Medicine Flower Tasting Notes

I started it off at 0.5% and let it steep a month. Mf flavors seems to really work they’re magic If you let them steep a month. I use a lot of them as S&V but when I let them steep a month they really meld themselves together and the alcohol/medicine taste goes away.

I didn’t care much for white cherry. If you want a good cherry flavor that doesn’t taste like medicine try real flavors cherry or wild cherry. Those are the only 2 out there right now that seem to work for me. A lot of people are pumping up wonder flavors black cherry jelly bean and to me it has that nasty medicine after taste. It isn’t as bad as some cherry flavors but I will be sticking with Real flavors.


Ditto. Also, not to derail the MF thread, but I’ve heard great things about Inawera Cherries, too, although I haven’t tried it myself yet.


Thanks :). I’ve found that some MF flavours need rather longer than a month. Did you do any later tastings?


I found the black cherry pretty underwhelming from wonder flavours too. Thought the jelly bean aspect is there pretty well…personally found the cherry really weak though, I do in most. Have had fw natural cherry, real flavours cherry taffy and cherry pie. Still the best cherry I have had personally is fa the red cherry and that isnt anything special to me either tbh but I do at least taste cherry and not cough drops with it.


Er, guys?.. don’t we have a cherry thread on this forum somewhere? :grinning:


No I didn’t find white cherry very appealing so I really didn’t test it any further.


Err yeah, we should probably pop over ther to talk cherries, eh? :smirk: :cherries:


I need to redo the test but no off flavor and no muting all the way up to 2%.

I think my cotton was bad at the time and didn’t rewick before the trials as I was just blindly vaping whatever. Need to order more MF Lemon within the week but soon as I get more, I’m definitely trying it again.

I just want that huge lemon taste without any cleaner aspect and MF seems like the right one for the job, just have to find its ceiling before it mutes.


Cucumber (MF)

All I can say is forget what you’ve heard about Cucumber concentrates. I say this because I have 3 other cukes and they just don’t hold up to this extract. I finally cracked open my MF Cuke and I was blown away just by opening the bottle. This… like most of the MF line is real. I could go on and on about nuance and essence, but if you know your MF Extracts than just saying it’s real should be enough. It’s not as concentrated as their citrus extracts, but it will be great around .4-.8%.


Which other three cuc’s Do you have?

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CAP, TPA and FA… I have enjoyed TPA and FA, but the CAP was lacking IMO. But this MF is in a league of it’s own. You know it when you 1st open the bottle.

While I’m here the MF Cinnamon is another one that’s right up their with the best I’ve tasted. I actually thought I was set with Rich Cinnamon FLV, but this MF Cinnamon offers something that’s a little different. Yep it’s very strong, but not quite as strong as the FLV. It also has a bit of sweet to it, something I don’t get from the FLV. It really reminds me of Cinnamon Sugar.


Oh God, it comes to you with new flavors … lol
Cinnamon is in Europe, but the Cucumber does not meet, either way, vegetables is not my scene, not even on the plate at lunch. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Disclaimer… im really not very good at describing flavors but ive seen nothing on this one and figured whatever i could share might help somebody.

MF Plum
I tried 1%. Probably should always start lower than that with all MF, i guess i was excited.
This is a very good plum. It has a little bit of the skin so maybe you’d say floral. But its very sweet and like most mf, very real, authentic.

Definitely the main note in Plum Crazy by Kai’s Virgin Vapors.

Waiting on a shipment of mf blueberry, reupped vanilla and dark chocolate, and mf banana so i can try to copy some of @Pro_Vapes banana recipes and trials.


There are actually a few MF Plum notes on the recipe side…including from netweight! (thanks! :slight_smile: )

Here’s mine:

(New bottle) mixed @ 0,7% , steep time 4 weeks: tastes like stewed red plums to me. would be great with custard! I agree with netweight’s “really deep sweetness” remark. Could maybe do with more time? For a standalone, I’d like a little bit more flavour than I’m getting from this at present.

I must have written that a month or two back,. but still haven’t re-tasted :blush: (other things on mind) . I’m pretty sure i’ll want to up the % a tad, though.

NB you coul;dn’t be worse at describing flavours that I am, @netweight . and indeed you’re not! hope to see more reviews from you .


