Measuring By Weight

What do you guys use for distributing vg/pg/nic? I still got them in the original ml bottles they came from and using the syringe. Had to make an emergency purchase for VG, (in the middle of a move) and its a snap cap bottle which i’ve been using. Just curious about what you are using.
Still cycling on my 10ml bottles that have the screw caps and slowly getting the drip bottles. thank goodness for those.
Thank goodness for measuring by weight haha.

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I put mine in (hot dog) condiment bottles


Snap cap? As in a crown tip bottle?

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Like these?


that’s what ive seen done

What have you seen done?
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Exactly what I use, thanks @ozo!

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For vg I pour straight from a liter bottle. For my own personal use I don’t really care if the vg is a tiny bit too much. Sometimes I’ll make the first bottle with the scale and then just line the rest of the bottles up after I’ve added the flavors, pg, and nic, and then top them off with vg until the levels match. :grin:
For pg (Which I only very recently started using when I realized some of the real flavors extracts are so strong that my max vg juice was way too thick) I use a little bottle like the ones @ozo posted.
Nic I keep in a glass bottle with a childhood dropper top.

And those bottles (above) come in many sizes

This bottle cap is the one that i use, its the stock cap that comes on a vg bottle from like walmart or cvs. Its ok to use, (better than a syringe) Just didn’t know if there was a more precise method to it.
Codiment bottles, hmm, interesting

I use these bottles - 4oz for PG and VG, and I have a 2oz for my working Nic. My caps are a little shorter, though. I have found that for the PG, the tip is a little prone to dribbling. I recently ordered a bottle from Nicotine River that came with a twist cap, and it has greatly increased the precision of my PG pouring. You can also buy the twist caps separately which may fit other bottles, as well.

I always buy 2oz or larger flavors from Nicotine River, they have always come with the flat cap AND the twist cap.
I also buy empty bottles from them 2oz 4oz 8oz also the authentic Chubby Gorillas.

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