Medicine Flower Tasting Notes

i was lucky enough to have a great person here on ELR send me some samples of things they had so i didnt have to worry about giving the white cherry a chance … and thankfully your notes will keep me further away from it , but that black cherry sound like a winner ???


Hey! don’t be too swayed by my notes. I’ve been at pains to point out that everybody else seems to love that flavour! And me, I’ve come around a little bit. Not rteady to give up on it (though i probably would if it wasn;t MF *chuckle * )

Yep, Black Cherry is a personal favourite of mine, only problem being it takes a hellova long time to steep, even as compared to the MF average. I just can’t imagine anybody being disappointed by that one, just so long as they have the requisite patience, But then, taste is subjective, right?

P. S. Oh! I’m envious . But now we’ve got that mermbers map, I’m a teeny bit hopeful of finding a MedicineFlower Head in Britain to swap samples with.


I mixed the white cherry in 1% and after 2 months of maturation, I find a very real taste and pleasant, a sweet cherry and at the same time sour, but again, the taste is subjective … now I am tempted to mix the dark chocolate MF with the cherry and see what it will give. :yum:


Ooh! that’s a nice idea. Now I’m tempted to mix Black Cherry (MF) , White Cherry(MF). Dark Chocolate (MF) and Rum (MF) to see if i can get a nice cherry chocolate liqueur.
Hmm, I’d prefer cognac,over rum but MF don’t make a cognac (damn them!) and I’m just not ready to make another a bulk order from some other USA company, ATM.


This sounds really good. Keep us posted if you do create this.


Sure will! I think I’m almost certain to try that, but probably not right away, because I’ve had an inconvenient notice of repossesion from my landlady,.

No, no, no! It’s not what you’re thinking…that I spent all my rent money on MF :laughing:. I think she just wants to put students in my house instead of me, cos students make better cash-cows (arguably)

Anyways , mixing is not, at present, the uppermost thing on my “to-do” list , as you can no doubt imagine.


Sure…I bet you have every MF concentrate in 30 mls now. Lol


As someone at the bottom of the ladder looking up and admiring the leaders at the top, I wanted to thank you for this comment! Kinda slapped me in the face and reminded me that I have so very much to learn!


Well, it’s a very kind sentiment! And I appreciate it. But please bear in mind, I’m only one man, with one opinion. And I’ll likely always be a newbie to those who came before me, just like many who follow “my class” will always be a newbie to many others. :laughing:

We all share the same goal though! And that’s finding combinations we enjoy. Some enjoy the process/journey (learning the art of mixing), and others just want to pick up enough to “get by” on.

Regardless of the road chosen, the true beauty of ELR forums rests in the participants IMO. There’s so many varied influences and taste preferences, and points of view, that it’s damned near impossible to NOT find a “matching pair of helping hands” to take guidance and inspiration from!

Most of us do! But just try and soak it all up! We’re all at various points in the journey! :wink:
There’s some really wonderful talent, and friendly, generous souls here, who make/take time to share their experiences!

Take what you can, where you can, and pay it forward when you can, but try not to rush it! (Though it’s difficult in the excitement sometimes! lol) :thumbsup:


How about Almond anybody have a suggestion or starting point, likes, dislikes? mixing suggestions?


Following this. I just got their Almond in recently and haven’t mixed with or tested it yet.

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I was thinking again for a bolster for other flavors here at maybe a drop or 3 in a 30ml to boost light flavors like cherry maybe I have no Idea were to start with this one but it will be low 1-2 drops per 10ml., and I have also found with some other MF flavors steep time is a major difference for a full flavor, Because I mostly mix higher VG levels.


After having a basket of flavors in the cart, going back and forth over “is it worth the money” (even though they’re stronger) arguments, hit the go button. Morello Cherry, Cucumber, Honeydew Mellon, Strawberry, Wild Raspberry, and asked for samples of Plum and Fig. Can’t wait to try them. I appreciate the notes above in aiding to that decision.


