Medicine Flower Recommendations

I dunno. It’s at least about MF. Mods can merge, move, correct, and chide anyone they wish, as far as the path these threads take. Someone with the Shield of Powah can verify it.


Oh ! Never mind the mods. there’s precious little point in them shuffling material across to other thread if nobody;plans on posting there anymore,. They don’t have that much powah. I’m just wondering where shall i post my next little contibution. Go over there, as usual? , or bow to the new convention and join the happy throng over here?


I didn’t know there was one, really. I just kind of started posting here. I think I’ve also posted there. If there’s fault, I guess it would be with me for just throwing keystrokes all around.


I’m not a mod of course, but as a regular user of the forum, I personally would appreciate flavor specific notes in the brand note(s) topic.

And recommendations in this one, could even include a link over to the notes if a flavor is/was recommended.

For me and maybe I’m just selfish, if so I apologize, it’s easier to read hundreds of pages in the notes thread and search for these, rather than having to switch/search in another 2-6 topics.

And that also might be easier for newer mixers, not that I think they jump right into MF but you never know lol.

I appreciate any contribution tho, and would like to say thank you.


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Not sure how the Mods want to organize, but I copied/pasted the big ones …
  1. Medicine Flower
  2. Medicine Flower Suppliers
  3. Medicine Flower Recipes
  4. Medicine Flower Tasting Notes
  5. Help! How to dilute Medicine Flower
  6. Medicine Flower Recommendations


Tasting notes threads never end up being what they started out as. Ive been thinking of a way around all the side talk. Perhaps making tasting notes thread only open to notes and all the side talk in another.

There isnt a single notes thread that is easy to use. :frowning:


OMG, what a derailed thread :man_facepalming:
I think this could easily be split up in “Recommendations”, “What did I order today?”, “Recipes” and mostly other blah blah that belongs in the Pub. Damn it takes a long time to get the true recommendations out of this thread :sob:


Ah, yes. Well, as per the norm for me, I have allowed my limbs to go against my better judgement. The butterschoch variant I added Acacia Honey to (confession, I added three drops) went into my tank a few minutes ago.

AH has changed the profile quite a bit, and in a great way. Aside from the darker butterscotch and caramel notes, the floral honey pop from AH has actually given it the little burst of bright sweetness I’ve been looking for. I did not expect this. It’s actually really good and I will have to work hard not to dip back into it for a month. So, for an early, early verdict I am very glad I got AH. It is used very sparingly- three drops in a 100ml mix, but it is definitely present and is playing very well with the other kids.


Let us know how it is a week or two later. I’m interested to see how is deals with steep.


I am too. Best way it feels right now is, the sweet honey component has become fast friends with the butterscotch and caramel, and the floral back-note makes the exhale very pleasant.


I add it to other peanut butters. Tpa and flavorah.


true, but i suspect that you mis-grasped my point?
i’d really like to see more (or even all) of the actual tasting notes- together with any associated side talk- going into this thead:

just cos it’s easier for my little brain to find the tasting notes in there,rather than at the bottom of the “recommendations” thread.

i had an idea that a timely reminder of that thread’s existence might just, with a bit of luck, trigger a little exodus of tasters from here into the tasting thread. Not so , alas! it’s just prompted a huge argument about the merits and demerits of the side-talk, which has now taken over at least two threads,:rofl: along with myself being put down as a side-talk hater (which I’m not!)

…though i’ve gotta admit that i’m finding the meta- side-talk discussion kinda tedious :laughing: i think some other subjects do deserve a bit of discussion, now and then :laughing:

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Does anyone have a fairly new bottle of Pineapple MF they could sniff for me? Mine is from ECX and still in glass so it’s old stock, I’m sure. I’m getting straight nail polish chemical smell from it, even at 1 drop in 15ml, 2 days steeped.

Should I wait 2 months to see, or just toss it?


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I would steep longer for 2 days for sure. But sadly I don’t have that one


I know. I’m planning on 2 months if I don’t get a response from someone who has it fresh. I just wanted to smell it at a 1drop dilution so I didn’t have the pure concentration as my only source. Those can smell all crazy even when fresh.


In my experience it should settle down a fair amount 2 weeks or so.

Kiwi mf out of the bottle is kinda yucky. But mixed up it’s very good. Has 100% notes of the whole kiwi.

I get that same aspect with mango. I get that form orange mf as well minus the white pulp.

I suspect that that pineapple mf will be the whole pineapple and be close to fa’s variant but hopefully sweeter.


I may have foobarred my mango testers. I did 1,2,3,4 drops per 14 ml and a 1% test. I really could not discern hardly any mango in any of them although the signature body of the MF fruits was there on all tests. The problem was that they fell through the cracks and I did not sample them till almost the 4 month mark so I don’t know if I am blind to it or a possible fading issue. I would love to know your experience.


Apologies, This should have been in another thread. I will try and be more aware!


I am using the dram style bottle from ecx. One drop is about 0.04-0.05grams to 14mls. I use it as a supplemental flavor.

Take your favorite mango recpie and do one with one drop and two drops. I found that it adds the natural mango notes that are normally missing.

I don’t have the recpie handy but I use mango flv, ice cream hs, and milk&honey flv as an mango vape.


So the million dollar question. Do I recommend cucumber mf? Only if you are already ordering it but wouldn’t recommend running out and buying it.

Why you ask. Cucumber fa. I ran a side by side tests after dialing in heavy creams to get the white. Basically fa still provide the proper cucumber bite you get from the outer layer. Oddly enough mf was very low and mellow in comparison. Therefore, @Pro_Vapes, you need to run out and get cucumber fa.

The below was based on cucumber desert recpies…frape comes from thinking about what Starbucks would do with cucumber.

Cucumber frape mf.
Spearmint fa. 1drop (0.02 grams)
Cucumber mf. 0.7% (0.5 and 0.6 didn’t hit right )
Anise fa 0.2 (yup damn straight…if you mix fruits you need this from time to time to twist the flavor)
Ice cream fw 3.5% (lb would be too cuatard heaven)
Vic hs 1% (fills one gap in fw)

Cucumber fa I used 1.5% in place of mf. I’m dropping that down to 1.25 in the next mix and I am going to blend mf&fa with mf at 0.5 and fa at 0.7.

You cannot use spearmint flv as a sub because it’s too strong even at 0.2%