Minor strawberry discussion!

I think the answer was that the overall community wasn’t digging the price and were not selling enough. To my knowledge they weren’t going to be getting any more new stock of mf and just discounting what they have.

Sad indeed because I really want dark chocolate mf.


I’d like to join in an MF group buy. Ya’d have to post mine out to Britain I’m aftaid. but I don’t ,mind paying the (probably hupe ) postage in advance.
That said, i’ve already got a 15 ml bottle of Strawberry (plus 16 other flavours, plus vatious others in Botanc Elixir…but they don’t last long) )

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Raw Living (in the UK) have actually increased their range of MF quite dramatically. Seem to have nearly all of them now. Its just a pity they don’t do sample size :(. I think ECX were a bit premature. MF flavours seem to be increasing in popularity!

I’d like to know who they are, anyway.

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Thanks to @Amy2 for PM

And to all you ither MF heads: So as to raw a line under derailing this thread (wasn’t it supposed to be about strawberry? * chuckle * ) with what’s turned out to a rather involved discussion about where to get MF, I’ve now made this thread:

Any further discussion of MF suppliers can go there :slight_smile: