Milk chocolate advice

Was wanting to make a chocolate honeycomb mix.

I got the double chocolate clear tpa, does it have a milk chocolate profile or dark chocolate. I can’t really tell from smell, drop test.

I searched for “milk chocolate” in recipes but am getting more Chocolate Milkshake types.

Any help on best way to create milk chocolate.

This thread could get educational, I’ll start with… You know of course about “Milk Chocolate (TPA)”

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Imho is not quite a milk choc nor is it a dark it sits in between a sort of choclate cake choc kinda sorta - if you add some vanilla bean gelato it is a great flavour.

Quite a challenging mix. You mean hobeycomb like the cereal? If so this is a bit of a white whale for myself (pulls hair out) Chocolates are a tough flavor as well. MF chocolates have recieved good reviews on here but i cannot verify myself. Only tried the MF white chocolate and it was not for me. RF chocolate cake was great but has icing taste so i recently ordered the RF SC chocolate as well as the brownie. I also ordered Euro milk and dark chocolate will report back after testing but reviews were positive. Mol Glamour chocolate is great but has slight nuttiness. Many use FA chocolate in combination with FA cocoa a good combo if you keep % low like .25% of each or less

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My go to Milk Chocolate vape is Inawera Milk Chocolate (they do a few chocolates, so be need to be careful you get the right one). This is much more like a Milka chocolate bar flavour. A smooth creamy and just the right amount of chocolate taste to it. Not dominated with the cocoa powder tastes of most chocolates from other vendors imho.

I quite like MF Light Chocolate (mix of the white and dark) but the Inawera is still my favourite chocolate for mixes, where I don’t want the cocoa type chocolate flavour to dominate…


Duh, milk chocolate exists. The only thing I didn’t search was actual flavours. I just searched lots
of recipe names.

Thanks. In Australia we have 2 chocolate honeycomb bars. Crunchie & Violet Crumble both honeycomb (caramel with baking soda, not bee stuff) then dipped in milk chocolate.

Basically a honey or butterscotch perhaps, caramel & milk chocolate. Cool I’ll find the TPA stuff to get to Australia.

Edit: also check out Inawera

I assume it’s not too bad.

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at between 0.8 - 1%

or (currently out of stock)
same %


double chocolate clear tpa at about 7% ish

mix with
Malted Milk (TPA) 0.25
Vanilla Bean Gelato (TPA) 1.5

All make for a very nice chocolate vape - the malted milk will smooth out the rough edges of the choc and the vbg will add a waxy mouth feel for the choc.

Edit: Man I want a voilet crumble now damn it.

Thanks mate,
on my next order, hope you had a nice Xmas mate. Family all together whilst all totally disfunctional was awesome being together eating food, laughing, etc.

Ha, Your either Violet Crumble or a Crunchie person. I’m VC all the way too b

Perfect description just add a 2 hrs drive at the end trying all the time not to slip into a food coma.


i use the fa cocoa @ 0.5% with inw milk chocolate @ 3% and it comes out perfect in my recipes when I want milk chocolate. i got the idea from this recipe


Here’s a Milk Chocolate, so far all the Euro flavors I have tried are pretty damn good. I would look at the 4 oz price before getting the 10 ml.

+1 for Inawera milk chocolate being essential. And that recipe is one of my favorites. It seriously tastes just like a Twix. :smiley:


This base is the closest I’ve had to a MC. It very much remind me of Hershey’s MC.

I have this one too and it is good, just a little weak.

This one I tried also but it missed the mark for me.

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Suggest you need to find a chocolate you like, then add a cream to make milk chocolate from it.
Very few vendors can get chocolate right, let along milk chocolate.
As to honeycomb, no idea.

No idea if its good but if I were a gambling man…

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+2 for the INW milk choc… it’s the bomb imo. I’ve heard good things about the JF Aust choc sc but haven’t tried it. The JF choc truffle sc I have tried… very similar profile to the INW MC except a tad stronger so good on that level, however it is a wick stainer so I don’t use it. I do like the look of @Pro_Vapes’s base… I’ll be mixing some of that up!

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Here is what I think when i read Honeycomb, What kind of honeycomb are you describing?


Maybe a mix of syrup and sugar for the honeycomb?

I like Inawera Milk Chocolate :blush:

I get a creamy, milky tootsie roll flavor from TFA Double Chocolate Clear, the advise on using INW Milk Chocolate is good. IMO.