Mix testing question for the day 😊

  1. When taste testing new mixes, is it best with or without the nic added at this stage ?

  2. What is a good volume to test ?

Thanks in advance guys and girls :grin:


Entirely up to you: it’s probably “best” to with-hold the nic-base until you’ve got the recipe how you like it and that is how many people test their mixes.

Personally, I no longer give any shits about testing: about 10% custard, then a squirt of cream, eggnog, whatever I feel like adding which usually gives me something vapable, but I’m not really ‘testing’ anymore - I like custards, that’s what I mix and there’s really no need to experiment once you know what you like and what you like has only two flavours because you cannot be fucked messing with a bunch of bottles.

I have easily 300 little bottles scattered around three seperate cupboards: ALL of which I was “for realz gunna come back to later” and never did.

I am f$#%ing SICK, of little bottles of random mixes.

Everybody will tell you: as small as possible an amount will save you wastage, so that’s probably the right answer.

More you do it however, the less attention you pay to mixing and the less patience you might find you have for the 500 little bottles of shit in your cupboard you will never get around to vaping - and wonder why you bothered with all those mixes in the first place.

Unless you really don’t know what you like or like many different flavour profiles - which case you could probably go on mixing tiny amounts for years.

I mix in the 200mL bottles the glycerine from Coles comes in now: just add a guestimated amount of flavours to a little cup, emply some glycerine from the 200mL bottle then tip it in with the nic base.

Usually tastes fine - after like, a fucking year in the cupboard - a woman can gestate and give birth to a human baby faster than that.

I really don’t understand how we can make robots that do backflips down fucking stairs, yet these flavour lab retards can’t manage to make concentrates shake and vape?

Lockdowns make me angry.



@Guido_Possum well that was a great reply mate and just as entertaining which was a bonus :joy::joy::joy::joy:


You know, I started out figuring I’d make it entertaining, but before I’d typed the first paragraph saw that just was not how it was going to go.

And you Sydney people: stop coming up the mountain to visit: you’re sliming-up our pristine town with COVID-19 :frowning:

But no, really:

  1. Mix with nic base if you like because it’ll affect the flavour anyway - may as well have it in there from the start.
  2. Even though flavours here aren’t hard to order, it’s a pain in the arse to always be running out of a commonly used concentrate, so using less will stop you having to order every week to replace what you’ve used.
  3. I’m not your mum shrug do whatever.
  4. I am OVER not being able to go to work each day.

@Guido_Possum hahaha all good mate, we are sick of this being locked up all day as well. To tell you truth, it has lockdown has been the cause of my Mrs and I getting into the DIY side. But it’s kept us doing something for the time being…
Also we are right at the bottom of the mountains :mountain: …so your just up the road.


You’re both, walking COVID bombs! Stay away!

THat be… Blaxland, Emu plains, Glenbrook, Lapstone mm… they the only towns at the foot I can think of.

I’ve cleaned all the schools down there.

Then I threatened to toilet-brush a teachers desk in Blackheath Primary because she wouldn’t STFU about my vacuuming: one day later my supervisor is there with a replacement cleaner and an ipad wanting me to sign an official warning pft.

Seriously though: every day she’d bitch, but never to me - ALWAYS to the principal like a slimy, sneaky scrag: finally one afternoon I’m telling her if I keep getting called to the principals office over a fleck of pencil shaving I missed or stupid shit like that, I might start being sneaky myself while wiping your desks.

Bad move.

Even as I said it, I knew I’d be in shit but whatever; I’ve never been good at shutting up when I should.

That was two jobs ago anyway.


Two schools of thought @wemix2gether. When I first starting doing SFT’s I didn’t use NIC as I thought it was a waste, but shortly after, changed my mind, and wanted an exact, accurate test, which would be as close to regular vaping (with the NIC) as I could get. I’m not short on NIC by any means, so it’s a non issue for me. If you were short on your NIC supply you could leave it out.

As far as volume, I typically test single flavors, and mixes @ 10ml, which is more than enough to get a feel for it, test multiple times over a period of time if needed.


I’m so happy to see you’ve come out of your shell! :hugs:


Like, introversion has always been an issue for me :slight_smile:

No no: the few months lockdown lifted allowed me to start work again and I was too tired to give any fucks about debating dumb shit online; then lockdowns, then more lockdowns - causing boredom, now our ‘greater Sydney’ lockdowns look like they’ll continue until Christmas, because politicians.

Politicians that give zero fucks about the risk we die of boredom is actually far greater than any risks any virus ever had - arseholes just insta-closed every hotel and the rest of the hospitality industry by “Government Health Authority” mandate.


Never even mind the $100 trillion dollars combined damage to the economy and debt the government are racking-up paying everyone to just stay home and be annoyed.

Now I’ve started on a kids book, even though I don’t have kids and don’t really give a shit, I can draw like a pro and it sounds easier to create a narrative for Dippy the Dog or whatever bullshit, than anything an adult would read so I figure on filling it with gorgeous artwork, slap together some stupid kid-friendly story bfore selling a million copies.

Now I think on it, I might need to develop a more marketable way of addressing a future consumer demographic than “dumb kids”, but it’ll be a while until there’s anything for them to nag ttheir parents to buy anyhow.