Btw, I let slip on another thread that I’ve had a new consignment of MF flavours (no less than 10!) Some are tried-and-trusted already and some are entirely new to me (eg Cantaloupe, cucumber and that famous vanilla at last!) . However I haven’t even got around to adding them all to my stash, let alone testing. Too many other things on mind at present.

But, to show willing let’s add a few overdue notes on some of my older MF purchases

Wild Raspberry (MF)

Self-quote from the recipe side:

If you’re going to get one Rasberry, get this one! I’ve never had the natural Wild Raspberry fruit , so can’t really comment on authenticity . I expected it would be more tart than MF’s normal raspberry, but tastes sweeter to me, tastier and better all round. And importantly, the flavour isn’t liable to scorching like the other MF raspberry. It’s just exactly what raspberry should be , IMO.

ofc, its implicit in that the normal Raspberry (MF) really isn’t up to scratch. Others have noted that it’s very weak (i agree) . and also it’s lacking in sweetness, but the biggest problem with it, IMO is the aforementioned scorching. That;'s very coil-dependant tperhaps but I found that had to really watch the wattage with that one, or else it did a Sauvignon Blanc (MF) on me . That stuff can really ruin a mix!

…OMFG that reminds me that I’ve had some Cabernet Sauvignon (MF) steeping for about 2 months and not yet tasted it! How useless am I? No wonder I’m running out of bottles. I’m particularly intersted in that one, cos nobody else has posted about it yet (that i can find) . Hopefully, I’ll pull my finger out, locate the bottle, and offer an opinion on it soon.

Strawberry (MF)

I don;t know if yet another review of Strawberry is needed? But here goes. Yes , it’s very, very natural , as you’d expect of MF, and to my tastes surprisingly sweet (given that other reviewers made much of the tart notes.) But that might be because I’m mixing in VG?

I was forewarned, so I’m not too disappointed that I’m having to mix this at at least 1.5% to get some decent flavour . I’ll probably settle round 2%. like many others. That makes it rather more excpensive than most of the non-concentrated brands, and a lot more expensive than RFSC. Is it worth it? I think yes! cos it’s bloody gogeous, and you could waste a whole lot of money trying and failing to get such a natural flavour.

I think that paired with Wild Raspberry, this will be fantastic Must try that! .just gotta do a shedload of tasting and wash out my mixing bottles first :laughing:

OK, I’m out of puff now, Might add some more notes later.


OK, so here’s another natural pairing of MF flavours

Lemon (MF)

No need for me to wax lyrical about this one, cos others can do that more elequently, and indeed they have! If you check out the ratings overhere you’ll see that everybody’s given it five stars. Me, I did a terrible thing when first I opened this bottle. I spilled it all over my hand! Was I crushed? Well, actually I was too intoxicated by the heavenly scent of lemons wafting up to be that upset by the wastage, which happily turned out to not near as bad as I thought from the scent.

Seems to me this is actually better than fresh lemons. But how is that possible? Heck, I must have a crap greengrocer. But ummm, I’m waxing lyrical after all, aren’t I?

What I really wanted to say is that I’ve tried this all the way up to 1% as a top note, and I don’t see any actual need as such to go higher than that., but still, I’m intrigued by @Pentine 's experiment., and if he can find the ceiling for this flavour, well, then I might have a go at banging my head against said ceiling. :crazy_face: How’s it going, @Pentine?

I’d also like to mention , this is one of the few flavours that MF supply with a closed cap; the pippette enclosed seperately in a little plastic bag, the reason being that these flavours are espeially volatile, I believe? That being so, I think it’s wise to continue store it with the closed cap on, even though it’s a faff washing out the pipette…or it would be a faff if I actually used it. To my thinking, i might as well use an 1ml syringe instead, in that case, and get a more accurate measurement than my scales can offer, along with much smaller drops than you get from the glass pipette. So that’s what I actually do. Call it penance for that dramatic spillage :laughing:

Honey, Wildflower (MF) / Wild Honey (Botanic Elixir)

Actually, I haven’t tried the pure MF version of this one, and I don’t intend to get it , not unless the BE supplies dry up, because this is pretty powerful stuff, and I 've not yet seen any need to go above 3% BE , which would be equivalent 0.3% MF. At that strength , it’s easier to use the dlutions, and, what’s more, I don’t see myself using up a whole 15ml any time soon. So that makes the BE more ecomomical unless I open a juice factory.

