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Medicine Flower Tasting Notes

bunch of info littered about the forums on that one


Thanks bro. Now I remember the milk chocolate thing going around but I did not realize it was a bunch of flavors. Luckily for me I don’t use any on the list. Though it seems I should have tried the milk chocolate before it was to late. :persevere:


I’ve used Red Apple, Strawberry and Honeydew all over 1%. Strawberry actually over 2% a couple times. However, as expensive as these flavors are I hate using them that high and will often pair them with other similar flavors to keep percentages low.


WOW. This kinda blows my mind.

Have you ever gotten any kind of muting or taking over the mix at those levels (or any other oddities)?

I also notice that the ones you mention are primarily in the fruits category (as I believe was mentioned before). I haven’t tried it with any of mine because I’ve been both satisfied and amazed at the results with just a few drops, but then again, I’ve also wanted to keep things as low as needed due to the cost (like you allude to). Also, never felt the need to go higher, but, you’re kind of starting to get my curiosity up (as well as “concern” if that’s the case with their fruits).


keep in mind the strawberry isnt super strong ( not many are ) the majority of flavors are potent and over .25 to .5 pct is way too much , but depending on what you are mixing them together with or trying to achieve some can be pushed to 1 to 2 pct , take the dewberry recipe for example i have the honeydew @ 2pct because i want it to be at the top but pairing it with the blueberry which is super strong and adding the strawberry i didnt want it to be taken over by the two fruits and then the vanilla as the cream can also take away from strength of the Honeydew , i might have been able to bring it down to 1.75 or 1.5 i just dont think it would sit on top of the other flavors as much as i want it too , ill know in another 3 to 4 weeks … hope that makes sense its the best way i know how to explain it through text lol … i believe @SthrnMixer has a couple recipes with honeydew at 2 to 3 pct this is what gave me the balls to take the honeydew up to 2pct which i think is going to be great


No. These levels weren’t starting percentages for me. I just found them to be weaker flavors.

I wouldn’t expect all flavors from any vendor to be the same potency, or quality for that matter. I’ve found MF to be no different, and their duds are god awful.


That’s really a great point! Lol
It’s been a bit easy to forget (for me) obviously, since they seem to break almost every rule, every time for me so far… (super strong, very accurate, haven’t had a bad one yet).

Given how few varieties they make (compared to Cap, TFA, etc), combined with which ones I’m actually interested in, I guess I’m not really surprised that I’d forget such a simple “truth”.
Appreciate the reminder of the obvious! Lol


Has anyone had a chance to try the Green Tea? It is the one ingredient needed to pair with TPA Green Tea for a Strawberry Matcha Boba recipe I have been working on for a while, and I want the Green Tea w/ Milk aspect perfect.

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Green tea mf? No. But based on my experiance I would guess it to be very authentic which would include the earthy notes…,for which some may find desirable and others not so much.

It may be like comparing pistachio FA to tpa. Tpa is candy and sweet like. FA is all true nut and crunch and zero seeet.

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I’m pretty sure I would want it to be more authentic tasting, and use it at a tiny ratio to TPA Green Tea, I really want a Matcha Tea flavor for the recipe, but can’t find a concentrate. I guess my only qualm would be, does it taste authentic or would it taste overbrewed, because Green Tea is delish, but takes on some nasty qualities if brewed too long (fishy/bitter flavor).

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I totally get what you’re saying now, having tested my first MF fruit flavor*.

I mixed up a tester of MF raspberry on 7-19-2017 (along with other raspberries), and given my experiences with the other MF flavors I’ve used to date, “knew” not to even bother testing it until the 1 month mark at the earliest…yeah. I should have tested sooner (given that most other brands fruits are good within a matter of days to a week, but…given all the other MF took so long…)

Anyways, just because I had read previously that some thought MF fruits were a bit light, I had actually doubled my normal testing amount when I made that batch (to 8 drops), and it still came up light on flavor! :shocked:
This is a first for me.

