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Medicine Flower Tasting Notes

i like to open the vanilla and smell it over and over then wish i could get rhat smell and turn it into an exact vape been close but not exact


Have you tried Holy Vanilla DIYFS? I find it’s fairly close to MF Vanilla. Pairing the 2 might get you closer. Maybe a bit of custard to smooth it all out.


i have not got the holy vanilla YET


The combination of the two are excellent, holy van is worth the order. If i could no longer get Vanilla MF this is what i would try to replace it with.


ok @Ken_O_Where and @Pro_Vapes that has been bumped to numero uno on my buy list lol btw provapes love the new pic


Maybe he can sort out what really happened. Until then, I’ll fly his flag.


hopefully so he could either end the speculation or out the #whinylittlebitch ( thats what bill maher calls him ) lol


Question about mf coffee. So, im not seeing more than a handful of recipes with it and a couple have it at 2%, which seems really high. You guys have any experience with this, any suggested % or a nice mf coffee based recipe? Lol.
If no, i could just trial and error from .1% up, but you know, trying not to waste any drops of the mf’s.


Coildn’t find any tasting notes on MF rum, so I’ve made a special effort to add my own notes to the DB , here. As you see, it taken rather a long time to make mind up!

“Having a hard time deciding on % and steep time for this one. Tested as SF and in various mixes at various % , It generally works at around 0.5%, and higher, but has a bit of a harsh note. More of a miscellaneous spirit flavour than Rum (but same can be said of most other spirit flavours that I’ve tried) However,I found it mellowed after several month steep. Would therefore recommend long steep, though it’s almost instantly vapeable if you don’t mind that harsh edge. My best batch thus far was mixed at 0.8% and had a 7-month steep! (just found it in the back of a drawer LOL). Second best is 0.6%, @ 2 month steep. Both tasted mellower and more “rummy” than other batches. Mixes well with other MF flavours eg dark chocolate , blackcurrrant, lime. Also mixes well with other brands of flavour thus far. Like other MF flavours, no fading issues encountered; it just gets better and better with time!”


Thank you sir. I have been trying to find some info on their rum with no success.


You’re welcome :). I’m more of a Ms. than a Sir, by the way, but then that makes zero difference at my vaping end. I don’t like to make a promotion of my gender…but I do like pouncing on assumptions *wicked grin *


OMG…I’m so sorry. Either way, thank you for that bit of info.


No need to so sorry @NChris . If you choose a gender non-specific name, then nine out of ten forum denizens will assume that you’re male. Honestly, it amuses me, rather than offends!

But to get back on-topic:

I’ve shied away from contributing to flavour tasting notes, because I just don’t have that flair for describing flavours that other posters have. I’m more of an “I know what I like” sort of person.

That said, I can nail down a %, and optimal steep time as well as most others, I suppose. And some of these the flavours that I really like are sadly under-represented here,. So I’m trying to do my bit.

There are a couple of others that I made notes on , on the “other side” some time back , both being favourites of mine, which nobody else had made notes on, so I’d just had to go it alone. These are Violet and Sauvignon Blanc

My notes on the violet are pretty sparse. I might add that mixed in 100VG it tastes just like those Parma Violet sweets (if i recall their flavour correctly. Can’t eat 'em any more due to corn allergy ) - no sweetener needed! And the difference in flavour past that magic three week mark is well worth waiting for.

I pemberered to put that I’m mixing for MTL in both those entries, but it really doesn’t seem makes much difference, if any, as regards preferred % , at least not in my case . What’s more , my preferred pre-made MTL coils (the Aspire U-tech coils) do get pretty damned hot, so , if a favour scorches at higher temperatures, I’m all too likey to find that out!.

I’ll transcribe the entries here, in case they vanish from the other side (such events have ben known to occur)

Grape, Sauvignon Blanc (MF)

mixed at 0.5% and 1% in aqueous VG for MTL vaping. .
Tasted 5 days later, then 2 weeks later , then 4 weeks…and on. Seems to be a fast steeper , as MF flavours go. Flavour fully developed within first five days.
0.5% much preferred over 1%, the latter tasting too heavy for me.

Woot!. This smells just like Virgin Vapor’s old flavour “In Vino Veritas” , as I recall it. I had hoped this would turn out to be the case. I orderered a sample of that years ago, and straightway decided to order some, only to find they’d withdrawn it from their range! I think I might have stumbled on the reason. Damn.

First tried it in a Nautilus X tank, 1.8 Ohms at 12 watts. And it tasted burnt. Ugh. Turned down the wattage and the flavour improved, but had to go too low for that tamk to perform very well :frowning: Eventually switched to using a Kanger EMOW , with 1’5 ohm dual coil. with VV pen, et voila! The flavour really shines on that device, all the way up to maximum voltage (4.8) So…lack of heat stability, . But I dunno why it burns on one device and not the other. I checked Ohm’s law and the wattage for that kit is much the same as for Nautie X. Indeed , I later transferred the tank to my box mod, and it was fine at 12 watts.

I think it’s that those U-tech coils do get significantly hotter than other coils

I’d happily give this a five if not for the burning issue. It’s so nice as an sF, I haven’t had the heart to mix it with anything else yet (plus I don’t want the mixes to burn ,not if I can help it)

Violet (MF)
Can be vaped alnost immediately but becomes stronger and sweeter with steeping. Best after 3-4 weeks (thus far) . Mixed for MTL in aqueous VG base.

Preferred single flavor mix: 0.4%

And here are the links, in case anybody else has anything to add!


Please don’t shy away. We need more input on these flavors. I’m not good at it either. I don’t seem to pick up a lot of nuances others do but any input is better than none.


@jay210 Fear NOT, there is NO WAY you can review flavors worse than me. Please keep your reviews coming !!!


Quote from Pentine’s profile:

Doing anything I can to find out everything I can. I don’t have time to post about every flavor so please ask me

OK, so I’m asking :smiley: How did the MF lemon experiment go? Please. It’s had about 6 months to steep by now!


Thanks @NChris . And also thanks @SessionDrummer for the encouragement

I couldn’t agree more. And with that in mind, I’ve managed to find another neglected MF flavour in my stash: Black Currant

Now, I’m apt to write that as a single word, but MF do render it as two words. Tad confusing,. perhaps? It does taste like the fresh fruit to me, not the dry currant ) My notes thus far, for what they’re worth, read:

"Mixed for MTL in 100VG. Various % and mixes steeped for 7 weeks thus far. Flavour has continued to develop. Best result @1.1% as standalone, but still could use a little more flavour. Nice authentic taste "

Could perhaps add a bit by now…except I’ve lost my bottle (Yeah , literally! :rofl: It must have rolled into some obscure hidey-hole whilst I wasn’t looking. I caught one of 'em doing just that , the other day)


Can anyone recommend a steeping time for White Cherry? I’ve seen loads of recommended %, no recommended steep time.
I’m, particularly anxious about this one because , when i opened the bottle, I really didn’t like the aroma; didn’t even recognise it as cherry at first, and sniffed around the kitchen suspiciously, wondering what had gone off? :laughing: The others have all smelled delicious in the bottle, even if they smelled naff in the mixing bottle for awhile .

So, in short, I expect this will taste delicious, but I really, really, don’t want to taste it too soon :nauseated_face:


i know that @juice_junkie_lover has this flavor or has had it in the past


Ohh! why didn’t I think of tagging people! * jumps up and down excitedly* . So has @Ken_O_Where ! Thanks for a great idea!