Mary jane troubles!

Alright, so i got mary jane, supposed to be a weed flavor, and it taste nothing like it. Im wondering if anyone has found a way to doctor it up to make it taste maybe a little closer to the real thing?

Throw away the Mary Jane. Save yourself the hassle. Go buy a joint.


haha im sure there’s someone out there that found a way. but smoking the real thing isn’t an option when i want to get a union job.


If someone figures out the perfect Mary Jane recipe they would get rich. Hopefully some day it’ll be legal. I sure miss the wake an bake!!!

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It’s a Jamiacan Grass flavour and a bad one at that.

Forget about it and find something else to vape.

I’ve made THC eJuice before but wasn’t worth the trouble. Besides it would still show up in a test.


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I looked into one of these flavors for a friend and the majority of the reviews said it tasted like lawn clippings and/or pine needles.

I did see one review when I looked today that posted a recipe and a less negative review, but it’s 40% flavoring and. . . odd. So maybe take it with a grain of salt?

Reviewer: BigScar from St. Paul, MN United States
Alone cant stand it mixed with below love it!
Maryjane 13%
Hawaiian Punch 7%
Strawberry Cream 10%
Cheesecake 10%
1 week Steep/sitout opening to let air in every other day and shaking it.
Tastes So much better to me then MJ by itself
Hope it helps someone if not sorry!
Crazy mix but works for me, tastes like a green hit everytime. Hit the Yes or No if my mix helped so i know others like or dislike it thanks.

Can anyone actually say they liked the taste of weed? It’s like bourbon. Does it taste good? Hell no. But the buzz is amazing. I think it’s all in the head. If piss got people high there would probably be piss flavoring out there for those that want to pretend lol.


Hell yes. The taste of some perfect gonja. Stick to the wall ,scunk weed. I koved the taste of that. But on the flip side. There was a lot that tatses just like it says. WEED lol. I use to smoke it everyday like i vape now. Lmao. With that being said. If i was going to vape something that tastes like weed. I would smoke weed. Lol. JS

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Kinda my point. I smoked plenty of weed in my day. I wouldn’t be opposed to smoking some now if the mood was right. But I never was a regular user. And it’s been years since I have. Just saying. But even so, I never actually said to myself that it tasted good. There were times when I said to myself it tasted horrible. But that was usually the good stuff LOL.


not saying it would work or that i tried it but if you steeped the bud/shade/stalk in a sealed jar of pg then used it in your regular mix at like 60/40 it might work out alright with a little blueberry wild in for good measure


Not by any means am i putting the idea down. Hell i would get rich if we could come up with a way to make it work. But some things just arnt ment to be

I would say it would work perfectly. A naturally extracted herbal flavored liquid using the cold PGA extraction method would be the trick to getting the flavor (and other aspects of the plant) into a liquid form. There’s a cold ethanol thread; check it out.

A heat extraction using PG or PGA would probably work just fine as well.

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If your looking for pine needles then yes Mary Jane is the flavor for you… Might add some diverse flavors to mixes though, I thought about trying it w mango since depending on the ripeness I do get a hint of pine. If it tastes anything like real it would be chewing on leaves and stems.
And as for flavor of the real thing it does taste great. Fruity flavors like the grapefruit kick from some Ace of Spades or some good bakery of some Thin Mints… Yes flavor is a huge factor in MJ just as anything else. Like you can buy some 15$ gallon of vodka but hows that swallow compared to some Belvidere? Thats the #TopShelfLife !!!


LUV IT just can’t rt now… damn work!!!

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My question for above would be VG vs PG… For a natural extraction I mean. VG seems like it would do better with catching the fats, like using milk or butter… Just a thought

but pg is known to hold flavor much better

No I mean I hear that… PG carries better flavor… But as for a natural extraction of Mary… When someone may not want just flavor :wink:

Been there done that. Tastes like shit if you just steep the bus in the VG or PG.

Regardless if the grade of bud that’s used.

The best way I found to get the most THC extraction was using Freezing cold ethanol, frozen Bud (after drying and curing) couple of quick washes strained through some high grade micron screen and then evaporated.

Being careful not to reach the degradation temperatures of THC while evaporating.

Once the ethanol has evaporated off you can scrape the remaining resin, usually Honey coloured from your plate and dissolve into PG.

The biggest issue is that lipids and fats do not play well with the PG and tend to seperate.

Sole PG to dissolve is best and best to vape but very harsh on the throat.

PEG400 was a better substitute but had quite a plasticy taste to it.

Next step was to try BHO (Butane honey oil) which then once evaporated needed to be vacuum purged in order to remove the butane fully or you could winterize it with Ethanol.

Again if BHO was used PEG400 or PG was required to dissolve the resulting concentrate into a usable form.

If I remember rightly there was s way to get it to combine with VG and hold in solution but required very expensive equipment in order to do it and was far out of the realm of most people.

The best “flavour” I managed to get from my attempts was using BHO but without winterising there was a lot of lipids and fats that hung in the solution.

As for bud tasting like crap I would have to disagree.

I could taste the differences between strains, phenotypes and genotypes.

I could taste fruits that were either supposed to be apparent in the bud, tasting blueberry style flavours in Blue Strains such as Blueberry cheese, Blue Dream, tasting tropical citrus fruits in other Indica varieties such as CRITICAL+, earthy notes in others etc etc.

Would just like to say that I’ve been THC free for around 6 months now and to be honest it wasn’t what I was expecting to say when I started my vaping journey.

It was never my intention to stop using weed, I just think my vaping addiction became a more powerful one.



Sounds like your saying some things are just better smoked.