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so after using drippers, squonkers and RTA for the last months I recently got myself a My von Erl. I have to say, I’m pretty much impressed by that little thing, and the fact that you can refill the pods and even rewick them (which works great) is a huge plus.

I don’t really liked the Tobacco and Blue Ice flavor I got with it, but the nicotine delivery was good, so I only needed half a pod per day.

When mixing my own juice I pretty much go max VG (except for the flavors). Now, when using that juice in the pod, it does wick great, vapor is ok (I need a little bit of visible vapor dunno why), but the flavor is pretty much muted. There’s a hint of it, but since it’s a fruity juice I’d really like have it more pronounced. I’m using 15% flavoring which should be enough, so I guess I should go with more PG for the pods (for my dipper, I had to go under 10% flavoring even with max VG otherwise it would be too flavorful).

So anyone else is filling pods? What’s your VG/PG ratio for good flavor?

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I’m not filling pods but would think 70vg/30pg or 60/40 may be a bit better. Pg is a flavor carrier. Also, to my understanding that more singular flavors would be better. Ie mango with a touch of cream…not mango cream graham pinnapple apple and 20 other things


From what I have found most of these type mods preform best approaching a 50/50 carrier mix. By increasing the vg percentage up you gain vapor and loose flavor progressively as you go up. I mix for a person that uses a mod in this category and a 50/50 mix at 20mg nic salts for her hits the spot. Experiment and find your spot.


I won’t pretend to Know anything about pods, but my concern was using a standard flavor %. I’m just curious about the mixes you make or use and if 15% total flavor across the board will work all the time. I’d like to see some the mixes you make or vape?

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Well, for example the mama melons recipe from this site was way too strong for me using it in a Drop RDA. After I used around 60% of the flavoring it’s perfect for me. Very fruity and sweet. The same juice filled into a pod, has next to no flavor.

But as suggested above, I will try to go more towards 50/50.

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Do you mean 60% total flavor or like 60/40 PG/VG?

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60% of total flavor. So if the recipe says flavor I would need 10% flavor x and 10% flavor y I only use 6% each.

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I really don’t mean to pry, but I’m kinda confused with your reply. Can you post a mix or two from your pod recipes?

Never mind… I think you’re saying you reduce mixes to 60% of each flavor … right?

I was confused, but I understand now.

Back when I tested my mixes on RDAs, I got a whole different vape experience when I transferred it to tanks… Sometimes the exact same mix was flavorless in the tank. I’m thinking you have similar results from a RDA to Pod.

My solution was to test mixes the same way I vaped daily…in tanks. It ended my bad experience between the two.

If pods are becoming more popular maybe recipes tagged for pods will be helpful.

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For the pods for my Boulder Rock I use a 20PG/80VG mix which is the inverse of what I usually mix for my squonkers. Typically I just do a 10% TFA Western Tobacco mix for the pods. The lower VG helps with keeping a stealth vape and I just consider the Rock to be a nicotine delivery device because it definitely isn’t for flavor chasing.


How much nicotine are you using and is it freebase or salt?

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My mix for the pods is 50mg nicotine salt. Similar to what the Juul pods have in them.


I meant the op. But thanks for the information. My bad for making it look like I were asking you. Still trying to figure out this forum, not used to it lol.


I currently use 15mg freebase nicotine. I feel I can go down to like 12mg, it currently has a slightly harsh tone to it.
Unfortunately it’s not easy to get high dosed nic salts where I live, but 20mg salts are available.

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I never vaped at this strength but I have a friend that does. So I’m not sure if that would apply too you, but it might help.

If I mix for him and his pod system, he’s vaping 24mg, we tried the regular recipe percentage and freebase.

He was telling me it tastes like nothing, so we tried a 3 ingredient for heavier bakery and a 5 ingredient for fruits.

Still didn’t work, but flavor was better than using my 8 ingredient recipe lol, so I increased for every 5mg of extra nicotine, starting at 9mg as a base by 0.25-0.5 every flavor.

