Medicine Flower Recommendations

Glass or Plastic? GLASS!!!. I’m pretty sure MF ships in glass containers for a reason.

These extracts are more potent than almost any concentrate I’ve tried and they should be handled in a manner that protects it’s potency. If you’re not happy with it’s current container, maybe transfer to another type of glass container that better suits your needs, but plastic over glass storage is a nothing burger for me.


@xxanalogxx The PET bottles work great with MF flavors, even with their lower %'s. One thing to KEEP in mind, that I haven’t seen mentioned yet, is the MATERIAL the bottles are made of. LDPE are very squishy and flexible, but they are very permeable, so NOT great for storing flavors. PET’s are stiffer, but I use them all the time, including MF flavors, and they will maintain your flavors much better.


And now I see @mixologist13’s post LOL. Better twice than not at all.


I am all about the glass myself. All my test tubes and bottles are glass. My dilemma is to get tests down to 1 drop per 30 ml. Without using up that many 30ml bottles since I have a ton of tests in play right now.

Morello Cherry was a sample I got with my first order, so I sneeked it into a strawberry recipe to see how it got along with the other kids. It’s been a little over 3 weeks, maybe a little early for a test, but I tested it anyway. I really like that flavor. Even at a really wee percentage, I can tell it’s in there, and in a good way. It’s like a very natural black cherry (natural… surprise, it’s Medicine Flower after all), and it’s going to be hard not to add it to the cart and get it into more recipes. May add a little MF Vanilla to this one next time too. Viva La MF (so far)!

Strawberry Shortcake:

0.15% Acetyl Pyrazine 5% (TPA)
0.80% Biscuit (INAWERA)
1.50% Cake (Yellow) (FW)
0.75% Cheesecake (Graham Crust) (TPA)
0.05% Morello Cherry (MF)
2.50% Strawberry (FW)
0.75% Strawberry (MF)
1.00% Sugar Cookie (FW)

Flavor total: 7.5%


anyone ever try mf peanut? Any thoughts on it?


Im wondering if it would be possible to use mf peanut to make a great peanut butter flavor?

Heres instructions to make pb from peanuts i found with a cursory google search:

15 ounces shelled and skinned AB’s Roasted Peanuts, recipe follows

1 teaspoon kosher salt

1 1/2 teaspoons honey

1 1/2 tablespoons peanut oil

So, the peanut oil, i dont know how one would mimic that. Id probably just throw some fa butter in there, lol! I dont yet have mf peanut but i would guess just like most other mf’s, its gonna have a very authentic natural taste, probably with some peanut skin but hopefully no shell.

Heres what im thinking so far:

Mf peanut 0.5% (could be more or less, depends on potency)
Fa butter 0.5%
Fw or tfa Bavarian cream 2%
Saline 0.1%
Flv milk and honey 1%

Im just spitballing here, just trying to learn and create. Feel free to ignore me or to play along, tear this attempt down and show me yours. :wink: maybe just adding a couple drops to an already existing pb concentrate would work. Or vice versa.


I’m not ready to get back into peanuts/peanut butter yet. Eventually I will, so I will watch how this turns out.

As for FA Butter, I can’t get it to work yet. Seems to taste funky and smells like urine, probably that’s just my whack palate.

I ordered MF Orange, MF Wild Raspberry, and MF Acacia Honey. Still sliding down the slope. Asked for Lime, Mint, and Cantaloupe samples.


I think you’ll find what you need with that mf orange, hope so at least. Cantaloupe, thats a great one to get a sample of, because, to me, its very potent so that sample should last.

Afa fa butter, its amazing how different we all taste and smell things. You wanna talk about whacked palates, mf wild raz, you see nothing but rave reviews for it, but it just doesnt do it for me. Im not a sensitive taster and i cant describe flavors well, so the only thing i can say is that its too tart for me. I eat raspberries and i do like to vape some raz and i really wanted to love this one, maybe i need to do this particular one as a drop at a time. I wish you luck with it. Probably 99% love it so your odds are good. I wouldnt pay me any mind, lol.


The main part i like is how it stays defined in a bakery vape rather than becoming muddled and lost like others often do for raspberry


I hope you first read the reviews and found out that a number of people (most notably and elequently , the esteemed @Ken_O_Where :laughing: ) found Acacia Honey to be intensely floral, to a quite revolting degree.

I don’t know, myself, I’ve only tried the Wildflower Honey, which I’m pretty damned sure is not the same. More of honey honey in spite of having “flower” in it’s name. Both are incredibly strong, so use extremely sparingly!


I like floral notes so I’m hopeful. But thanks for the heads up.


The Friday order will be delivered tomorrow already. Looking forward to using these new ones.


Just 1 to 2 drops in a 16.9 oz bottle of water was enough to make me dump the water down the drain. :nauseated_face: It is some ridiculously potent stuff and super floral. You may love it tho as i dont find many floral vapes that i can tolerate.

The only way that i can describe it would be to say it tasted like a room full of blue haired grannies smell.

If i were to try and mix with it i think i would start at a % that my lb-501 cant handle. I dont dilute concentrates but i would with this one, if i were interested in using it again.


Well, that’s a vivid, and scary description. Since I’ve not been in a room full of smelly, blue haired grannies, I will remain hopeful…


I envy you and wish you luck. :wink:


So I got it today. Did not dare a finger test (I ain’t quite that stoopid), but it did actually smell very close to what I’d imagined. Buncha bees gettin’ pollen all over themselves then barfing it out, in a good and natural way. I put one drop in 100ml for a test run, to be tested much later.

*I guess I should note, there are indeed VERY heavy floral notes in this. VERY is not quite strong enough to describe them. I can detect the honey for sure, but I get a mental picture of a drop of honey covered in roses and lilacs. Or perhaps eating a teaspoon of honey while standing in a field of pollinating flowers, after dousing yourself with honeysuckle perfume and rubbing lillies all over your face as you fight to get free from the clutches of a giant Venus Flytrap (the plant, but still, WKRP, great show). I keep editing the post because it is not easy to explain how fragrant and floral this actually is. It can’t be understated. It has overtaken all other concentrates in the vape cabinet already. Not necessarily a bad thing, just saying. This is all from a sniffer-perspective, however. No taste done yet.


I await your insight. Are you thinking one drop/0.02 grams to a 30ml?


Sorry. I can’t give any insight yet. If it is as potent vape-ally as it is to the olfactories, it will definitely need to be used exceedingly sparingly. Don’t know yet.

This won’t be something that can be really useful for me or anyone, but I also added a drop to a 100ml bottle of an existing Butterscotch variant I had on hand, just because. I did a finger test on that, and AH was present. But again, haven’t vaped it nor steeped it yet.


I never tire of KOW’s descriptions of Acacia Honey :rofl:
And think Phil’s night grow on me. They definitely provide some balance, being equally wild in the opposite direction. Quite a double act!

Just wondering, though: Is this now the quasi-official MF tasting notes thread? or is the other one (the one that’s actually called the MF tasting notes thread) still viable?