Medicine Flower Tasting Notes

Morello Cherry (MF) 1% (8-20-18) – Number 2 on the list had me somewhat apprehensive due to some bad “cherry” flavorings before. With the Morello being part of the dark or sour cherry group was expecting maybe a sour kick, but that was not the case. FIRST things first, this was a GOOD cherry. No if’s, and’s, or but’s about it. NO offensive notes, chemical, medicinal, or perfumey notes were to be found with this one, and THAT, is a BIG deal. To add to that, NO cough syrup !!! Ok, moving on, this one did not have the kick that the Honeydew Melon had, but that was ok. Just sweet enough, didn’t appear to have many sour characteristics to it, and it perfectly conveyed the darker cherry flavor, with just a pinch of skin. Because this was following the Honeydew Melon, I can’t help but compare the strengths. This was more laid back at 1%, and it felt as if it could maybe use a little more kick, maybe in the high end to help it pop. Perhaps being an acidic fruit, maybe a little Stevia here would work the magic. Will have to consult with @ozo. Very even tempered, dark cherry body with some sweetness, and a little ping on the top end, but could use a little more ping, IMO. Overall, this was quite good, and the fact that it had NO chemical or cough syrup notes, was impressive to me. Might benefit from a smidge of Stevia to make it pop a little bit more, but as is, nicely sitting at about 7.5/10.


Fig (MF) 1% (8-21-18) – Fig baby FIG !!! There was NO other way to start this flavor review, than that. I have the luxury of having a fig tree in the yard, so I’m very used to the taste of fresh figs. Have never vaped it before now, but I think this one is going to change that. Realizing these are natural flavors, the fact that this IS a spot on Fig flavor should be no surprise, but the fact that it is so good, actually is. It perfectly captures and conveys the fig body, and almost the seeds too. Tastes like a perfectly ripe fig fresh off the tree. I almost ran out to the fig tree to compare, but I couldn’t put the tank down. For comparison it was seemingly quite a bit more present than the Morello Cherry, but fell slightly behind the Honeydew Melon in strength. The sweetness, body, flavor, and overall blending was perfect, and the dark, almost malty-ish notes were perfectly presented in this gem. This one was priced higher on MF’s site @ $41.00 / 15ml as opposed to the more common @ $22.00 / 15ml, but after tasting this, it is worth every bit of that. I may have to buy the BIG bottle of this one. If you are looking for Fig, this is where you find it, and in spades. No faults whatsoever with this one, in any way. Strength, sweetness, profile, with nothing artificial, you cannot go wrong with this one. Think you don’t like Fig, you better try this one first. No choice but 10/10 on this one.


About 3 weeks in the steep-o-matic and I’ve tried the Wild Raspberry. Really nice notes here so far. While my previous Raspberry experience has been somewhat limited, it’s actually been limited because all I’ve tried have been harsh and fake, quite unpleasant to my palate, so into the EO diffuser they go.

At this 3 week point, the WR is a full, deep flavor. It’s quite natural, sweet/tart, and ‘rich’ feeling, if you can describe a fruit juice that way. I’m quite pleased and I believe I will be able to finally welcome raspberry recipes back into the family. 0.55% was the amount used, and that might even stand up to being backed down to .4 or lower with ease while still fully promoting the profile. I like this one so far.


Watermelon (MF) 1% (8-24-18) – My current go to for WM is LA colorless. This one might just change that. Firstly this is a very delicious, juicy watermelon, and at 1% tasted very full, just sweet enough, and really embodied the best parts of a watermelon. You could really taste just enough of the red and white parts, and maybe a hint of the rind to top it off. As expected (with all naturally extracted flavors) it was not heavy handed, and tasted, well, very natural. In comparison to the LA colorless version, this one just tasted more clean, natural, and no candyness whatsoever. This may influence your use of it depending if you are going for a candied mix as opposed to a accurate watermelon. Strength was very good @ 1%, clean, full, and just plain damned good. I can’t find faults with this one, and this seems to be a growing trend with my MF tests so far. For a very accurate, clean, natural, and full tasting watermelon you cannot go wrong with this one. Strength wise in comparison to the previous MF flavors @ 1%, this one was still stronger than the morello cherry, but behind the Fig and Honeydew Melon. Another winner with no complaints @ 10/10.


Plum (MF) 1% (8-27-18) – With the Medicine Flower Fig blowing me away, was pondering if the Plum would hit me as hard. First off, this Plum is GOOD. Just absolutely captured the aspect of the fruit, and you can just taste the darkish red body while you’re vaping it. Compared TO the Fig, this one is much more laid back, almost at the level I had with the Morello Cherry. Doesn’t make it bad, but it didn’t have that brick to the face that the Fig did. Medicine Flower really seems to get the fruits right, and with just the right amount of sweetness without being overbearing and this is no exception. With it being more laid back @ 1% the other thing that seemed to be missing somewhat was the twang or bight of the skin. I actually HAD a few Plums from the store and vaped and ate to compare. The skin has somewhat of a sharpness to it, that I didn’t get from the flavor. Again, didn’t really take away from it, but in addition to the more laid back-ed-ness of this one, it seemed to detract somewhat from the overall experience. Very natural tasting, full, ripe, and juicy. Just a great overall flavor. Unsure if upp’ing the % would bring it into a fuller light or not. As is, having NO off-putting notes, and somewhat laid back, would rate it nicely at a 8/10.