They tossed in a Morello Cherry sample. It’s not ready to try yet but it smells like typical black cherry; I wasn’t initially impressed anyway. But that is not a final opinion at all, just a sniffy-test observation. It may end up making me question all I think I know about reality, who knows.


I think I remember @jay210 saying the Morello Cherry needs a super long steep. 6-8 weeks I believe. Curious to hear your thoughts on that one.


hi :slight_smile: close! I was talking about black cherry. Morello didn’t need such a long steep, IIRC, but it just wasn’t to my taste. Had something of a marzipan flavour. However given that quite a lot of folk seem to deliberately add marzipan or almond to cherry to enhance it…! well, l i guess it follows that would suit a lot of people.


I’ve just been doing a bit of tasting , and latest results are frustrating thus far:

Cabernet Sauvignon . Weeeeelllll, the Sauvignon Blanc is perfect @0,5%, and I was running short of bottles so I just tested this one @0.5 % and hoped for the best. After several months steep (cos i mislaid the bottle) this has definitely steeped for long enough. And yes, I mislaid it it in a nice dark place, so it’s not that the light got at it, but I can barely taste it. Could try going down a bit , but I somehow supect that I need to go up quite a bit instead.

As for that Sauvignon Blanc*. It’s not just me, my son has just confirmed that it’s delicious at 0.5% and tastes exactly like white wine. As I said before, the only problem is that it scorches in my preferred kit. That said, so does the RF Cola Type, and nobody else has reported that same problem with that one; indeed many people really like that one (and they wouldn’t like it at all, if it was scorching, trust me) ; This renews my suspicions that my coils are getting uncommonly hot, and not just for an MTL kit, but uncommonly hot, period.

Well;, the long and the short off it is, i would love it if one or two others were to try out the Sauvignon Blanc, and see how it vapes on their kit. Maybe request that one as your next free sample?

(would send you some, but I’m in Britain, and most of you guys are in the USA, right?)

As for the Lime(MF) Who was it suggested that I try adding a tiny bit of Lemon (MF), @something like 0.125% to bring the flavour out? (@Sprkslfly? @fidalgo_vapes ? ) . Well, I did try that and I could actually taste the lemon at that %, but the lime still tasted faint, even @ 0.9% (the highest I’ve gone with it thus far).
That’s not just in SF tests I’ve had that problem . I’ve also mixed Lime (MF) with other flavours, to disappointing effect, …but neveryet rasiing it above about 0.6%

So have I got a duff bottle of Lime? Or does it really need a pretty high %? Or…maybe the orange and lime flavours just don’t wotk well in a 100VG mix? (given that I’ve also had similar problems with the MF oranges ) . At least I know it isn’t my taste buds, now I’ve had a couple of second opinions.

In any case, my next SF test for lime will be @1,2% and/or higher, cos I am through with faffing around at less than 1%.


What strawberry did you mix with this?

Oops! I didn’t note which Strawberry, but I’m 99% sure it was Strawberry(MF) since I was playing with both at around the same time…and once you’ve got the MF , then you tend not to bother with the rest! :smile:

Interestingly, I’ve just revisited those bottles of White Cherry (MF) and the 0.5% has unexpectedly got quite a bit stonger with that additional month of steeping! and it’s not so easy to tell it apart from the 1%. Also, the flavour has either grown on me, or else improved, but I still wouldn’t rate it as a standalone.

Who’d have thunk it? A significant difference between 3 and a half months steep and 5 months!


That is a funny thing to say, isn’t it? I am now learning the true value of natural extraction. It is early, but all the MF I have tried are very realistic (shocking, yeah) and all are better than their synthesized counterparts. There is a place for non-MF, of course, as you can’t simply naturally extract a cookies and cream ice cream, or a lemon pie. But the MF flavors will definitely take up permanent residence in my stash.