chocolate filled, baked with real chocolate like a fudge brownie, with liquified-from-the-heat good old chocolate and crazy bits of fruit lying around inside of it…
Like this I’ve made and hope to get me on the march mix wagon. :wink:

That is what I thought too but it appears to be a rhubarb & Strawberry Cake to have with a cup of coffee not mixed with coffee flavor


I really need to get some rhubarb. I’m placing an order soon, can anyone recommend their favorite rhubarb?


I only got Inaweras but so far i do like it. It’s kinda wicked strong so one has to be careful with it.


I’m cool with wicked strong!

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Its still February?? :confused:


Hmmm. It’s time travel. Yeah know. Blink your eyes three times. Click your heels together. And it’s tomorrow.


Hey @LordVapor I think I might have a Strawberry Rhubarb pie recipe in my arsenal if you’d like it. Seems I only made it a time or two and I don’t remember why I didn’t make it more

I haven’t been fond of many fruity pie vapes yet or fruit in general except for a handful in certain recipes. But I think I will like this combo in a cake. The reason the pies haven’t been good to me is the crust is never what I expect. I think I have that figured out though. So let me see it.


I really like Inawera Rhubarb at very low % :blush:


I reckon you could adapt to take out the Lime and add some Nonna’s cake - the lemon from that would add a nice subtle tang. Bam…there’s a strawbarb pie :tada:


Nice one dear.
Gotta try that when i have that flavor.

I have been forcing myself to like creams, custards, vanillas and bakery of all kinds in vaping. When i started vaping it almost made me throw up when i tried a liquid with any of those in it.
I am slowly but surely starting to like them.


I did not have good luck with that Rhubarb at all.

@Grubby Of course as soon as i mentioned Spring weather it started snowing here for the first time in a month…


First mix: