Did a quick search but couldn’t find what I was looking for, looking for comparisons on the various marshmallows available.

Any difference in taste or application between TPA, CAP, etc. and which one is your preferred and why?


I tried LA, CAP, and the most favored FA but they hardly tasted like much. Lots of people use them to add sweetness but even after a long steep, I didn’t get that effect. Maybe my FA was bunk.

I have been enjoying PUR and FLV marshmallow the most lately.

I hear some good things about the OoO marshmallows (they have a couple different types) but have yet to try them.


This might be of some help to you, Wayne covers FA, TPA, and CAP MM in this video:

In addition to that I’ll chime in on Purilum and Real Flavors (SC). Purilum I would put right next to TPA. I actually use them interchangeably in recipes and honestly I don’t notice a difference. As a standalone I taste a little bit of powder but for me that doesn’t carry over into mixes when used low (<1.5%). RF mm reminds me of the little crunchy marshmallows in hot chocolate. A little on the dry side, but it works great with mm cereal, meringue, and powdered sugar recipes.


This explains, why my FA Marshmallow isn’t working that well as sweetener, thanks :D. Will get myself the CAP one too now ^^


That’s great, thanks for the link.


Don’t forget about toasted marshmallow tpa it tastes just like a toasted marshmallow and I think it’s vital for certain recipes and it’s really damn tasty! It’s actually a marshmallow flavor you can taste lol :+1:


I have been using FW Toasted Marshmallow, have you tried this one? Always interested in alternatives.


Actually I have not what are your thoughts on it tfa toasted tastes just like the real thing imho!


FW Toasted Marshmallow has done exactly what I needed to where I have used it so no complaints. It doesn’t taste ‘burnt’ which I hear is a problem with some toasted flavors.


Ah ya I haven’t had that issue with tfa either haven’t really gone above 3./. Tho. Heard at higher percentages it could have that but I wonder if it’s kind like the pepper thing from vbic cause I don’t get that either. I think I’m kinda lucky I guess :four_leaf_clover:


Great thread im actually in the process of trying my damndest to develop an authentic sticky goooey sweet marshmallow vape, im stacking several MM’s to see the results being FA, TPA toasted and CAP. i am also experimenting with TPA dulce de leche to try add that extra sweet milky body…will post results…


Where I’ve used both FA Marshmallow and TPA Dulce de Leche, my personal experience has been that the DDL overwhelmed it totally. Just my two cents, YMMV.


@vape4dayz This was a good sticky, super sweet MM vape…


a lot lot lot of sweetener there brother…sheesh, which sweetener would yu suggest @SessionDrummer


@vape4dayz Yeah it’s pretty damned high on the WTF Sweet scale for sure. I’ve mixed it up as written, just to see, and despite being fairly high, I do see what the author was trying to achieve. You can def. drop or cut it if you want. I used TFA Sweetener.

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(you can sub sweetener TPA for supersweet CAP @ 1.2 - 2.5%) this alone in the notes let me believe that he has no idea about sweeteners lol.

(Tpa) sweetener is sucralose/ethyl maltol and he used it at 4% probably thinking it makes it sweet, which it does, in fact so much that you get diabetes just looking at it.

He should have just used that and call it a day, because everything else becomes a overly muddled mess within 3 days and fully muted after 7 or latest 14 days.

on top we have alone 3 other ingredients in this recipe, that contains already EM as well as other sweetener and are known to fade/mute a mix quickly. This will not help the problem :wink:

Saying replace sweetener with super sweet and cap on top of that wouldn’t yield that effect. It would do the oposite, the extra preservatives in caps super sweet will pop the fruit and will overall sweeten the whole vape. Not mute and muddle the he’ll out of it, which it was meant to do?

I’ll give it the benefit of the doubt, since it was created 2016 and probably for mtl.

I would suggest using less sweetener or even go the just sucralose route (FW) that’s much milder than super sweet, or would pick stevia since it burns cleaner, again not at that percentage tho lol. Even (Flv) sweetness would work here. To be honest I would use no sweetener first because the ingredients contain it already and a whole boat load of it lol

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