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Merry Christmas/Happy Holidays 2018


Merry Christmas!!!


:ribbon::christmas_tree::gift::santa::gift_heart: Merry Christmas, hope everyone enjoys the holidays and the upcoming new year. May we all be blessed with luck and lots of inspiration in 2019 :wink: :santa::gift_heart::christmas_tree::gift::ribbon:


Eat Drink and be Merry!
Hope you all get what you want, or need for Christmas. :gift:


Merry Christmas and a Happy New year to everyon.


Amen sister.


Merry Christmas!


Merry Christmas!! Merry Yule!!!


Merry Christmas to all, I just need to find me an open Chinese Restaurant for dinner that afternoon.


What’s the deal with that? It seems to be a fairly popular thing to do, why?


Somewhat of a Jewish tradition, typically the only restaurants open are Chinese, It is a way to gather while the rest are indulging in their festivities. One thing we enjoy is sharing a table.


And Merry Christmas from our Ellie!!


Yes, Merry Christmas everyone! And remember…
The correct “naming convention” is Christmas, not Xmas! :sunglasses:


Is +mas acceptable


No that would be crossmass, and we don’t want anyone to get it confused with CrossFit!


To be completely politically correct just say Happy Holidays …


Why should anyone have to change their holiday greeting to suit someone else?


I dont see where anyone said someonene HAS to change anything at all …


Yep not one single person.


You take yours down I’ll take mine down. Deal?


You must work for CNN , I love how you take a statement and shorten it to TRY and prove yourself right , thats cute :wink: … But like I said there isnt a statement anywhere saying someone HAS to do something … And I’m not going to waste anymore time arguing about something that wasnt said…