As a natural sweetener, this has it’s limitations ofc, because honey has it’s own distinctive taste which doern’t go with eveything (cream and honey in your coffee, anyone?) but where it works, it works beautifully . eg in Honey and Lemon *big grin * . or should I say Lemon and Honey? (Actually I think we should say Lemon and Honey , but nobody else does , so I’ll bow to convention for a change )

Now, here’s a curious thing: I’ve read that the other MF honey, that is Honey, Acacia (MF) has overbearing floral notes, which put some people off it. I can’t directly compare the two, because I’ve only tried the Wildflower, but I cam say that I’m not getting any strong floral notes from this one, in spite of the name having that red-flag word “flower” in it. Hmm. well, that makes sense when you think that wild flowers are not so strongly scrented as cultivated flowers after all. Or it might be that my taste buds are out-of-whack of course. I wouldn’t trust them, not if I were you (nor even if i were me, as I am :crazy_face:) I’m not even a honey buff, just someody who finds honey handy on occasion, but sickly when over-used. I’m much more likely to reach for the brown sugar when preparing food, But anyways, as somebody who finds real honey handy. on occasion, I must say I’m finding Wild honey even handier . And it tastes just like honey, in my humble opinion. Without the flowers.

Try it with the lemon. Your taste buds will love you…I think


It still tasted good up to 1.2% but the 1.5% tasted a bit odd as I think my cotton was old. Will redo the 1.5% soon, am messing with sickly high %’s of FLV lemonade at the moment. 10% FLV lemonade starts to taste like pumpkin, fyi…


Thanks @jay210.

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Any notes for mf Pineapple or any opinions about it at all? Im about to reup on my sweet rice from ecx and they still have some pineapple left


White Cherry (MF)

I’ve been looking around to see what other people have to say about this. Somewhat perplexcingly, I find it’s all good, just as I vaguely recalled, I think this quote might be kinda telling.

I think that might actually represent a positive spin on the very thing that’s driving me nuts about this flavour.

For my own part, i’m just not getting along with this one, at least not yet .But at £22 a throw, you’ve got to give a flavour a very fair chance, haven’t you? So this isn’t my final word on this flavour, just my thoughts thus far,

The worst part was when i first opened the bottle, some months ago. My nostrils were assaulted by such a stench of decay (at least that’s how my brain interpreted it ) that i hunted round the kitchen to try to find what the heck had gone off? After realising that it really was the scent my latest little treasure from MF ,well, I felt really nervous of tasting this one, like you would. But I mixed up a couple of SF tests at 0.5% and 1% , nonetheless. Then I screwed the top back on as quickly as I could

Next I let them sit in a drawer for 3 months, taking a cautious little sniff at intervals, Still couldn’t bring myself to taste them . But then i’ve heard of magical things happening to some MF flavours at the 3 month mark, They suddenly shine like they never shone before so it;'s said. . So, surely it’s got to be now or never, right?

Meh, let’s go to three and half months, to be on the safe side.

Done And? Well, at 0.5 % it doesn’t really have much flavour. Doesn;t assault, nor tantalise, not really sure what I’m vaping. At 1%, that first inhale is really weird: overwhelmingly tart, almost citrussy, with no particular, recognisable flavour. And so is the second, come to that, and the third…it never really changes, in fact, I’m just getting more used to it.

The exhale is interesting: a definite cherry taste here, sweeter, but with that sickly sweetness of a bruised fruit beginning to turn to alcohol. And then I’m left with am actually rather pleasant cherry aftertaste in my mouth.

I find this inriguing enough tojust natually carry on vaping and vaping the stuff, with no need to force myself. So it’s clealy not half as dreadful as I feared it might be. But still, I do feel dissastisfied and disappointed. . Then I try mixing it with strawberry, just because, and get a whole new version of the "no particular flavour " thing. The cherry totally dominates the mix , so it’s hard to taste the stawberry, while the stawberry mellows out the cherry , so it loses it’s tartness… but stll doesn’t taste much like cherry. Ah well. I wasn’nt expecting great things of that combination, but I’m beginning to think this could actually be rather good in the right conmbination. Maybe, if I mix it with my beloved Black Cherry (MF) that will turn out to be really awesome? or maybe it won;t, but I’ll definitely try that ; also I think I’ll definitely try @alanwolfe 's suggestion of mixing it with Red Apple (MF) to get a cider taste, Any further suggestions, guys? .