*technically, Lemon was my first, but it seemed a lot more potent (as memory serves), and I don’t really ever think of it as a fruit (crazy as it sounds), but more of an additive…

Looks like I’ll be trying the raspberry at the 1% to 1.5% marks next (and unless flavor is just stellar, won’t be reordering).

Also, it looks like I might have another flavor like the coffee category… Hard to find a good one.
As this MF was part of what I hoped would be a raspberry shootout (like the strawberry one I did in June). results across the board were wholly disappointing.

Raspberry Natural (colorless) LA was virtually nonexistent at 4%, and still weak AF at 6%.

Raspberry (Beryl) FA was tested at 2% & 3%. The latter actually still needs help, and could to go to 3.5 or maybe even 4%. Just not the profile that I was hoping for. More sour but with an unexpected bit of sweetness. FA and their side notes. I swear to God those folks…

Raspberry (WG) Ina was yet another watered down disappointment. Even at 4%, there wasn’t much there. (/sarcasm: thanks again VapersTek/Inawera)

Raspberry Ina (RTS, unknown variant, assumed standard e-aromat pre-label-merge with WG) is still the flavor winner at 3%, but has a throat hit that bugs the crap outta me.

Anyways sorry for mixing topics here, but it was kinda pertinent to me asking if anyone else has had troubles in finding a raspberry that’s actually really great, without a TH?


MF Wild Raspberry is one that @Pro_Vapes has said he loves. I do have a tester but not done anything with it.

I like Flavorah Raspberry pretty darn good IMO.
INW to me is almost chemically. Can’t use it very high at all and it needs help from other flavors.


Hmmm. What is your tester method? Just single flavor?

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Yep. One flavor per bottle, usually at varying percentages.

Raspberry FA 2%
Raspberry FA 3%
and so on…

I usually do 2 bottles per new flavor, three if I’m not fully familiar with the brand and their percentage tendencies. Always in 15ml, and always 80vg, at 3mg nic. (this way it’s the closest approximation to simulate how it would apply in something I mix).


raspberry mf 1%
Marshmallow FA 1.5%
Fresh cream FA 0.5

It should be a good raspberry but missing the sharp ting of the berry which is much more prominent in while raspberry. Steep 3-4 weeks


Very much appreciate the recipe. But perhaps I wasn’t clear enough… I’m just trying to find a good SF (and will obviously be finding “supporting notes” as part of that process…at least, that’s my methodology) :wink:

Will definitely keep your suggestion on the back burner though (once I arrive at that point)… Looks tasty! :smile:


That how I generally sf test. Lol. I find that I can’t really stand single flavor vapes. There is always something missing that throws me of.

Even if you hate mallow. One could do .5% mallow and 0.75 fresh cream.

I feel it tells me the truer sense of how it will do in the mix.

As for Rb mf 0.6 to 1.5 the flavor stands up really well in heavy creamed and white chocolate mixes and bakeries. Just saying. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


From my experience with MF fruits I’ve noticed most need a sweetener and a dab of sour (FA Sour Wizard) to make them shine. This combo has worked very well for me.


I haven’t used MF yet, they sure seem pretty pricey even on sale. In case anyone is interested I just noticed they are on sale for $3.99 /5ml at Ecigexpress today (this weekend?)

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Lol. I’ll give you that for the majority. But, I would rather know what’s missing from the SF, than have to try and ‘extract what’s missing’ from a sweetened, and cream-added configuration.

I would also think that, that approach might also color results when the SF also includes it’s own sweetness or possibly even cream(iness) aspect.
Wouldn’t you have a difficult time with something like Cap sweet strawberry/raspberry, or even noting the fact that there’s an additional sweetness to FA raspberry, if you’ve added marshmallow? (just curious)

If I know what’s missing, or what the side notes are, I can always account for them later…

Regardless, don’t take any of this as anything other than my curiosities to your method. As long as it works for you, that’s all that matters!! :wink: I was just trying to gain some additional insight into a different perspective!