Marvec Priest AIO 90 watt review by Mjag..Baby Beast RBA included!

Thanks for taking the time to view my review of the Marvec Priest AIO 90 which was sent directly from Marvec for the purpose of this review.


  • Size: 88mm x 23.5mm x 50mm
  • Weight: With 18650 and juice full = 170 grams
  • Juice capacity: 6ml measured with syringe
  • Full-power Output: 90W
  • Aluminium construction
  • Uses 18650 only
  • 510 drip tip compatible
  • Baby beast compatible coils
  • 2 amp passthrough charging

Safety features:

  • Protection of short-circuit
  • Protection of reverse-battery
  • Protection of high temperature
  • Protection of overcharging
  • When voltage is lower than 3.0V, automatically protect battery from consuming out
  • When continually working for 12s, it will stop
  • There is an insulation tube inside to prevent the battery breaking and causing to short-circuit

Kit includes:

  • MOD+Inner atomizer
  • Baby beast compatible RBA coil
  • Toolkit
  • USB charging cable
  • Manual

Getting to know the Marvec Priest AIO90

Maybe you have never heard of Marvec, I know I hadn’t until I stumbled on there booth at the ECC show back in August 2017. Well let’s just say there booth left an impression on me and I put them in my show report, just look at there stab wood mod.

I made an album with some of there other products you can check out:

I left a card with Nic and a few month later he contacted me about a review and of course I was on board. I was actually expecting different products but when I opened the package for the Priest AIO90 my first thought was, wow, this is nice. I then went into the owners manual to check the specs and it read 18650, 20700 and 21700 compatible…ummmm, Hellz yeah…oh wait, misprint in the manual, only takes 18650 so my excitement went down a notch. I then looked at the accessories and wait, what is this, a RBA for single coil that looks to be Baby Beast compatible, excitement right back up again!

I got the black resin version and let me tell you this thing is a beaut and the resin has that nice satin texture that feels great. Mine had a little rattle on the door of one side but settled in after a few weeks to hardly noticeable. Both panels are removable and you will need to do so to remove the battery.

The pic on the bottom left the space under the fire button is to put a spare coil…slick.

The included drip tip just would not do for me but luckily it is a 510 so I had plenty of options and they all fit just right.

Comes with there own baby beast compatible coil 0.20 ohms rated from 40 to 130 watts, best from 70 to 90 watts but whatevs, there is a single coil RBA included!

Easy to fire with either my thumb or middle finger, whichever way I picked it up finding the fire button was never a problem.

Building the RBA

The problem with the RBA is you will have to build on it without a base unless you have a baby beast compatible tank already, that way you can use that base. You will have to remove the thick o’ring first though like the pic below.

Triple core fused clapton 30g inner with 38g wrap on a 2.5mm post

That will of course make it easier but if you don’t have a baby beast compatible base to build on I tried it without. The trick is to do a spaced coil, spaced coils do not have to be dry burned to work out the hotspots so you can build and wick. Just make sure the coil is not touching anything on the deck and has sufficient space from the posts.

Both of the above builds works great but my favorite was my first build, a 5 wrap 2.5mm post 26g dual core with 36g wrap fused kanthal clapton. Since it was a contact coil I built it on a baby beast compatible based to work out the hotspots.

This build was crackling good, so good in fact I was on the phone with a friend who could hear the coil crackling. He asked me what is that, I told him it was the new Marvec Priest AIO90 with the RBA section installed and I was loving it. I used that first build for close to 2 weeks and everytime I reached for the Priest it was like I was getting a blessing, flavor and all around performance for an AIO is the best I have experienced using the RBA section.

Building on the RBA is fairly easy even if you don’t have a baby beast compatible base although that does make it easier and safer. All the builds came out between 0.22 and 0.30 ohms and the Priest fired them all with ease.

For me the RBA base made the whole kit that much better and the performance was at another level. It has the added benefit that it can be used in baby beast compatible tanks and unlike Smok’s baby beast RBA you don’t have to use a bigger glass. You do have to change the bottom o’ring though, just remove the thick o’ring on the RBA coil and replace it with the bottom o’ring of a baby beast compatible coil. I did use it this way in a couple of baby beast compatible tanks like the Squid Peacemaker and Vaptio Frogman XL and got great results. It is a tighter draw than the Smok baby beast RBA and Advken Dominator RBA but both of those have compatibility issues with other baby beast coil tanks.