I am also - since winter kicked in - deeply into oats: like porridge-oats, with milk and sugar and butter - it’s a-grade shit for winter comfort-food.


I went the same route and back to adding nic in all :ok_hand:


I test with the nic already in, for the ‘true’ taste experience lol; 15ml mix in 20ml bottles so there’s some room left for a proper shake.


@Jo_76 that’s a good bit of advice, leaving room for a good shake. We have not thought of that, but it makes sense. Thanks heaps :ok_hand:


Yikes!!! I haven’t seen any good advice on this thread. Apparently, people don’t mind wasting Nic. Personally, and I guess that’s what it is now a personal choice. I don’t waste Nic. Ever.

Does the flavor change when adding Nic? Barely and only mutes it at that. Really, the only way it works is if you already know it’s gonna be good. So, to answer your question. It depends on if you don’t mind wasting Nic. and with the state of things over there you might want to save your Nic. Looks like they are stripping (stripped?) y’all of your freedoms.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I totally love @Guido_Possum he’s a maniac for sure!! I’m sorry y’all are going through that shit. I’m not sure but they might have a riot if they try that here again. I can’t really rebel though because I would rather stay home. I would rather NOT go anywhere at all if I didn’t have to. So all of their silly lockdowns don’t mean shit to me because I don’t go to their football or baseball or any other ball games or their restaurants. I like my food and I like my vape and I don’t like people and I am perfectly content staying home.

Ah, but I am an American (as we like to call ourselves), and Americans, love us or hate us, don’t put up with that kind of bullshite. We like our freedom and we like our guns and now the world can see why those “crazy” Americans “like their guns”. Oh, we hunt and we defend ourselves from the vicious element of our society but mostly we like to keep the gov. out of our business and our homes and now they got us riled up. If they dare try such a thing at this moment in time I think they just might light the fuse themselves. Anywho, I will stand with those that like other people and like to “hang out” and I will defend our freedoms with my guns when and if I have to but I would rather not.

:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: OMG Dude!!! Classic, that had my laughing my ass off bro. :joy:

Anyway, where are all the people that don’t like to waste shit even if they have a lot of it? Am I the only cheapskate here?
Seriously though, I have gone both routes, just like everybody (probably) and I find that the “true taste” experience is negligible and not worth the waste but that is only my opinion.


I usually mix a hundred or two ml in a larger bottle with no nic and steep.
Once steeped, i put it in a 60 mil bottle and add 2 ml nic to give me roughly 3% nic. Well, 03, you know 3% of 100 mg nic.
If it sucks, I give the zero nic juice to my friends at work or whatever…
But… I’ve become pretty judicious as far as reading a recipe and the comments and ratings to know that Im not going to HATE something.
Meanwhile, I have 20 or so flavors I LOVE at all times so its no sweat off my brow.
I have friends who vape at zero so I just always mix at zero nic and add the appropriate percentages for each person. They bring me back their bottles and I refill 'em.
If I’m fiddle farting around with a recipe I’ve come up with in my head, I just mix one 60 mil bottle with a wide mouth to make it easy to load, zero nic, and if its good add nic later. About a buck gamble.
Once you get several recipes you like you’ll find that your next recipes are easier, because you start to learn what works, and a lot of my recipes are the same base but with a different flavor added.
For instance, I’ve huffed about 2 or 300 ml of Freshpies DQ caramel Sundae, and its just a real simple yummy caramel ice cream. I’m going to add a couple points of churro to it to make it a bit cinnamon and sugar-ey, and I guarantee it will be vapable. I have a green tea kit kat recipe that I know what is making it taste good and what is steering the flavors which way, so I will pull two ingredients out and replace with something different and know I’ve probably got a hit.


@Dan_the_Man @Guido_Possum @Chef_Johnny What we are going to, so we can see for ourselves, is the same mix but one with nic and one without. Then we can taste test and see how much different each may or may not be.
Yep, Australia is fucked ATM and it’s really a minority of absolute fuckwits spreading the virus which sucks big time. Let’s hope the 9PM-5AM curfew works and keeps these dickheads at home like the rest of us have done.
Our NSW Premier should have went for the curfew and tougher lockdown rules from day 1. She is a full blown dickhead.


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Of course, this is the best option …


Well said my friend! :us:


I’m answering without backreading so please excuse if it’s redundant.

  1. I don’t add nic until I’m happy with the recipe, otherwise it’s a waste. Mind you, I only use 3 mg so the flavor is negligible, to me anyway. If it’s the flavor you’re concerned with, good nic should be mostly tasteless. But, as you know, over time it will darken, eventually degrade and start tasting funky. If you’ve made a shit ton of juice that you’re not going to vape right away I would suggest refrigeration at around 50F/10C

  2. I usually test 10 mls. I figure 2-3 tanks full will give me an idea if I like it or not.


I’m with you on that. I see barely no reason at all to waste nic on a recipe that doesn’t float my boat. I also like tasting the pureness of the flavors. Adding 3 mg nic doesn’t drastically alter the recipe for me. It only gives me the pleasure of having nic in it. When it comes to tobacco vapes adding the nicotine is like adding an important component of tobacco and THAT’S when I feel it makes a difference. Fruit and desserts? Nah, not so much.