Missing flavour?

Hi guys.
I’ve recently started my mixing journey and i came across a big problem. my flavour is gone. from everything i made. instead i tasted very strange, sickly sweet flavour. i’ve changed my base bought at Darkstar, to base made by Vapable.com. it’s tasteless, which is good, but still, i made a test recipe and… there is just a hint, a slight hint of flavour,. it’s not just me. my mate tried and said the same thing.
http://e-liquid-recipes.com/recipe/361461/muffin+man+clone%28spot+on%29 that’s the recipe i did. just changed to 40pg/60vg.

I’m still a n00b and actually made this last night cinnamon has a bite to it big time. I wish I could help you. I hope everyone here has something to say. I don’t have a clue. Sorry man.

have You made it as original? 17/83?

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Hi , What’s your mixing style is it by volume or weight ? Also are you new to vaping what is your typical choice of blend ( vg/pg ratio )

Wow…no I do 30 pg/70vg and as Amy asked maybe it an issue with style

i mix by weight. got a good precision scale to 0.01g. my usual is 70vg/30pg, but i mixed this one 60vg/40pg to get more flavour. well, poop.

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Were ur calculations correct. What do u use to calculate?

And I make everything as close to my 70/30

been vaping for 5 years now. and started mixing about 2 weeks ago
i use this website to calculate. adapt, and edit amounts. i’m doing everythng as it should be, i think.

Changing ur nic mg/ml?

i use 72mg concentrate, dilute it to 3mg

Send me what mg nic ur using…what u prefer in the bottle and what size u used

I leave mine as is never dilute it…u diluting with pg or vg

well, i put in all my flavourings, then pg,vg, and then concentrated nic.

just tried on tsunami, .8ohm single coil 40w. nothing

It seems like it should be plenty of flavor…for me I know it would be. For someone else who may be used to more flavor 11% is not very high. I think that may be one of the issues your dealing w/. Are you commonly vaping cinnamon vapes ? They tend to be bold even at lower %s but to each their own. You may need to increase your %s up a hair to be able to taste it. It is strange bc you used 40 pg /60 vg you’d think it’d be screaming flavor.

Try bumping up the Apple Pie to 4%

I have a feeling that the Cinnamon Danish Swirl is a bit too high for you and it’s all your tasting. It can be overbearing and alone it’s ok but mixed w/ others and being high can be tough to vape.

Sorry no magic fixes.

what about flavourings from vapable.com? maybe it’s that? anyone had any issues?

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yesterday i vaped my mate’s element pink lemonade and flavour was explosive, so it’s not vapers tongue.

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I used same recipe with 48mg/ml nice and I don’t dilute it. Made same recipe with 70/30…cinnamon had a bite too it tried subbing apple with blueberry…if u look at my past blueberry is murdering me…I can’t figure out

I have never used that company that could be it ? Wonder if anyone else has had an issue w/ their stuff.

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