"Merengada" milk. My personal challenge

Hi everybody!
This is my first post ever, I have not found any post where to introduce myself, but if I must do it somewhere before, let me know and I will do it with pleasure.
I am sorry in advance if I do not follow the proper structure when putting the recipe or I do something wrong

I’ve been mixing for a couple of years now, but now I’m raising a personal challenge, and I’m looking for an opinion, since it is a recipe that could be improved with more nuances, but I am interested in keeping it that way…

I’m trying to make “merengada” milk, a typical Spanish recipe made with whole milk boiled with cinnamon and a little lemon peel (to make it less bitter), which is mixed with a homemade meringue, made with beaten egg whites with sugar.

My first approach is:

Dairy milk (TPA) 6%
Meringue TPA) 3%
Lemon Meringue Pie (Capella) 3%
Bavarian cream (TFA) 3%
Cinnamon danish (Capella) 2%
Sweetener 1%

You can drink “meringada milk” with a straw, people usually drink it very cold, so I also consider using ws-23 to give a cold sensation without that minthy touch, but I do not have a good impression on this.

I thought I would use FA Custard because it has a hint of lemon, but it also provides vanilla, an ingredient that “merengada” milk does not have. I know that the Bavarian cream also brings some vanilla, but it is less noticeable. I include it to provide some creaminess, because a “body” consistent of daily milk and meringue seems very poor to me, and the daily milk with the Bavarian cream gave me good results in an almond milk.
I thought about using “malted milk” too.

And, again, excuse me if I did something wrong!
Thanks to everybody!


That mix looks delicious!

Here is great place to introduce yourself

As far as ideas where to post WIPs(work in progress) or answers to help your mix, here are two

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You can post your recipe here

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Novice error, it will not happen again, thanks!


Oh, I’m sure it will, we all do but don’t worry about it, we’ll set you straight :wink:


You didn’t make any mistake that a lot of us have made or will make. You asked all the right questions and that should be applauded.