Worked like a charm, now it was harsh too him, we then finally switched to salts. Now that we did that, salt seems too mute above 12mg, so I’m adjusting my percentages by 0.5-0.75%.

His mixes are @ a 75/25 or 70/30 everything higher and it won’t wick, everything lower it leaks with his system.

Maybe doing the same playing with your percentages and adjusting them as well as lowering the overall amount of flavor might work for you?

One more question, if 20mg salt is available in your country, why not use that and bring it down to your desired strength? Might be not as harsh and maybe easier?

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The 20mg salts are kinda new here. Maybe since a few weeks. Problem is, I still have around 20 x 10ml 20mg VG nicotine here :confused: But I will order some 20mg salts for testing. I will also try to use only 2-3 flavors next time. What was your total %? I’m currently thinking around 15% should be good.

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In my opinion, mixing for a pod is to realize that a pod is limited to low power. I’m getting good results in a regular Tank atomizer when I mimmick a pod. By that I mean keeping the power under say, 12 watts with a coil of say, .8 to 1.5 ohms… or so. I’m a MTL guy and I switch between an Ares on a box mod (I vape at 11.5 watts) and a Vapeccino pod.

Again, in my opinion, most of these commercial pods are ramping up the juice with Salt Nic which is simply giving the impression of a difference in mixing.

I’ve been mixing with Salt Nic for a couple months now and am fighting the urge to boost my personal nic level simply because it is amazingly smooth. So it seems to me that if you try to mimmick the kick from a commercial pod with a regular non-salt nic you are chasing a shadow. Also, if you venture much above 12 watts then you will exceed any potential that a pod has.

I am having good success swapping the same e-liquid between an RTA with a box mod and a pod with a 40pg/60vg mix as long as i stay at about 11 watts. Direct lung cloudchasers would go into spastic convulsions if they emptied a commercial pod eliquid into their setup.


I have a Joyetech ECO (not a pod) and a Joyetech EDGE (POD), I have only mixed my first batch of High Nic Salt e-liquid at 28mg, I normally vape 9mg in my tanks. I haven’t gotten around to testing it much but I do believe the nic salts do mute the flavor somewhat. And running the nicotine strength up in any e-liquid IMO needs a + flavor adjustment. I’ll know more in about a week, but I also noticed no discoloring of the salt e-liquid during the steeping, it is still crystal clear and it is nearing the 60 day steep. I think the ECO and the EDGE just puts out so little vapor it needs a huge boost to the nicotine and flavor to make it enjoyable.
And for now I am still mixing it the same ratio as I did for my tank 60VG/40PG. No problems wicking.
Thanks for starting this thread

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how much do you bump up the flavor %?
I got a Joyetech Teros today and have no clue what to mix for it.


Nice device looks cool. Hope it works out. I only mix for pod on a Juul and the wicks are different then other pods.

Had a Suorin Drop, but got rid of it for my Aspires.

Cant really say… all they have had different wicking and power consumptions.

Found one video of the your JT Teros pod with wick and it looks HUGH! And the guy complains of dry hits. You might consider using a 50/50 PG/VG so it wicks better.

The higher end AIO’s like Aspire Breeze at least you can experiment with different atomizers. Like I know I get the best flavor on the 0.6 ohm vs the 1.0 and 1.2 ohm atomizers and I can mix regular/normal recipes for them with no flavor impedance.

If you like the vape you’ll need to experiment, but since one flavor could stick in your wicks for a long time. Try sticking to recipes and flavors you are used to and still can bump up without the flavor going chemical. You’ll know right away when you’re getting better flavor since you have experience with the flavors and mods. For Max flavor don’t be afraid to bump them to the ceiling in equal amounts if you know the flavors won’t go bad on you.

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Not sure what video you saw, but I filled it up with regular 3mg 70/30 (VG/PG), just to gauge and it’s not bad. Could use a bit more nic and flavor but no dry hits at all.
And size wize… it’s not much bigger than a Bic lighter. Sure we’re talking about the same thing? :slight_smile:

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