Menthol Minty Stuff and Coil Life

I’m wondering if I got a bad batch of coils from Aspire…

It seems like most of my Cleito Coils when I’m running a fruity menthol recipe through it last about 7-10 days but I just got a batch of coils I’m only getting about 4 days from. All of a sudden the flavor turns weird and burns? What the heck is going on?

Can you guys weigh in on coil life with bakery/cream/ custard vapes against menthol/fruity stuff?


My wife vapes straight menthol and strawberry breeze which has koolada strawberry and golden pineapple in.

She uses aspire BVC’s in a ce5 and they usually last a week or two depending if she chain vapes.

Silly question time:
Are you priming your coils?
What watts are you using on your cleito?
Do the coils look different in any way?


Hey that’s what I was going to ask :smile:


Not a silly question…

Oh, I prime :slight_smile:

I vape at 30 Watts

They do not look different.

So your vaping more than usual, chain vaping, larger drags, different airflow?

Could be vaping more, larger drags… no…different airflow? If I am - it’s the coil itself causing it.

These coils are also the first ones that ever leaked for my Cleito… I think I either got a bad batch or Aspire did something different to this batch.

Which ones are they?

They do 3 types: .2, .4 and SS, you didnt get the SS by accident did you?

.4’s … I always get he same thing…

I didn’t think of that… let me look…Nope says .4 … 40-60 Watts

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And did you purchase them from here:

OR Here:

EDIT: i though Maureeenie was in the UK! Doh!

Are you mixing your liquids thick? 70vg/30pg?

Also cover the airflow with your fingers and gently dry pull then leave the tank for 5mins and do the same again before vaping, do you see bubbles near the wicking holes?

Ahhh… negative.

I got hem from here: << these?

“Clapton Wire” ??

Yep, that’s all they have right now.

1 to 2 weeks is what I get normally.

This last box… I had one coil in it that got so hot I couldn’t touch the mod. I put another tank on it with a different coil and it was fine.

I think it shorted or something?

Not good!! :rage:

Its possible you got a bad batch, I’ve had 1 or 2 bad Aspire BVC coils, try lowering your wattage to 25 and closing your airflow slightly anyway to see if that helps longevity

Also try some from here:

Ive been using ukecigstore for ages and never had a bad experience, they are based in london

EDIT: i though Maureeenie was in the UK! Doh!

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@Maureeenie Your in the UK right? :confused:

I’ve gone through 35 of these coils minimum and never had one go bad. I think that’s why I was so shocked. In my Kanger tech days… I would have 2 bad ones out of 5 sometimes.

Perhaps I have become spoiled.

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Ive never had a bad kanger coil or at least i cant remember having a bad one

No, I am in US… I can get these about anywhere online. The only place I wont order from now is Cali because they want your drivers license!

Back in days of yore … the early coils 4-5 years ago it was the wild west out there.


LOL I thought you were in the UK for some reason… :blush:

Hmmm - << broken for you?