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Medicine Flower Tasting Notes

also what @Chrispdx said lol i should have kept reading b4 answering

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No worries. Lol. So you’ve tried orange mf? What did you think? It’s one of my favs.

Personally still plugging away on orange flavor and testing is under way. Orange dream at FW so far was just ho-hum, orange shisha inw is pretty good and the closest to mf and has less of the sharp orange note (just dislike the flavor seperation…but you see some in other high qaulity oranges)…just waiting on 6 other oranges to test vape…had to switch to kiwi flv.


Definitely agree!

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ive tried it in a mix with sweet guava , and papaya and it was good i dont have a lot of oranges to compare to i usually read you orange notes and things in the thread i do have FA orange and Cap sweet tangerine , i do want to make some kind of creamy orange in the future , i just started mixing some new recipes the last week and it is on my list to make ( orange cream ) , ive tried almost all the lotus fruit flaves , except blackberry , mandarin , raspberry and watermelon i need to get on the ecx site and grab what every i havent tried to at least sample them b4 i have to buy a 15ml at 20$


Has anyone tried the following flaves if so please describe


as a matter of fact any flavor thats not considered a fruit id love to hear your thoughts

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MF butterscotch is a must have as far as I’m concerned! And while hate the required 6-8 week wait… It’s sooooo worth it!


ya id say that the wait time is the only down fall to MF flaves ( we are use to waiting these days ) , its a must on a lot of flavors but like you say soooooo worth it , thank you for the insight regarding butterscotch


I’ll submit a vote for butterscotch mf and agree with @Sprkslfly

Ive been doing some side by side testing on FW ripple, flv and mf…and so far mf wins every time. Still not satisfied with my recipes…since I’m going for simple creamy without the dark notes so I have no further input.


I have tried the caramel via Uk company that sells them @10% dilution in VG. It is good, light sweet caramel almost like a caramel sauce you would put on an ice cream. It is much better than most caramels I have tried which isnt many and stands out on its own as a caramel flavour much more than FA caramel for example. FA caramel is stil my favourite as it just works so well in so many ways in mixes.
I wouldnt say MF caramel is a must have, but I would say its not bad at all. Only MF one I havent liked much at all is the red apple but that is personal taste more than anything else. I think its only the price per ml (even tho they are obv super strong) and the long steeping times on a lot of them as well as advertising themselves that stop MF being one of the leading brands as for me, the ones I have tried are far better than the majority of popular brands.


i absolutely agree , i think every brand has its good and bad , and as picky as we are as DIY mixers we could always find a problem , but the MF line has been nice to mix with difficult to figure out and the wait kills me sometimes but it worth it especially when you hit a homerun with a mix


I may instead try a 0.25%, 0.75%, and a 1.5%. Still haven’t tried these, have been holding off on them.

Thanks for the heads up, will have to try these two together as I (oddly) have not tried this combo yet.

Did the math and 4 drops comes out to roughly 0.3%, so I will have to use this as my base and move up from there. If anyone can’t tell already, I am doing this in an attempt to clone the Element Pink Lemonade, IDK how they fit that much lemon taste into a bottle, but I am dying to know…


I’ve had similar results. It was in my first order of flavors and I really like that texture thing it does with creams. What % range are you using it in?

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I’ve been happy with it right around 1%. I’d like to try it higher just to see what it’s like, just haven’t got there yet. I think it might add a nice texture to creams at lower %s too, but again I haven’t tried that yet.

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Cool, thanks! I haven’t found a sweet spot yet, but it’s been good between .3 and 1.3, so far. I’m kind of all over the place with it, but starting to figure it out.


Let me preface the following with: if you’re not at least semi-anal retentive, or semi-OCD, then this will probably not bother you, and you can skip to reading the next post. Lol

Be very careful making assumptions/doing the math. As unless you are basing them on the manufacturer’s specific gravity (that daath takes the time to key in from the data sheets) you are quite likely to be wrong.