Wild Raspberry (MF) 1% (8-28-18) – Bing, bang, BOOM !!! Review over, I think you get the idea. I had QUITE a hard time, trying to find faults with this beauty. Vaped 3 tank fulls trying to find any faults, and couldn’t. Wow, I’m glad I got the Wild one as it was great. Just about every other raspberry I’ve tried, I’ve had issues with in some way or another, but not this one. Massively delicious, darker raspberry, full, rich, and just the right touch of bright on the finish. Could you taste the seeds even ?? Almost, just almost. Sweetness was perfectly balanced in this one, some hints of sour and brightness, but the smooth and darker deliciousness just washes over you when you vape it. What’s it like ?? Hmmmm, I did get some similarities to Inawera’s Raspberry, but without any of the heavy handed sharpness that it can present. Similar, but this one is far superior. I’m wondering if adding a smidge OF the INW might add a little punch to this one or not. Honestly, after 3 tank fulls, I’m not sure I would dare to try as it is just too damned good, solo. Not candied in any way, very full and impactful at this percentage, and too good to put down. The first thing that I thought, literally on the first test, on the first tank was, “I’ve got to throw this in some custard” !!! Very fresh and natural tasting, with just the right amount of darkness (wild perhaps), and very hard to put down. 10/10 without question.


Great job on flavor notes.
Deducting half a star for forgetting the percentage tested. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


LOL @Sprkslfly I’m still stone wasted from the Wild Raspberry.


Hey PV, do you still feel this way about the Grape? Anyone else have thoughts on it? Long steep, or S&V potential?

Because I’m thinking about doing it this way… Pardon the potentially incorrect Stevia entry.

Grape Expectations

0.70% Grape (MF)
0.25% Lemon (MF)
0.50% Stevia (stone)

Flavor total: 1.45%


Maybe try .12% lemon or 1 drop per 15 mls and work it up if needed… as for my feelings on the grape… :+1::tada::star_struck:

I long steep all MFs… 30 days minimum.


Excellent, will do. Thanks! Can’t wait for this one. Grape is yet another I’ve really wanted to work out as a vape. TFA Grape Juice is the most tolerable I’ve found so far, and while it’s OK, it is far from Grape-tastic.


when ever MF is used in a recipe i do 30 day min as well …


That’s my rule too. But I know me, and I will undoubtedly get into it sooner.

Only one I’ve been able to leave alone for two weeks so far is Acacia Honey. Whoo-Whee! That is some potent nectar.


The struggle is real for sure. Sometimes I whine to @pro_vapes when I’m playing with one of his recpies at three weeks. Undoubtably i force myself to wait one more week.


There are no off-notes to steep out with Grape MF. This one is delicious after just overnight. No heat or breathing. Of course, it gets much better along the way to 30 days, but good to go SnV.


@anon44944642, @Pro_Vapes has trained me in this as well. He is wise in the ways of Medicine Flower.


Strawberry (MF) 1% (9-8-18) – I am a lover of strawberries, and having tested more than a few MF’s was waiting to see about this one. First off, it is probably the weakest MF flavor I have tested yet. Because of that, it was quite a bit more elusive in identifying it’s characteristics. Smelled very good, and fresh in the bottle, but vaping it at this percentage, proved to be less satisfying, and it performed almost as if a sweetish fruit. I could tell what the underlying flavor was but it was very laid back at this strength. I have read it is one of the weaker flavors, and my testing seemed to verify that. From the notes I was able to obtain, it continued with the freshness that I’ve grown to expect from MF, and very natural tasting at that. Without increasing the strength, further indepth notes are impossible for me, will re-test this at twice this strength @ 2% to see what is revealed then. At 1% I am unable to go above 6/10 for this one. Stay tuned for a 2% re-test coming up, for an update.


I agree with you and others about that one. I use a different strawberry to punch it up if needed, because higher MF %'s definitely diminish the ROI too much to justify the cost. I like it but it’s not as powerful as others.


Cucumber (MF) 1% (9-8-18) – Whew, this one was potent, true to name, and clean and refreshing !!! No sense holding back on this natural tasting powerhouse. Was strong @ 1%, and could be reduced, but even at this strength, a clean, refreshing cucumber is front and center. Sweetness was lower in the spectrum, but it worked perfectly with this flavor. MF was able to accurately capture the inner juicy body (minus the seeds), and had just a smidge of the dark outer skin, enough to make it really realistic. Nothing off putting or perfumey in this flavor, and despite 1% appearing somewhat strong the initial impact was FRESH. Having SF tested this now, I see exactly why @Pro_Vapes paired this up with the Honeydew as this one is a strong, juicy contender, and paired they are incredible. When comparing this to a few of the other cucu’s I’ve tried, this one (expected as MF extracts are from the actual food itself) was far more natural, and clean tasting, almost what you would expect, from the actual vegetable. If you hate cucumbers, then you will hate this flavor !!! 10/10.


Mf strawberry works well the other way as well , i used it to enhance other strawberries , but i dont buy it anymore their are a hand full of strawberries that are as good or better …