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Medicine Flower Tasting Notes

Medicine Flower Tasting Notes

I could go on and on about how good the flavors are. I really can’t add anything more than @Ken_O_Where said months ago. They are real and they are the best tasting concentrates you can buy. If I come across one that’s not the best I ever tasted then I will review it.

My Partial tasting notes…

I was really, really hoping these flavors would be good. Well I must say these are better than good… these are real… Unfu#%ing Believable!!! One thing is apparent to me… This is some next level sh%t. These are for top shelf mixing in a category all by itself… Super Premium Flavors. @Ken_O_Where you never mentioned this.
Tested on a Hcigar DNA 200 mod, Velocity Clone RDA, Dual 22g Ti coils @ .079 ohms, various temps used, to be posted below.

I’ve never had flavors that taste this true. I’m effing stunned. This watermelon taste freshly carved with the full flavor note. I get a slight bit of rind, but the proportion is as it should be. This flavor is delicious. It has just the right sweetness and has the taste of a late summer perfectly ripened watermelon. You can’t lose with this one. I’m contemplating whether or not to mix this with anything in fear of tainting the flavor. Just imagine the best chunk of watermelon you ever had… that’s what this is. Be prepared to have your boots knocked off.
Single Flavor % - 3 drops per 10 mls… 4 drops per 10 mls if you want a very strong watermelon note.
Mixer % – 1-2 drops per 10mls
Steep 2hr Hot USC or Shake n Vape.
Sweet Spot - 75w @ 550F.

I mixed this at .5% and tested at 1 week steep.
It isn’t very powerful at this %… just a mild natural banana. This could easily be a .5% single flavor mix. I feel like I’m eating a banana. I have never vaped anything like MF flavors. It’s not too sweet, dry or candy-ish. The flavor lingers in my mouth. It’s so hard to say anything else but "real banana”. I’m so use to trying to match this flavor, using two or three other flavors that I feel like I’m cheating. This is just too easy. Regular flavors just don’t compare… at least no banana concentrate I ever had.

Single Flavor 2-3 drops per 10 mls
Minimum 1 week steep

Golden Apple Very mild flavor on this one. It wasn’t quite what I hoped it would be. I did use heat to help steep this flavor. I will retest this one with a natural steep process as per @Ken_O_Where suggestion.

Caramel 10/10 Real Caramel
Strawberry 10/10 Real Strawberry
Peach 10/10 Real Peach
Blueberry 10/10 Real Blueberry

Single Flavor - 2-3 drops per 10-15mls

I have 8 more that I haven’t tested… but I’m convinced on the quality and how to use them. I do recommend that you at least try one so you can see for yourself.

These flavors are worth the premium price!


I guess I need to fill a basket with these flavors. Thanks for the info. Now, are you going to start a Medicine Flowers recipe thread? :wink:

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I’m using them with my other flavors. I’ve only had them about a week and I’m still learning them. I just know they are super good and bound to work out.

That’s great. Natural flavored juices! I’m stoked. Now… I can’t wait 'til they squeeze the shit out of a Pumpkin Pie and create a really good Pumpkin Pie Spice! :smiley:


What vendors sell this flavoring?

AFAIK only medicineflower.com and ECX (under the Lotus-brand) :smile:

There’s a sale:


Ecigexpress.com…under the moniker Lotus Flavors…and they are on sale this weekend…
Or you can go direct to Medicineflower.com…their Genuine Flavors line…

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So the Golden Apple tastes like Lemon?

Ok. Ya’ll talked me into it. I ordered some of their Caramel and Watermelon.
Excited to try them!


Is the banana 5% or 0.5% As the single flavour further down says 2-3 drops?

Im really glad that you like them. I try not to hype stuff up too much because of how subjective taste is but i did say that they are my favorites, hehe. Wait till you try White Peach and Nectarine… Im not a huge fan of regular peaches but i love white peaches and nectarines, these two may very well be my absolute favorite flavors that i have ever tried.

In 6 days one of my plain White Peach mixes will be 6 months cured, i left it alone to see how the extracts stand up over time. At 3 months i vapes the bottle i set aside for that test, it was absolutely awesome so i expect the same or similar result at 6 months.

I have found that heat affects these flavorings much more so than most, and not in a good way. Heat seems to really dull these compared to their artificial counterparts, it could have just been me and i would like someone else to test this.

I found the banana weak as well and honestly i dont use it as i love candy banana vapes tho it worked out well when mixed with TFA Banana Ripe (.5%) in my V14 Naner Puddin and i was able to drop the Banana (MF) down to 1% with the inclusion of Ripe.

As i said before im not a big fan of watermelon anything but i grabbed a bottle on your recommendation, should be here by mid week along with several others. Looks like ECX is already expanding their selection…


Damnit, I guess I will have to go ahead and start collecting Medicine Flower flavors in my cart. Y’all are banned from talking about any other new flavors until I catch up.


Partial range of Medicine Flower extracts stocked by Raw living in the UK


Nice - Price is pretty high compared to say ECX though ($30 vs $10), but so far that’s the only place I’ve seen in Europe…


It should have been .5%… Sorry. I’m fairly certain most of these will less than 1% single flavor, but this is slightly higher.


These are for the full 15ml bottles though, whereas ECX are 5ml

Oh, I thought it was 1/2 oz like everywhere else… I just found them cheaper in Germany:


Equals to about £15


oz’s confuse me. I have to use google converter whenever I come across them, I was at school during imperial to metric changeover in the UK, metric suits me better in most cases except for km, give me miles everyday :grinning:


Metric everything!! :smile: I use google too! :smile:

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I was raised Imperial. I wish I had learned nothing but metric. Because I work with blueprints every day. And every time I have a metric print in front of me I have to convert the numbers to imperial to get a grasp of how big the thing is. 1" - yeah, I know how big that is. But 25.4mm - I have to tell myself… “that is an inch”.