The premade coil and other baby beast compatible coils

After probably a month with various builds on the RBA I knew I had to try the coil Marvec includes and sells in a 5 pack at a good price. Flavor and clouds are decent, about as good as most baby beast compatible coils. I was already spoiled by the RBA coil though, the premade doesn’t match it but there are hardly any premades that will match a good RBA with a great build.

I found that Eleaf coils like the HW1-C will work with no problems, you just have to replace the bottom o’ring with the thicker one that comes with the RBA or Marvec’s own premade.

You won’t be able to use some of the newer coils from Eleaf or Joyetech that use the mesh or net as those coils are just too big. I was able to use the new Smok V8 Baby Mesh coils though but installing it is a little more tricky due to the size, the coil won’t fit through the bottom hole, it is too big. I found a solution though.

You first replace the bottom o’ring from the V8 Baby Mesh coil with the one from the RBA or Marvec’s premade, they do include a spare. Install the chimney first then screw the coil onto it from the inside. Then push down until the bottom o’ring is seated and screw on the bottom ring which is used to secure the coil and make your negative contact.

This is my first experience with the Smok V8 Baby Mesh coil and with it being 0.15 ohms might not be the best match for battery life. Took a little while to break in and with a fresh battery would get dry hits when chain vaping on my 3rd hit. After it broke in though the dry hits went away and wow is it a tasty and cloudy vape, you would be shocked what it puts out. Still not the equal of the RBA coil but I have been using it for the past 4 days and it is really enjoyable.

What’s not to like?

I lost track of time and just saw I have had the Priest AIO90 for almost 6 weeks with daily use. Really the main thing is the condensation needs someplace to go and will settle mostly behind the door on the USB side. There is a airhole to the side but condensation always finds a way to settle behind that door.

Edit: I need to clarify that the pic above was the worst example while using the Smok Baby Beast mesh coils. That coil burns through juice like no other and the airflow is also the loosest. While using the included premade and the RBA section the condensation build up was minor. With that said I would not recommend the Smok Baby Beast Mesh coil for use in the Priest AIO.

It never gets into the battery compartment or into the USB as that is raised. It is something you have to wipe down daily though but is never noticeable on the outside.

I still have a little rattle on the panel where the power button is, was worse when I first got it. I do consider it a minor con but it should be mentioned.

A base should be included to build the RBA section on for those who do not have a compatible tank. Just from a safety standpoint it is important to note so you can check your ohms and dry fire your coil.

Battery life

With the RBA or a prebuilt coil in the 0.25 to 0.30 range the battery life is great, really one of the few single 18650 mods I am willing to use. With a lower ohm coil like 0.15 ohms it is not as good but I can get through half the day with a single 18650. I measured 3.48V when I got the low battery warning and it stopped firing while using a 0.15 ohm build. 3.33V when using a 0.27 ohm build.

I used the USB to charge it a few times on the road and no problems there. It is a passthrough charge so you can vape at the same time. While it is always recommended to charge with an external charger I can confirm it worked fine and is claimed to be 2 amp charging.

Overall the battery life is great for a single 18650, I had no complaints there and I am someone who hates single 18650 in most cases.


  • Damn thing is beautiful and I have gotten a lot of compliments on it
  • Resin panels have that nice silky feel and just so nice to hold
  • Great battery life and passthrough 2 amp charging
  • Great flavor with the included RBA coil and the prebuilt coil is good as well
  • Baby beast coil compatible
  • Finish has held up really well and that is with it flying out of my cup holder a couple of times
  • 6ml juice capacity and not a juice guzzler, lasts me all day unless I go crazy with a mesh coil
  • Simple, just 5 clicks on/off and a full array of safety features


  • Condensation builds up behind the panels, mostly on the USB side
  • No base included for building the RBA coil on, can use any baby beast compatible tank though
  • Panels have a little rattle

Final thoughts

I was surprised when I saw the date I received the Marvec Priest AIO90, nearly 6 weeks and it feels like I have had it for maybe half that. I have really enjoyed my time with this little gem and it mostly has to do with the performance I got with the RBA coil. Don’t get me wrong, I am really enjoying the Smok V8 Baby Mesh coil now that it has broken in but that RBA coil…ohhhh yeah. I don’t think there is a day that went by that I didn’t pick up the Priest and give it a vape and I can’t say that about all the other items I have in for review. I never thought there would be a single 18650 mod I would enjoy again but that is not the case here.

The Priest is a looker as well, I walked into a local vape shop to get some supplies and one of the employees asked me what I had in my hand. I handed it to him and before I knew it all 3 employees were around just oohing and ahhing and all 3 said they had to have one. This is a vape shop with all the high end goodies as well and I was a little surprised at the reaction but the Priest sells itself. If you see it in person and to try it out you will be convinced you have to have one as well.