Me being the ever inquisitive type, that tries to dutifully nail down every variable, I found the following not only quite telling, but equally interesting. (And I of course double checked the results, due to the observation)

Using the exact same brand/model of syringe (B.D. 3ml), I used two separate tips (that I typically use) and learned the following about “drops” as they could pertain to my situation /were I to be using them/ -though I don’t. I use ml, as marked on the medical syringe.

18ga injection tip = 110 drops = 1ml
18ga blunt tip = 58 drops = 1ml

I was quite surprised to see (though it makes perfect sense as an after thought) that even using the same Guage yields drastically different results.

Amazing how much the change in surface area skewed the dispensing of the fluid!! (Don’cha just :heart: science?!)

Anyways, the reason I mention it, is because my 3-4 drops absolutely will not equal anyone else’s drops unless they have the same original glass bottle that ECX used to sell Lotus (MF) in!! These were specialty dispensers*, inside of those special 5ml glass containers (never seen another one* like it used in vaping flavors).

They’ve (ECX) since changed to the typical “El cheapo” plastic bottles, and those drops will not be the same. The drops out of the original dispenser were fairly large IMO, so you’ll likely have to almost double my “recommended” above when considering the new bottles.

Regardless, the point remains the same. “Assumed math” should always be considered dangerous territory IMO, and I strongly recommend verifying, unless you’re mixing by confirmed specific gravities, or syringe (as ml measurements will not change)


I have been playing around with MF for quite a while now and I find that the price is not worth the end result. I don’t think MF is as great as every one seems to think. Obviously taste is subjective and I must say that I am glad I am not so much into it.

Some of the flavors are quite good, I will admit that, it’s just that I don’t think they are as good as the price reflects. \

I have found (for me) that making a recipe with only MF it leaves a very strange and disagreeable after taste. Using MF as an enhancer in a recipe eg. fruit flavors. It works wonderfully. But again, not worth the price.

Just my two cents

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i agree with you on this , but only if not steeped well , after a long enough steep the chemical or off taste goes away for me . They are tricky flavors and great enhancers , but after you get use to using the flavor and nail it down its amazing , the fact that i still have a great vape after a 2 + month steep is awesome if your a fruit and cream lover like myself i dont think you can go wrong … Are there any flavors in the MF line you will always keep in your stash ???


I should have said “after a 2 month steep or more it’s a lot better” I didn’t think it mattered though because I figured I was the only one that got that. I haven’t heard any body else say it.

Love the wild raspberry. Got to admit I will probably keep the caramel and vanilla and I suppose hazelnut though I use it with 2 other hazelnuts.

The problem for me is the price is way out of proportion. For example the peach or white peach. Both of them need to be mixed at least at 1-2 percent. That is what I mix my other peaches at and I didn’t spend a crazy amount for the others. I have found that to be the case for quite a few of there flavors.


Just curious, and I know the wait for such testing is as painful as watching grass grow…but, have you tried just a few drops (instead of a full 1-2%) yet?
Did you still get the off taste at the end of the 6-8 weeks using “the few drops” test?

My hunch is, you’re using too much flavoring. But again, if you’ve exhausted every amount/option, it’s entirely possible that there’s some aspect of their process/processing that isn’t agreeable with you!

Given I only have to use a few drops, I think they’re a decent value. If I had your experience or required those percentages, I’m sure I’d feel quite differently than I do as well. (Kind of like the situation currently unfolding with the Inawera reformulations)


I started with drops and I should say that there are quite a few flavors that only need drops, there are also flavors that need more.

The only time I get the weird after taste or "off " taste is when I use only MF in a recipe. I don’t get it when I use one or two or three MF flavors in a recipe predominately made up of, lets say FA as an example. I don’t know… I have been using less and less of MF and did not realize why until some one else mentioned the disproportionate price.

I think the problem for me is equating it to the sugar pill. I used to love the show MASH and still watch it when It comes on. There was an episode where they ran out of pain meds so they started giving people sugar pills and telling them it was a very strong pain medication, so they had to be careful with it. Most of the patients " believed " and so it worked.
It’s all in the mind, as they say.

Now what is this about Inawera reformulations? I have not heard.