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Merry Christmas/Happy Holidays 2018


I haven’t mentioned that you’re awesome lately.
You’re awesome!!!

Now give me my present…


I think it sounds like a fun project. Here’s the recipe I used. OMG it’s embarrassing to even look at the ingredients :slight_smile:


I’m at least two bottles of wine in so far…

Merry Christmas, @SthrnMixer!!!


My wife made some jello shooters. I had one - tasted amazing and plenty strong, but just not my style. Still fun to watch her enjoying herself.


Merry Christmas everybody!!!



@SthrnMixer I would sneek that cake to the back room and just let everyone wonder what happened to it. BTW do you have a juice version of it.


Oh Boy, should have kept reading. Found it.


No juice recipe. The one I posted is the recipe I used for making the cake. But yeah, it would make a fantastic juice I’d say. Now just to find primo flavors like a very rich cake, toasted pecans and coconut. And don’t underestimate the impact that almond extract has. Oh yeah!


duh, i see said the blind man. Just picked up Honeycake (Flavor Revolution) i think its going to be rich but strong honey. Dont have pecan but love Butter Pecan Pie(Real Flavors)