Mixing for pods instead of sub-ohm

I am a sub-ohm vaper since I want the smoke to kill my lungs. I purchased a lot of flavourings (about 50 different CAP, FLV, INW etc.) but never found a good recipe and failed to quit cigarettes so I have no good experience.

Yesterday when out on a work break my colleague had started vaping a pod system. Nerdy as I am I started to ask her is that a refillable pod, what mg you vaping etc. and then I asked her. " Hey, you know mixing makes smoking basically free. I actually have purchased everything you need to mix but never got around to do it. Why don’t I mix for you? "

So now I’ve promised to get back to her with 5 bottles of different 5ml samples on monday. HELP.
How do I apply a recipe for a pod instead of sub-ohm? I read so many comments on old recipes on ELR saying “Note that this is an old recipe not for sub-ohm vaping and that it needs to be changed” and they are not just referring to nic mg. So if I use a sub-ohm recipe from 2020 how to change it for pod?

One big difference is I’m used to mixing with 3mg. This gyal need 20mg since she a heavy smoker trying to quit with a pod.

Any tips are useful :slight_smile: Also should I mix 30PG/70VG for a pod or what?


You need to quickly order a bottle of nic salt base if you wanna impress her with your mixing mojo: if she’s using pods that’s probably what she’s vaping and if she’s using freebase the difference with how the salts feel in her lungs and the higher nicotine % will make her dizzy enough to quickly scoop her up off the ground and stuff her in the boot of your car while nobody’s looking.

Or don’t go higher than 12mg in freebase or she’ll just cough, be unimpressed and hate you for fucking a perfectly good coil.


And I’d stick to 50/50 for a pod, to ensure she’s not going to get dry hits from bad wicking.


You think the store actually gave her salt nic? I actually have a few bottles I never came around to try on sub-ohm as I read it was bad for high temps.
Salt nic is pretty unusual in Sweden where we live and everything is sold without nic and they nic it up for you due to old EU law I don’t think is still in effect. But salts are still pretty rare to talk about.


I dunno, if salts are more or less unheard of in your country, but they’re in all the pre-filled pod devices and pods were basically made to coincide with nicotine salts being introduced since the lower power and size of pods didn’t lend themselves to lower mg/mL freebase - which really needs higher powered devices to deliver enough nicotine.

They couldn’t really reduce the size of devices and their battery/coil/tank configurations until salts because freebase is just too harsh at higher mg levels, with salts allowing super-concentrated 50-60mg/mL liquids that’re smooth enough to inhale.

Spose you’ve gotta find out what kind of nicotine she’s using now then, but if you’ve already got salt nic base sitting there I’d be using that.

50mg/mL mix, she’ll be so addicted to the higher milligrams after a week she’ll do ANYTHING bor more of that awesome shit.

ANYTHING :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


I’d salt nic it this time and ask he what se think.
But do I still nic with with 20mg???


I would go 50… actually depends: is it smooth, or just as harsh as freebase?

You gotta try some and see: most the salts I’ve had have been so smooth you gotta go 50mg to get a lung hit, but I’ve had one commercial juice that was salt nic and at 50mg it was so harsh I couldn’t vape it until I’d diluted it to 25.

Mix like, 5mL at 50mg and see how the lung hit is: if it’s too harsh, then cut it in half and once you’ve got the lung hit right mix hers at whatever mg/mL you end up at.

Edit: use a MTL tank though, or a lower wattage sub-ohm or the nic sickness will creep up on you pretty quickly @50, plus you wanna try and emulate her pod - which will be much lower wattage than your sub-ohm setups


Thing is I have no pod system to try with. Only lowest is 70w 0.2 smok tank coil


No RDA even?

A dripper would at least be easy to test it with…

Changing out a closed tank for one test hmm.

See if the salt nic bottle says ‘smooth’ anywhere on it: if it does, it should be smooth enough at 50mg.

You’ve really gotta try it though to be sure…

Or, you could go ahead and mix some freebase up @12mg and add a bonus 12mg salt nic to that - 24mg mixed: that’ll be guaranteed to not be too harsh, while giving her an extra satisfying nic hit.

You still can’t really test that in a 70W tank though… …you can’t really test anything higher than 9mg in a tank that power hungry.

When you are out shopping next or online shopping, I’d look for a cheap RDA (+10m wire, +cotton if you don’t wanna use normal 100% cotton balls) for testing purposes: that’s what we need here, a dripper to quickly tesxt the throat hit of the salt nic base.

So I would mix my juice @0%, then add 12mg/mL salt nicotine and test that in your 70W tank, then add another 12mg/mL normal nicotine base to it before giving it to her.

That’ll shut her up :smirk:




Yeah I’ve got a Hellvape Passage dripper but Im bad at using it but have gotten a configuration what works somewhat. Dont remember ohm etc. Im very new to vaping. Can chekc on that havent used it for a while it need a checkup.

Ive ran into another problem now when trying to adapt receipes on ELR. See picture:


He hasn’t got an RDA to test this nicotine base for throat hit, so we’re trying to find a way gotte him to do that when he’s only got massive battery-eating tanks.

I think that’ll do it.

The 12mg salt + 12mg freebase will hit the spot for this chick without killing her, and not be too harsh in a pod, OR too weak

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How’d it manage to get to 194%?

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Sounds like hard math. My freebase is 50/50 while my salt is 30PG/70VG

I do have Hellvape Passage dripper . Just check coil my mod says 0.132 Ohm


Oh right, just pft ignore the difference: you’ll only be using actually, 0.3 mLs or something in a 5mL mix.

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Could you please elaborate i don’t really understand sorry

P.S thx for you help!


ummm, no. your octopus tentacles overthought my “subscribing”.
“subscribing” is simply a way for me to be notified so this thread doesn’t sneak away from me. i have a pod i use, and the flavor is almost nothing, so i am following for tips.


Honestly, all the numbers are confusing me too: especially the minus 9mL aand the ~190% in the mixing chart.

Jinx - he’ll know about the recipe calculator issues… waits

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If his NIC is TPD compliant, it will be 18ml in 100ml already mixed (looking at the recipe, at least, it is), not NIC like you lucky people across the pond get. It simply will not mix to the levels you are suggesting.


to much PG is my bet. i do that sometimes.


I figured you were coming to explain the calculator and the numbers not… adding up… :thinking:

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