Minor strawberry discussion!

Please remember, it’s not JUST about throwing a bunch of strawberries together. You still have to understand your flavors and percents needed to accomplish the TYPE of strawberry you are looking for. Each strawberry brings a different aspect of the berry to the table. I use almost all strawberries I can find, but each one is used for the specific accent that it can give to the berry I’m looking for as a whole. From Syrup to Fresh ripe berries, it CAN be done.

a few examples.

Body strawberries: TFA Ripe, FA red touch,
Poppy strawberries: Cap SS, TFA strawberry,
Syrup: Real Flavors SC, Flavor Revolution Sweet Strawberry.
INSANELY bright: Inawera Wild strawberry (somewhere between candy, syrup, bright, just delicious, just NOT by itself).

So do your homework on how the strawberry in YOUR recipe is going to taste and use the strawberries needed to accomplish the taste you want.


Gooey : Strawberry Harvest (Jungle flavors) :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


:A little goes a long way! The taste is vibrant and delicious. A sweet, strong, fresh strawberry. Too much and it becomes chemically and unappealing. It is expensive but totally worth it!!!
Side note: this flavor does not play well with bakery recipes! I cant describe what happens, it devours the bakery flavors making them taste totally different. alpine strawberry flavorah


thank you for your input!

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I do not have any knowledge of other brands besides flavorah :confused: but i got a pretty good lock on the ones i have!

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Good subject. Should we touch on those of us with strawberry-challenged palettes or keep it simple?
Also…the issue with some strawbs fading during the aging process, like Strawberry Ripe.


Any comments on Alpine Strawberry…? Either pros or cons?


Here you go petal:



Well, im going with it. I have often suggested that those who are SB challenged try Medicine Flower SB as the base for their SB mixes. The reasoning behind this is that it is an extract which means it is a complete and true SB. Many of the “Natural” or artificial SBs are very incomplete chemically.

So i ask. Have you tried it to see if you are better able to taste/smell it? This question goes out to anyone who has this issue.


What is the “petal” thingy about?


I am one of those strawberry challenged people. I recently found that a combination of Shisha Strawberry and Strawberry Ripe does work for me. It only took me a few years to find it. As far as MF, I have recently got on the MF train so MF Strawberry will be purchased sooner rather later.


I would LOVE to hear your feedback as no one has every gotten back to me on that.


Will do. I just got a few other MF flavors in that I wanna test before I get to Strawberry.

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It’s just a term of endearment I use a lot (along with bab but that’s more a local dialectical thing), like “sweetheart” or something. But @TW12 picked up on the fact that I use it a lot

Sorry :woman_facepalming:


Strawberry was one of the last flavors I could taste…meaning for the first couple years of vaping I didn’t know what the fuss was all about I couldn’t really taste it. It must be the repairing of my taste buds or the fact that if you make a million and one juices that contain some sort of SB and whatever your bound to eventually hit the nail on the head… so now that I can taste strawberry it is a very big deal as it is my go to flavor… my typical ADV is some sort of a SBs n cream I’ve drummed up. Some recipes are dripping sweet others more creamy than strawberries. Learning what your after and what works best for you and to keep trying. ( Those that are SB Challenged )

I am getting Alpine SB in the mail by this weekend I’ll report back finding when and once steeped.

My take on SBs in our world of vape would go down like this :

Ripe SB- A bold fresh non sweet SB that is crisp non creamy, good for body and can come off as acidic.

Red Touch FA- Similar to Ripe SB in that it’s crisp non sweet , non creamy and good for body but doesn’t come off nearly as acidic but has an underlying orange note in the background to me.

Juicy Strawberry FA- Sweet candy like strawberry that has a small portion of a ripe SB within it but overall using it around 1-3% in a mix will bear a candy taffy like SB. Used under 1% has given the juice a sweeter SB note not necessarily candy.

Strawberry Shisha INW- Sweet , Jammy SB with a seedy like essence can be used to boost non sweet SBs to make more realistic especially in the 1-3% range. I have used this as the only SB in a mix at 6% and it was fine did not go chemical.

Strawberry FLV- Candy sweet SB that resembles Starburst , on the creamy side. I like to keep it lower as it has a way of becoming overwhelming.

Strawberry Filling FLV- Sweet SB with a light bakery note in the background has a candy like note but not nearly as sweet as the original SB.

Strawberry cream FLV- Bright notes of Berries seems like a cross of raspberries and strawberries with a soft clean cream that is unsweetened.

Sweet Strawberry Caps- Traditionally Sweet Sb that works well with SB Ripe giving a nice balance of real and sweet.

Sweet Strawberry JF- At first taste I thought it was a knock off of Caps but wooah I was wrong this is uber jammy sweet with a light creaminess to it.

Strawberry RF SC- Sweet strawberries with a light note of crisp strawberry under note.

Strawberry RF VG- Sweet strawberry that has more of an acidic take to it that isn’t as sweet as the SC.

Strawberries and cream TPA- Cream forward buttercream with a back note of lightly crisp semi sweet strawberries.

Strawberries and cream Cap- Strawberries that are more chemical has a nicer cream than TPA it is more clean cream and the overall base of this flavor has a chemical take hence it’s unpopular status to me it has a bakery note far off in the background this is probably the AC and AP shining thru.

Strawberry FW- juicy sweet strawberry with a bright berry note.

Strawberry MF- Bright Strawberry note ,semi sweet , very good for body.

Fresh strawberries WF- chemical note strawberries were not sweet more ripe.

Strawberry Ripe OoO- reminds me of TPA’s version.


I have not tried it yet, but will look around my vendors for the best price.
Thanx for the reply.

As an afterthought…Alpine Strawberry may be another option I haven’t tried but that fekking price is a bit prohibitive.


If it helps, a majority of the recipes you will use it in will be .25-.5% flavor
I use 1% flavor when i am not using any other strawberry
There is NO room to go higher. This flavor is dangerously soapy/ chemically when used to aggressively


Ah…good point.

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This is very useful and informative. Thanks.


That is what i’ve read so far that the concentration of Alpine is insane. I will do a single flavor test tonight and let it steep for 30 days.