I generally don’t rave about products with the exception of those that just perform to another level. The Marvec Priest AIO90 is the best AIO device I have personally ever used but keep in mind I have never used a Billet Box. I am thinking if the Billet Box works like this though I can now understand why they were so popular.

I am seeing the one I have for $41 and I think that is a steal:
You can find deals here:

Just make sure you get the version with the RBA section, they sell other version with just the prebuilt coil which is still good but not RBA good. If you have a favorite baby beast compatible prebuilt coil though it will still perform, just make sure it will fit, not all of them will.

Even though I didn’t get the stab wood mod from Marvec this came out so much better than I expected. There is no money or commissions for me with this review gig but the pleasure of getting an item I will continue to use and enjoy. Yeah, that makes it worthwhile and thank you to Marvec for sending me this surprise. Really I just do reviews as I was tired of getting burned by YT reviewers who sometimes only spend a couple of days with a product. I don’t accept money from mfg’s to do a review and if they can’t wait 3 to 6 weeks for a review then don’t send me products, simple as that.

Check out there website for more info (ignore the 10ml capacity, it is only 6ml) and make sure to check out there other products, a company that really imressed me at the ECC show.

Check out how this stacks up to other tasty gear and meet the Steampugs team of reviewers. Your bound to have a good time and read up on some great products, not so great ones too


as much as love and respect your views , know one has sold me on a AIO yet lol , but great review and as the industry starts to lean that way more and more i may have to give one a try some day …


I’m with @fidalgo_vapes on this one. Just don’t like the way those drip tips poke out, like a nipple or something.
But…2 amp passthrough charging is sweet and I may have to buy this just for that rockin’ USB cable!

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Trust me, never thought I would like an AIO and never got the BB craze especially considering how expensive they are. This one though really surprised me, if I was reading this review I would probably feel the same as you though, AIO or new mod or RBA…hmmmmm, the later please :grin:

LOL @TorturedZen, Mod collection needs a sweet USB cable collection, hand in hand brother!

LMFAO @Sprkslfly, I knew I was asking for it with that line, left it in anyway, leave it to you to fire the first shot :rofl:


the review is great , as always . I just cant see myself using one …lol

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I hear ya bud and thank you, I always appreciate you taking a look.

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@mjag Great review and pics as always. Glad you did, as I have nothing like this in the cave, and had never heard of Marvec before. Not 100% on the aesthetics of it, but as others have stated, we shall see where the industry goes. I feel like know it like I owned it after this review !!


Thank ya man!

Marvec does have a 21700 mech mod I have my eyes on, would go great with my Riscle Pirate King RDA. Priced right too, something like under $40 which is right up this cheapskates alley😁 I don’t review hybrid mechs but it is cheap enough to just buy. A friend bought one but the bastard won’t sell or trade it to me…lol

I had a friend ask me about the Priest AIO, he doesn’t order online and no one carries it locally . Might have to order one for him as he tried it and wants one. I really am surprised at the attention it gets, wasn’t something I expected.

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It was a struggle to limit it to that. But yeah. You knew I couldn’t pass it. lol


Still waiting for my Riscle Pirate King RDA so it is the titanium goon for now

I do like the mod but the battery size compatibility writing kind of irritates me a little (I will remove it at some stage) but here tis with a 21700 battery inside. Pay the extra and grab the Himalayan silver version they hit a little harder IMO.


Looks great but now I cannot unsee the compatibility writing. Is it deep engraving or does it look easy to take off?


It’s not super deep but I think just removing the paint will make it so much less noticeable. I may even just make a little ring of something to cover it


Oh vape band to the rescue


Thks, u save me the time to type that or perhaps a ring cut from a “limitless” or similar sleeve


Well that already looks better :+1:


Love the review. As always, I feel like I have used it myself. It is radically different from anything I own and I’m not sure exactly what I think about the appearance. Maybe an acquired taste?


Thank you gentleman Ogre!

I wasn’t sure how the looks would go over but was a little surprised at the reaction. Maybe it was just…hmmmmm, that’s new but people really reacted to it in a positive way. One friend was meh, whatever but if it doesn’t have anything to do for preparing for the zombie apocalypse he is out. Definitely an acquired taste though or maybe it is just a California thing, we are all crazy here anyway :crazy_face:


Quite a nice looking mod, I thought it was going to cost $150, but it is affordable.
Thanks again for the review!


Thank you my friend!