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Mentor Group (JoJo messed it up again...now its Forum-Founder and it's staying that way.)

I respectfully disagree with @Steampugs (I hate doing that, … don’t think I ever have). ALTHOUGH I think HOW it is implemented shall be quite important. I still love ya Pugs !!!


This is exactly my point… you do help a lot, but because its not mixing does that mean you are left off this?? And Im only syaing you as an example. People have the expertise here and I appreciate all that help and more so those how are very active and here to answer questions or point us in the direction to those who can help.
Lolly has done this day after day and its a great thing to know she h as the knowledge to point us in right direction …again just using her an an example


hey that’s ok brother lol…everyone’s entitled to their own opinion man :wink: still love ya dude :wink:


@Lexie3 I appreciate that, but I would not be hurt either way. I got my Steam Crave title !!! Kidding aside, I (and I’m sure others) would not be hurt either. You just have to help people because you WANT to, not for any ranking, rating, or badges. I didn’t mean to blow up @JoJo @Ken_O_Where or @daath, just offering my .02. Badges or flairs/shields aren’t required, but they’re nice. Kinda like winning the @Whiterose0818 mod contest (sniff sniff). If you win, great, but if not, business as usual.

Not to derail, but there should be a respected reviewer badge ?? ELR has a few of them. :slight_smile:


OMG, @JoJo is going to hate me now. Just had a thought pop into my head (empty space between my ears), and I can’t tell if it’s serious or not. If someone DOES get temp. booted out of their badge/flair, we could give them a naughty/time out badge ? Probably kidding, but …


A ‘scarlet letter’ of sorts eh? Considering I would have one full-time, I am not in favor of this suggestion.


YES !!! Again, please, I’m not sure if I’m 100% serious or not, but I can’t stop listening to the voices in my head about it.


I’ll take one of those… as long as it just mutes the person… actually I probably wouldn’t take one but it would be bestowed on me rather quickly lol


Here’s a thought, I don’t think has been mentioned yet. On the FLIP side of the coin, is it possible that people would WORK towards maybe getting them ? Motivation ?? Just a thought.


perhaps behaving themselves more??


peps that have them and peps that want them have to behave now, making us police ourselves, very smart move by administration


Can i have my bad boy badge now please!?


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Don’t think I haven’t thought of that… Muahahaha :smiling_imp: Nah, I wouldn’t do that. :stuck_out_tongue:

This whole flair thing does open up some options (and maybe a huge can of worms (no offense @worm1 ) that will mean more work for me. :unamused: I take it all back. I don’t wanna do this anymore. :stuck_out_tongue: ). Reviewer is a good one. Coil Master? Mod Afficionado? Mech Guru. I don’t know. Just thinking “out loud” here.

This was posted specifically to get feedback from the community. Personally, I was thinking the Mentor group wouldn’t really be something that only the staff chose, but that the community could choose (see post above). Nominate people that you think deserve it. We chose the first set just as a “Hey what’s this red button do?” Like the “Guardian Angel” badge has to be earned, this could be earned by consistently being a good citizen of ELR. :woman_shrugging:

In the end, if this goes bottom up, I blame @Ken_O_Where…it was all his idea. :rofl: Kidding, I stand by trying this out even if it doesn’t work.


i think we roll with this , and let the staff complete their project and see how it goes…


You see !!! It wasn’t just me. Whew. I’m actually glad you posted this up, because you are getting a lot of feedback.


I get the motivation behind it and I do agree ish.

I have seen some great advice handed out by new members and some terrible advice handed out by old hands but I guess there just has to be a little caution with it.

The sneetches a cautionary tale


sry bud, means i can stop listening to u now.


I think my invitation got lost in the mail? jk but is there a treeout for this mentor group?


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