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Merry Christmas/Happy Holidays 2018


No I’ve actually sworn my life to uphold the Constitution and defend the country from enemies both foreign and domestic.:sunglasses:



All have given some, and some have given all…


My take on the whole thing is to just say it like it’s always been. I don’t see what changing the name or title fixes IMO. If someone doesn’t believe or celebrate, that’s fine too, and surely there’s got to be better things to be offended by out there, right ??


Yes like Monday… Monday is probably the only thing that offends me.

If it’s Monday and you remind me I’ll be extremely upset. :rage:


Yes !!! @Freddie3, yes !!!



Will we all have to say “Happy Holidays” for Easter, Hannukah, Ramadan, Chinese New year etc , next? Then quietly whisper by PM to anyone who asks, "WTF holiday are we cebrating this time? " :laughing:

Anyways , I can see that phrasing offending those who don’t get a day off work :grinning:


Merry Christmas to everyone.

Be Happy and safe.


Merry Christmas to one and all.

Why I am not around much in December and yes that is really me. One of the few pictures I have without someone else in the picture that I would not feel right posting.


Merry Christmas good sir. Now is that a rain deer in you pocket or you happy to see me. Lol. Love the tractor pictures.


Yes thank you and a very happy Christmas to you and your family as well. :christmas_tree::christmas_tree::christmas_tree: Oops and to all you guys of course!!


Rmost are open on Christmas


They should not have too


No offense but…fuck political correctness! :-1:
Merry Christmas! :+1:


Feliz Navidad!



So what’s everyone doing for Christmas? I’m being Mr. Domesticated. Aside from imbibing copious amounts of adult beverages, I’m also making my presence known in the kitchen. Right now I have dinner rolls about to go into the oven. I’ve made a cake - Italian Cream. Oh jeez, I went by a great recipe and think it will be amazing. Haven’t sliced into it yet but…well damn -

I know it’s probably not as pretty as many good bakers would make, but from my old ruff hands to the table, well it’s going to have to do.

Also got a 17 lbs prime rib that will be hitting the smoker tomorrow for the main feast. That one I’m looking forward to. I’ve done several in the oven but this will be the first I’ve smoked. Using hickory - can’t wait!


That looks soooooo good,




I’m the person that volunteered to work, so that other people with children can celebrate Christmas together.

In my head it sounded great and I don’t regret it, but working christmas (retail) was one of dumbest decision :rofl:

I do like your cake :wink:


@SthrnMixer OK, ummmm, I’m going to have to VAPE that bro !!!


I’m Anti-Monday as well and ain’t nobody, and I mean nobody gonna make me change (until I retire anyway)